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After having left the house, I left Yuko and Rosalba behind, preferring to be on my own. I had wandered off aimlessly, only to end up at my father's tomb... well what I had once thought as his tomb.

I walked up to it and raised my right fist over it. I sighed. I... I couldn't do it. I couldn't destroy his tomb. I wasn't sure why, though. Was it emotional attachment? Had I become more attached to the figure I had built up than the man who was actually my father? After all, this tomb represented that man, the ideal knight and father. The one I had looked up to all these years.

"Tetsu?" a voice called out. It was Serrano. His eyes were red as if he had also been crying. "What are you doing here by yourself?"

I smiled slightly. "I can ask you the same."

Serra turned his eyes toward one of the other tombs in the distance. This place was our family grave. In it were buried various ancestors, one of whom was my grandmother, Tulia. Another was Serra's little brother, Conrad.

"You came to see him, didn't you?" I asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Serra closed his eyes. "Last night, I had a dream of him. We were kids and he was leading me through into a dark portal. It turned out to lead to the abyss, but I didn't care... at least he was back." He sniffled. "Why wasn't it real? Why couldn't he be alive?"

I stared back at Pa's grave. I used to ask the same thing about him, then when it came true I didn't want it to be.

I patted his back and remained silent. I glanced up at grandma's tomb which was beside Conrad's and saw dark wisps appear. It was Tekeshi. He seemed to fall to his knees in front of the tomb and bow his head down. Seeing him like that reminded me of myself... I would visit Pa's tomb whenever I felt sad, distressed, or simply wanted to get something out of my throat.

I gasped as Tekeshi suddenly turned into a black panther, jaguar-like cat and began howling.

"What's that sound?" Serrano asked, looking up. He wiped away his tears and saw the big cat kneeling beside our grandmother's grave. "A panther? No, a jaguar? Uh, what is it?"

"It's my dad," I said, turning around. "Let's get out of here."

"His howling... it sounds so... sad... Is it because he misses grandma?" he asked as he followed behind me.

"Maybe." I gasped. Or maybe something bad happened to Ma.

I spread my wings and took to the air.

"Hey, where are you going?" Serrano yelled as he spread his out as well.

"To check up on my mom. I want to see if she's alright. Something bad might've happened to her if he's here," I yelled.

Serrano stared at his phone. "I think she's fine. Tere sent me a text through Dr. Yuki's phone. She said that he went to check up on her not too long ago, said that she's doing fine. She simply had an alteration. Well, two."

I glanced back at Tekeshi. Did she confront him about being a slave owner? Did she ask him for a divorce or to stay away? Is that why he's crying like that?

"I see," I said, sighing with relief.

Serra frowned. "Say, Tetsu, what happened with Eiichi?"

"Huh? You mean that you don't know?" I asked.

"Eiji, and your parents went to calm you down. The rest of us meanwhile were told to stay away. Yuko wanted to rush in but Miyuki held her back. Lady Saya had to qua

I grinned, baring my sharp teeth. "Yeah. Ya did! Ya fly beautifully, Tere. Just ya old pa!"

"I know, right? Back when we first went to the Kaguya, I felt as if ya were familiar. The way ya cheered me up. It was the same as I remembered when I would fall while trying to learn how to walk. Pa, ya really are sorry for the wrongs ya've done then continue on the path of redemption. The others might not forgive ya right away, but ya'll have me cheering ya on."

"Tere," I said with teary eyes.

She turned around and chuckled. "For a big scary looking cat ya're reminding me of a kitten."

I grumbled. "A kitten?"

"Yeah! A kitten who is struggling to find its way around the world. A world it isn't familiar yet. Pa, while ya're gone, I'll talk to Ma to soften her up."

"Ya aren't coming with us?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Nah. The way I am now, I'll only get in the way. Nico though agreed to stay back and continue to train me. Hopefully I'll get strong enough to help out a little in the future battles."

I reverted back to my human form and patted her head. "Ya've really grown, Tere. I'm so proud of Taku and you!"

Tere's face reddened. "Ya are?"

"Yup. Ya've grown to become a brave and independent woman. Ya know what ya want in life. Though do be careful. Selena was like ya once, but her life took the turn for the worse..."

"Hey, Pa... What did happen to auntie? I was told that she went on vacation, but she hasn't returned in years."

I glanced up at the cloudless blue sky. "I rather not say. Hopefully she's getting better, after everything that has happened."

"I hope she is," Tere said.

"Say, how about we hit the skies?" I asked as I spread out my wings. Tere smiled and did the same, following behind me. The two of us soared through the sky, zipping around like a pair of jets doing fancy maneuvers in an air show.

Thanks, Sky Father, Earth Mother, for granting me such a wonderful daughter. If anything shall happen to me, please watch over her and the others. My actions have harmed them enough as it is, they deserve a bit of peace.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Let me know your thoughts and predictions!**

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