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Sabine huffed as she reclined her back against a large tree.

"Catch your breath and head back to the campsite," I said, crouching down next to her and handing her a canteen full with water.

"Lunch is ready," said the second member of my team. She was a tall girl with pitch black hair and ruby red eyes. She didn't really say much at all.

"Thanks, Yebin. We'll be there in a few," Sabine said.

Yebin nodded and turned around and flew off, carried by her lilac dragon wings. Seemed that like Ryonoko's father, she was related to a tribe of dragons capable of taking on a humanoid form.

"Go on without me," I said, walking into the forest. "I want to do some more training."

"You're going to tire yourself out before the match has even started," Sabine said, knitting her brow together.

I scoffed. "That peasant won't defeat me, even if I were to be exhausted. Now, go."

Sabine narrowed her eyes at me. "Fine, I'll go. However, don't come crying to me if you lose!"

I chuckled. "As if that'll happen." I took another step toward the forest and turned around at the sound of wings flapping in the air. Her wings were a brilliant yellow like the light from the sun. Looking at her, I couldn't help but feel as if we were from different worlds.

I shook my head. I should push her away. I am not worthy of her. I looked down at my hands and saw the hands of a demon. I had fallen... if she sought to follow me then she would too.

Sighing, I continued going deeper into the forest.

"Food is ready!" I heard a voice called out. It was Zyuuni, but his words weren't directed at me. I ran further into the forest and saw another clearing. Lying on the grassy floor was Hideo while his teammates stood around.

"Let's call it a break," Koukyuu said, waving at the short and lanky kid.

Hideo raised his head and grunted as he tried to push himself off of the ground. "N-no. I have to get... stronger," he said. His arms wobbled as he raised himself up. "F-for Dan's sake. If I... couldn't... defeat Satoru, Roa, nor the peasant, then how... how can I defeat the stronger abyssmals?"

"He's one of them?" Sonata asked, gasping.

"Yes, he... is. Teke...shi is one," Hideo said.

"That explains his regenerative abilities," Zydeco said, rubbing his chin.

Koukyuu suddenly turned her head toward where I was hiding. "Hey, you there, come out!" she shouted, narrowing her eyes at the tree surrounded by dense bushes that I was hiding behind.

I walked out and smiled. "Hey, beautiful!"

"Ugh, it's the playboy," Sonata said, glaring at me.

"Love you too," I said, grinning.

"W-what are you doing here?" Hideo asked, standing up completely. His feet wobbled, he would collapse at any moment.

"I sent my teammates to go eat. I'm not feeling hungry, so I decided not to go. In the meantime, I decided to do some solo training."

"Why here?" Koukyuu asked.

I sighed. Do princesses have something against me? Why do they all seem to glare at me like that?

I ruffled my blond hair. "I guess that I sorta wanted to do some sight seeing too."

"So you were... basically on break," Hideo said, smiling. He closed his eyes and began to wobble forward and back. "Ugh..."

"Easy there," Zydeco said, holding him up.

"I told you to get some rest," Koukyuu said, putting her hands on her hips. She shook her head at him. "Honestly, you two need to learn the importance of rest."

"You're talking to me? I was taking a break according to Hideo, so I'm fine," I said, grinning.

Hideo raised his emerald eyes at me and chuckled a

deco asked, blinking.

I snickered. "I guess that all that yelling took all the energy he had left in him."

Zydeco snickered. "Yeah, seems like it."

I raised the fruit toward the sun. "Well, better get to work." Hope I remember how to do this.

I summoned a mid-sized golden cauldron out of my hyper ring and dropped the fruit inside. Next, I took out more herbs from my hyper ring. They still looked as fresh as the day that I had picked them, over nine years ago. Hopefully their effects were still there too, as well as the taste. I dropped the herbs inside. Then I focused my internal energy, or what Xelerians called 'prana', on the bottom of the cauldron like how master had taught me.

Electricity cracked underneath the cauldron, charring the grass under it. I levitated it higher and increased the flow of prana. The entire pot sparkled with static. The skies above even rumbled.

"Wow. You're good. Hey, have you ever considered taking on students? I got a little brother called Alto. He's a lightning mage too," Zydeco said with a large smile on his face.

"Shhh, you're breaking my focus," I said, grunting. The cauldron began to bubble on the inside with colorless prana. I had to get this next step right or else this would fail. "You might want to take Hideo and get far away, just in case."

Zydeco smiled. "I'm sure that you'll do fine. Give it your all, Eiichi!"

I snickered. This guy was as cheerful as Kohri. Expect, Kohri would probably never cheer me on. He had never been fond of me.

I closed my eyes and continued to focus my prana all around the cauldron. The colorless prana wanted to escape, but I wouldn't let it! I capped the top of my own prana and pushed down on the fruit's energy.

Remember your Master's words, Eiichi. Encircle the energy like the world serpent encircles the world tree.

My prana encircled the cauldron in the shape of a giant serpent with its tail within its mouth.

I opened my eyes and clapped my hands together. A bolt flew into the darkening heavens, splitting the clouds wide open and allowing the sun to shine its rays down on us once more.

I walked over to the cauldron and peered into it. Inside was a tiny golden oval. I chuckled and raised my arms toward the heavens. Looks like I still got it, Master!

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Predictions for what's to come?**

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