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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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"Conrad..." I say, my eyes growing large. I stare at the festivities all around me. It's odd, it's almost as if I expected to see him.

"You okay?" Mama asks.

I rub my head. "Y-yeah. It's just, that name rung a bell."

Mama eyes fall on my golden wheel necklace. It had been a gift from her.

"How about you, Mama?" I ask.

She turns away. "I-it's nothing. Let's go look for your dad and siblings. Maybe I can find your friend too while looking for them. Wait here, I'm going to go look from up high. If any stranger approaches you, do not talk to them, alright?"

"I got it, Mama!" I say, smiling. I watch as she jumps several feet into the air and spreads her wings before gravity can pull her back into the crowd around us.

Mama is so amazing! Just like Alma's knight!

I gasp and jump as something pokes me from behind. I raise tiny pebbles around me, but keep them close to the


**Solar Note: Hope that you've enjoyed the series thus far! The above image is the cover for the third book (got the image through pinterest, artist's name is in the bottom right but it's hard to read as it blends into the image). I plan to publish book 3 in May 15th, 2019 or June 15th, perhaps even as late as July 15th (which happens to be my birthday!). I would like to publish it now, but I have to give my other works some attention too. I will announce more details through my profile when I have finalized a date ^_^. In the meantime let me know your thoughts on the series thus far :3.**

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