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Everyone waited at the front of my house, except for Lady Saya who had gone back to her throne and the older generation of Seven Hills who were heading to the Imperial Palace to beef up security there.

After what felt like a long wait, Tere returned with Tekeshi in tow. He had reverted back to his usual form.

"I brought him back like promised!" Tere said, grinning. "Pa, when you return, I'll show you how much I've improved!"

Tekeshi ruffled her long black hair. "I look forward to it, kiddo."

She chuckled as if she were a child. Seemed that she was still a daddy's girl after all these years, not that I remembered those years. I was three when he had vanished after all...

"Good to see that you're back," Osamu said as he stood up front the front porch seats. For a snob the guy didn't seem to have any issue with sitting on places where people put their feet on.

"Yup, ready to get going!"

"I think that you're forgetting something," Osamu said, sighing.

Tekeshi gasped. "Oh right!" He summoned five metal pauldrons. "Here ya go! Everyone take one."

Hideo snatched the green one away before Setsuko could even pick. "This one is mine!"

I narrowed my eyes at Eiichi as he stepped forward. I would've lashed out on him if not for everyone else around. Plus, I didn't want to cause anymore anxiety to Ma.

"If you don't mind, I'll be taking this one," Eiichi said, taking the yellow one.

Setsuko sighed and took the orange one. I took the purple one, leaving Hyosetsu with the blue one, not that he seemed to mind, seeing that blue was his favorite color.

"There's no red?" Takuya asked.

"They aren't a part of some superhero live action series," Tekeshi said, snickering. "Plus, red in our clan tends to be seen as a negative color. You should know why."

I glanced at Maki and his siblings as well as Ximena. "Shouldn't green be too?"

"True, there's a reason for why Hideo's clan is made to watch over the frontier."

Hideo gasped. "What?"

Osamu ran a hand through his brown hair. "Yeah, my ancestors didn't trust yours," he said, sighing. "They knew that the time would come in which your could would double cross them. So they placed them next to the Kasai no Ki."

"Isn't that counterintuitive?" Setsuko asked.

"In a way, yes, but placing them in the north, south, or west meant that they and their Kasai no Ki allies could attack us from two sides. By placing them next to the Kasai no Ki we knew that they would come from the east. In a warped way, my ancestors also thought that the Kasai no Ki would be reluctant to attack those who shared their blood and when they did they would be killing their own."

Rosa gasped. "That's... cruel."

"Yes, but efficient." The king sighed. "Sometimes one must do deeds they're not too proud of in order to protect their loved ones."

Hideo shook his head. "So... my family were treated as meat shields? S-so that's what my aunt meant..."

"Yes, sadly," Tekeshi said, lowering his head. "Your father himself knew that. He told your aunt that she had become no better than the royal family by using Dan as a meat shield and bargaining chip."

Hideo frowned. "Y-yeah... but... Why couldn't you trust us?"

"The answer is simple," Prince Maki said, stepping forward. "Our clans distrust one another. The Kasai no Ki didn't trust in their Makkuroyama allies. Truth be told, my father saw them like how Kuroriku's royal family has."


Osamu sighed. "The past is filled with dark things. Even the present is... and the immediate future will likely be the same. It's best not to think too much about it."

Hideo nodded, but the blank look in his eyes told me that it was still ingrained in him.

The king turned toward Tekeshi. "

is. Minus the whole calling me 'stupid' thing. Though maybe some little playful infighting is welcome, it does help keep things interesting.

"Master?" Yuko said, looking up at me.

I smiled down at her. "What's wrong? You seem disturbed by something."

She hugged me tightly, causing the air to leave my lungs for a moment.


"Please don't die, Master. If Master does leave Yuko alone then she won't know what to do. Yuko rather die than lose Master."


I squatted down to her eye-level and patted her head. "I won't die, not again. This time, I will come back alive. Both of us will. No, all of us shall return with our lives. I promise that I won't leave you alone again."

"Master...hic... Master better," she cried.

I wiped the tears out of her eyes. I need strength to protect her, to protect my family. Sky Father... Earth Mother... I know that I rarely call upon your aid. In fact, it's more closer to never. And you might not even be listening in right now... but if you are, please grant me the power to protect all that I hold dear. Please. I do not wish to see Yuko lament my death, I especially don't want her to turn into that monster we saw back in Xeleria. If you aid me then I shall sing your praises... No. That's not right. I shouldn't make this a bet. I'm sorry.

"You are all gathered here at long last, my children," a voice echoed in my head.

Setsuko, Maki, Ximena, and I glanced around. "What was that?" Maki asked.

"What was what?" Akane, asked.

"You can't hear it?" I asked.

"There was a voice... it didn't come from Masayoshi either. It was... more otherworldly than his," Maki said, glancing up.

Masayoshi? Can he speak to his ancestor like I can with mine?

Ximena cupped her hands together and closed her eyes as if in prayer. She bowed her head three times as if in the process of a ritual.

"When all seven keys are gathered, a great light shall descend anew upon the world," Nori said as he closed his eyes. Seven balls of brilliant flame unlike any I had ever seen floated around him. Though the words came out of his mouth, they didn't seemed to be his. Instead they were those of the dismembered voice. With those words having been spoken, Nori collapsed to the floor and the flames dissipated.

"Nori!" Yuko screamed.

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