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I opened my eyes and found myself in my room. Yuko was asleep, her head against the edge of my bed. What had happened? Was it all a dream?

The door suddenly opened. It was my ma. In her hands was a bowl with herbs.

"Ma," I said.

She smiled as soon as she saw me, but there was something off about it. There was what appeared to be pain behind it.

"Seems my little boy is finally up!" she said as she put the bowl on top of the book case. "I was afraid that you would be out for another day."

I gasped. "Another day?"

"Yeah, you've been out for over twenty-four hours. You missed the third day of the training camp entirely. It's morning now. Your father said that he'll be taking you five to someplace special while the rest head will to Xian in the magical universe."

I stood up slowly as to not alarm the sleeping Yuko. "Wait, what happened to the battle?"

She lowered her head. "You technically won."

"Did... did Eiichi turn into a demon? Or was I dreaming it?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Nori, Takuya, Lady Saya, and I put some additional seals on him. However, he has to be careful not to be separated from Carlos. It's what keeps his demon side at bay."

I stared at her arms and noticed what appeared to be scratched marks on her left arm. They looked as if they had been made by a dragon. She pulled her arm back and hid it behind her back as she continued to avoid looking at me in the eye.

I gasped. "Ma... Those scratches, d-did I... did I... Was I the one who..."

She turned around. "Don't worry about it, Tetsu! They're just scratches! Nothing a month worth of putting ointment on them won't cure."

"A month?" Then they were deeper than the part I had seen. He sniffed. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"M-master?" Yuko said, opening her eyes. "Why is Master crying?"

"I'm an awful person, that's why! I hurt my own mom in my rage!" I screamed.

Yuko lowered her head.

"Tetsu, don't blame yourself!"

"It is my fault though! I allowed my anger to get the best of me again! It's just like with that kid, the one lying on the ground back in the capital, bloodied. I-I couldn't control my power." My eyes grew wide. "I... I might've killed him. Ha. To think that I had to audacity to call Eiji a murderer, when I myself might be one."

"Master," Yuko said.

"Tetsu, get a hold of yaself!" Ma yelled.

I looked up at her. "I did it again, didn't I? I... keep letting my emotions get the best of me. Ma, why... why do emotions do this? Why are they so confusing? Why do they cloud one's judgement? Why do they lead one astray?"

"Emotions aren't all bad," Yuko said, grabbing my hand. She smiled. "Master might be a fool, but he is a good guy."

"A fool?" I said, furrowing my brow.

She nodded. "Yeah. Master does things without thinking! And here Yuko thought Master was the opposite when we met!"

She's right. When did I start to let my emotions start to get the best of me? No, perhaps I've always have. My worries, my fears, my anger. They continue to hurt me. I kept saying that I would change when I was younger, yet I haven't done so. I am still the same wreck. I'm a kid who never grew up, who never matured. I'm still the brat who tried to deprive Serrano of Aventine. The same one who acted but when no one was looking, I would start to cry.

I felt two pairs of arms wrap around me. "There, there, Tetsu," Ma said, patting the back of my head. "It's my fault, for not teaching ya how to control them. Then again, how could I? When I myself struggle with them."

"Ma, ya too?" I asked.

"Yeah..." she said, giggling as she backed away. She fidgeted. "M-maybe one day I'll share the story. Ya know, I kinda envy my pa. He is a master at hiding his emotions."

"Concealing them isn't good either," a voice called out. It was was Rosa. Her face reddened as all three of us stared at her outburst. "A-at least that's what I read." She sighed. "Not that I've done a good job at taking that advice myself."

I chuckled. "What do you mean? Your feelings are always on your sleeve. You're like an open book."

"Hey, you're no better!" she snapped, stomping her foot against the ground.

I scratched my cheek. "I... guess not, but you make me feel mature, ya know?"

She pouted her cheeks. "A girl comes to help a guy out and she only ends up getting made fun of by him, hmph." She spun around. "I'll just let Yuko counsel you by herself next time, make fun of her, will you?"

"Ehhh, I'm sorry. Please don't get mad!"

"Well, seems you've quickly cheered up with the little princess here," Ma said, chuckling. "You really are your father's son."

I frowned. "Please... don't compare me to him, Ma."

"Yeah, Master is nothing like mean mister," Yuko said. She turned to look at me and smiled. "Master Tetsu is kind and heroic. He apologizes when he hurts others. He cares for his slaves rather than uses them as tools."

Rosa and Anis gasped.

Yuko gasped and covered her mouth with both her hands.

"Slaves? You have slaves?" Rosa asked, looking at me.

Ma gasped. "T-Tekeshi has slaves?"

I sighed. Good going, Yuko.

I patted the tanuki girl's head. "Only one."

"Yuko is your slave?" Ma asked.

No wonder he grew up to be such a brat. She babies him even to this day...

I let go of her.

"Huh, something the matter?" she asked.

"I just hope that with this Tetsu will grow up."

Anis lowered her head. "It's not his fault... I-It's mine. He was only a toddler when you..." She stopped herself.

I sighed. "I get why you did it, but now it's the time to stop it. I am back after all!" Even if he does wish I wasn't...

"Speaking of Tetsu, there was something Yuko and he said before I passed out."

I tilted my head at her. "What was it?"

She closed her eyes. "That you owned slaves and that Yuko was among them." She raised her head and stared at me with her deep purple eyes. "I-Is that true? Did you really own slaves?"

I stepped back. So that was what Yuko had said... She gave away my secret to her. Out of all the people in the world, why did Anis have have to find out?

I grabbed my mask from the nightstand and put it on. "T-that's true. I... I am a slave owner."

"How? When? Why?" she snapped at me. "Why would you do such a thing?"

"I have no excuse," I responded. "I wish I did, but I have none. Those slaves, I took them from a woman named Margaret."

"Margaret?" Anis asked, furrowing her brow. "Isn't she one of the Pillars you mentioned?"

I nodded. "Yes. She's the mother of Satoru, the guy whom your nephew dragged down with him into the depths of abyss. She was also the one who owned Yuko's ancestors. I rescued them from her... but at the end I wasn't much better of an owner. I... kept most of them in their cages, in part because I felt that I would need them in the future. I used them as tools. I had Yuko's parents, who were siblings born of cousins who themselves were cousins and so on, breed to create a kind of mythical stone."

"What?" she snapped. She looked at me with eyes of terror.

I stepped back. I knew it. I knew it. Once the truth was out she would come to either fear me, or hate me, if not both.


"To grant me the energy I need to keep on living. After... what happened on the night I was said to perish, I could no longer keep on living without absorbing the life force of others. By creating and using the philosopher stone, I could avoid that," I said, placing a hand on my chest. "Yuko's older sister though ran away on the day that I was going to take her core to keep me living. Though Yuko herself has a better core than she does."

Anis gulped. "You... were going to kill kids, all to extend your own life?" she said, shaking her head. She took a deep breath and laid her head on her pillow. "I... I never thought that you were so... so selfish!"

"Hey, Anis, take it easy," I said, reaching my hand out to her. "Yuri said not to exert yourself, that includes stress."

"Don't touch me!" she yelled, tears in her eyes. "You disgust me!"

"Y-you... d-don't r-really mean that... d-do..."

"Hey, Ma, are you okay? Tetsu told me that..." Teresa yelled, opening the door. She stared at her mother and then at me. "Huh, why is Ma crying? Did something happen?"

Even though I had my mask on, I couldn't turn to face my daughter. "Take care of your Ma, Tere," I said, my body dissolving into darkness.

"Hey, where are you going? Pa!" Tere yelled, running over to me.

"To prepare things..." I whispered before I vanished out of there completely.

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