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I took out the prana pill out of the cauldron and made my way over to the sleeping Hideo. His resting face made him look younger than he already did.

"Let him rest," Zydeco said as Hideo slumbered peacefully against his shoulder.

I sighed and put the golden oval into my hyper-ring along with the cauldron I had taken it out of.

I ruffled my hair and looked up at the now bright blue sky. "Seems I did all that for nothing."

"Well, you could always give it to him at a later time," Zydeco suggested, smiling. He tilted his head at me. "Say, why are you concerned about him? No offense, but I get the sense that you aren't exactly friends."

I nodded. "Yeah, we're not friends or anything along those lines. But he is my fellow knight."

"Hmm, I doubt that's it." He crossed his legs together and grinned. "Let me guess, you want to be friends with him?"

I scoffed. "Why would I want to be friends with a weakling like him?" I said, looking away.

Zydeco chuckled. "Your denial just makes it more obvious that you do."

I rolled me eyes. "What would you know? You barely know me."

"That's true, but I can see it reflected in your eyes." His smile vanished. "There's a deep sadness in them. A sense of loneliness."

I closed my eyes and turned around.

"You're leaving already?"

"I'm out of here. I don't need to continue to hear a lowly plebeian's bad attempt to psychoanalyze me."

"Sorry. I didn't want to upset you. I was just stating what I've noticed, nothing more. I could be wrong or perhaps the opposite."

I glanced over my shoulder and saw him picking up Hideo. "Well, I better get going too. I did promise the girls that I would catch up." With Hideo in his arms, he ran into the surrounding forest and vanished from view.

I chuckled. "Friends, huh?" I looked at the charred grass behind me. The closest thing to one I've had was Borasco. It was a good thing that he was safe...

"That boy was right, wasn't he?" a voice called out. I looked forward and saw Sabine emerge from the forest.

"Wait, didn't you go with Yebin?" I asked, eyes wide.

"I told her to go on, that I had forgotten something."

I put a hand on my hip and smiled. "Did she ask what?"

"Not really, but I really did leave something behind."

I glanced leftward. "What is it? I'll go retrieve it for you."

She snickered. "It's not a thing."

"If it's not a thing then it's a creature? I didn't see you with any forest animals or pets."

She shook her head. "It isn't an animal either."

"So it's a person?" I smiled impishly and pointed at myself. "Was it me?"

"Bingo!" she said, snapping her fingers.

I glanced around. "I... that's corny."

She giggled. "I guess that it is, though you say rather corny stuff yourself." She jogged over to me and grabbed my left hand. "Come, let's go and eat! Your battle with Tetsuya also awaits!"

I felt the same sinking feeling from before. Why did she kept getting close to me? Was it sheer gratitude for me saving her from the abyss?

'You should test the limits of her gratitude, Eiichi' the female demon's voice echoed in my head. 'You know that you want to.'

Leave me alone!

The demonic girl snickered. 'You can try, but you it'll only delay the inevitable. You'll break in due time, Eiichi dear.'

Her voice was finally gone, but the icky feeling it left behind still lingered...

"Is something the matter? Is that demon back?"

I gasped. "Y-you saw?" Did she not run off last time? Wait... she was the one who had brought me back to the tents...

Sabine clenched my hand tightly. A gentle light exuded from her hand. "Y-yeah. I did. I apologize for not stepping in when I should've." She lowered her head to the moss covered forest floor. "I... I was too scared."

I looked away. "Of me, right?"

"Huh? No, not of you! Of her, of the demon. Though... there was something familiar about her."

"I see... If you saw that, then why are you still here? You know someone who communicates with demons is bad, right?"

She tightened her grip on my hand. "I'm not sure what your history with her is, but it sounded as if you wanted to flee." She came to halt and grabbed my

The perverted knight looked around the ring and stared at the wisps of shadows floating around. "Huh? Where did he..." He gasped as I rammed my heavy shield against his back, sending him fall to the ground.

I smiled as I pinned him to the ground. I was finally getting the hang of this technique. Still, I found while training that I could only use it for a limited amount of times.

Eiichi swung Carlos, slicing some strands of white hair out of my head. I jumped away as lightning rained down from above.

He chuckled. "Not bad, when did you learn how to do that?" he asked as he stood up. He stretched his hand outward. Lances made out of lightning manifested all around him and were flung at the same time. I thought of shadow warping, but I had only used up one of my three chances. I had to save the others for dire situations.

I raised slammed Agnes against the ground and crouched underneath it. It guarded against all of his electric lances but each hit against Agnes threatened to make me deaf. Every single spear striking it sounded like a bomb going off.

"What?" I heard Eiichi said from behind. His spear had struck a clear barrier.

I smiled as I stood up, holding a heart shaped Agnes in hand. "I knew that you would try sneaking up on me while I was distracted by your attack."

"That shield," Eiichi said, narrowing his eyes at it. He raised his spear over head and slammed the tip against the barrier, shattering it in one go.

"Tsk," I said. I yelled as the wave of attacks returned. Each hit strung almost as badly as the wounds inflicted on me by the tormentors at the palace dungeon. Thankfully, Agnes' new ability was slowly starting to show signs of progress as each successive hit hurt less and didn't puncture my skin as deeply as the last. However, my healing was also beginning to reach its limit as it did when I battled the Suzuki at the Kuroki mountains.

But like with the battle against her and the torture inflicted on me by the royal guards, I needed to continue to endure the pain.

'At the end of all the pain and suffering lies the reward, ' a voice echoed in my head.

I smiled. You sure had been quiet for awhile, Hanketsu.

My angelic ancestor chuckled. 'Sorry about that... For now focus on the battle with the young man marked by the demon of lust. We can save the talking for later.'

Young man marked by the demon of Lust?

Was he insinuating what I think that he was? Was Eiichi the one who tried taking advantage of Rosa? No, if he knew that, he would've told me by now. Then did he mean it in a more literal sense? Was Eiichi marked by Ashmedei or one of her followers?

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter, only 5 more number chapters until the finale :3! Thoughts? Theories for what's to come?**

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