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Eiichi came to a stop several feet away and swept his hair black. "See that? The gap between us? You can't possibly hope to defeat a genius such as myself which such weak barriers," he said, chuckling as he leaned forward. "Only fellow geniuses have managed to do so, or come close to."

I wobbled as I rose to my full height. He hadn't even given me a chance to raise up another barrier since the one he shattered, which required him to exert more force than before, so what was he calling weak?

"How mighty humble of you," I said, wiping blood from the edge of my mouth.

Eiichi slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Truth be told, I haven't even come close to being serious. So, if you want to see my true power then how about you stop holding back." His smile faded. "I am not liking how you're holding back on me as if I were Hideo. Go on, show me your Second Heaven form! Not that it will change things radically, but at least it won't be another total snoozefest."

I chuckled. "You'll regret asking for it, but here goes! I'll make you regret your constant insults!" I yelled. A purple aura wrapped around my body, healing my wounds which my abyssmal regenerative abilities were no longer able to close. The tiles of the entire arena shattered and Eiichi had to slam Carlos against the ground to avoid being blown away.

Eiichi stared at me with wide eyes.

I grinned. "Regretting it now?"

Eiichi smiled back. "Quite the contrary!" he yelled as portals opened around me. "It gives me the chance to go all out!"

I snickered as the portal started to close as my aura expanded.

"What?" he said, stepping back.

"Abyssmals aren't affected by time or space attacks. Tetsu is at most a quarter abyssmal," Tekeshi yelled. He stared at me with a proud look. "Though that he would figure out how to do it himself is a surprise."

"Well, Satoru did neutralize Sirius' temporal attacks according to Serra."

"Ahh, so it was you cousin who helped you out with that. Still, figuring out so quickly..."

I chuckled as I turned my eyes back to Eiichi. "Surprised that you aren't the only genius?"

"Tsk," Eiichi said as electricity crackled on the tip of Carlos. "You left yourself wide open!" He vanished from where he stood and appeared overhead. "It's over!"

I held out a hand and grabbed his spear's shaft with my bare hand (well, not really as I was wearing black gloves, but they didn't have any special abilities or anything of the sort). "You were saying? Jerknight?"

Eiichi glared at me and unleashed a burst of electricity from the tip.

I chuckled. "That tickles, but that won't exactly end this. At least not in your favor."

The blond knight yanked Carlos from my grip and spread his wings, flying into the air.

I stood still and intensified my aura, pushing Eiichi toward the ceiling of the barrier. He took a deep breath and slammed Carlos against my aura, causing a shockwave to echo across the now dust covered inside of the barrier.

I grunted as I was pushed back by the puncturing of my aura.

Eiichi laughed. "You thought that you could win like that? Don't get cocky fool!" He stretched his hand toward me and surrounded me with spears of lightning. "Be gone!"

The wave of electric spears dissolves as soon a

ormed into claws. Agnes reverted back into its bracelet form while a dense fog of darkness covered my Umbra Sword.

"That doesn't mean that you shouldn't! You'll become a hypocrite if you do to him as he did to you," he yelled as his copies circled me. All seven Eiji pointed their gold and blue shepherd crooks at me. A golden sphere formed around me and pressed down on me from all sides.

"Let go of me!" I screamed, shattering bits of the sphere. Though those cracks were soon gone as golden energy filled in the holes, remaking the barrier.

"You're becoming as much of a beast as him!" he yelled. "Get a hold of yourself!"

I scratched at the golden barrier. "I do have a hold of myself! Now, unhand me or you'll die too!"

"If you did then you wouldn't be trying to outpower one of the old Seven Hills."

"Let go of me you hypocrite! You're as bad as your son!" I yelled.

Eiji gasped. His green eyes became pale. "W-what did you say?"

"That your son is as bad as you! Suzuki, she said that your generation of Seven Hills did awful things."

The brown haired man gripped his angel tool. "Shut up. Don't bring up a past that you know nothing about!" he screamed. There were tears in the eyes of all his clones. He rubbed his forehead. "I... Ugh, I..."

"We all have sins we are ashamed of. Some perhaps less dangerous than others, but sins nonetheless," a voice called out. It was my ma. She held out her hand toward me and silver chains encircled the golden sphere.

"Ma... your sin... was pretending that my dad was dead. You lied to us!" I screamed.

She gasped. "I... I didn't. Your father... he..."

"Stop lying! I'm tired of it all! Of the lies, of the intrigue! I want it to end!" I yelled, shaking my head as dragon horns sprouted out of it.

She gulped. "Son, the world isn't that simple. Please calm down. I'll explain what happened with your father if you would just-"

I gasped as things went dark without warning. I found myself in a wormhole of darkness. Unending darkness, just like in the abyss. Was I being dragged into that world? Or was this another kind of abyss?

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