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   Chapter 4 NO.4

Heart of Magic By ImperialSun Characters: 1284

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I joined the rest of the students in the gymnasium.

Navigating past the dense crowd, I found an open seat up front.

"Excuse me, " said a handsome white-haired boy. "That's my seat."

"Sorry, " I responded.

I stood up and looked around for an empty seat.

The boy sighed.

"You can have my seat... Olivia?"

My eyes widened.

Suddenly, he reminded me of another boy.

A boy called Jason whom I used to play with.

He was my only friend.

One day, his mom and him moved away.

Appearantly his parents had split.

Never had I expected to reunite with him like this.

"Jason?" I asked.

The boy flashed me a radia

nt smile.

"So, you are Olivia?"

I sat back down and flashed him a smile.

"The one and only!"

Jason chuckled.

"I didn't think that I'd ever see you again."

"Mr. Zapata, " a woman snapped, her icy-blue eyes directed at us.

"I'll go find a seat, " Jason said nervously.

How did she even know his name?

Had they met before? Perhaps at some summer camp that I hadn't heard about?

Jason waved goodbye as I switched my attention back to the giant stage.

After the entrance ceremony, I looked for Jason.

However, I found myself caught by the sea of students heading for the exits.

"You okay?" asked a voice.

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