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"Setty!" I called out as her body became as limp as a rag doll's. "Setty!" I ran over to Nori and Ximena. "Help Setty!"

Ximena came closer and covered Setsuko in a green glow.

"Hyo," Lady Miyuki cried out as she picked up her son. "Hyo!"

"Big brother," Kohri said, eyes wide. He turned to look at the princess in my arms. "Setty..."

"No," Rosa said, shaking her head as she staggered forward. "Their life force is small. Normal healing won't work." She moved her seven drones. Three of the went over to Setty and four to Hyosetsu.

"She's right," Ximena said as she backed away from the crown princess. "My healing, it's not working."

Nori closed his teary eyes. "No!" he cried out.

Rosa took another step forward. She still seemed drained from her battle with Maki.

"Wait," Tetsuya yelled.

"I know what you're going to say, but what else can I do?" Rosa snapped, glaring at him. "I have to save Setty and Hyo! This is the only way I can do so!"

"She's right," I said, grimacing. "Though let us help you, Rosa!"

"I wasn't going to stop you this time. I've learned that it's useless," Tetsu said, sighing. He stretched his hand out to her. "Here, use my life force."

I did the same.

Rosa smiled. "Thanks, you two."

"Nori too!" Nori said, stretching his hand out.

"Make it fast, Rosa," King Osamu said as he stared at his unconscious daughter. "Your sister doesn't have much time. A few minutes at most. Likewise for Hyosetsu."

Lady Saya flew over to us from the opposite side of the broken rings. "Allow me, everyone." She pointing her hands which were glowing with a mix of prana and mana toward the two. Golden spheres of energy formed around Setty and Hyosetsu, healing their wounds.

"Their life energy, it's not replenishing fast enough," Rosa said, gasping for air.

Tetsu placed his hands over her shoulders. "Calm down, panicking won't help at time like this. We'll just have to go along with our original plan if it doesn't go up soon."

She nodded. "Y-yeah."

"Use my life force too if you must!" Lady Miyuki said, rushing over to us with Hyosetsu in her arms. "You have to save my son, Rosa." Her face was streaked with tears.

"I will," Rosa said, nodding her head. She lowered her gaze to Hyosetsu once more. She smiled. "Though perhaps I won't need to. His life force and that of my sister's are starting to return to normal."

Saya sighed as energy continued to flow out of her hands and into the golden spheres. She looked over her shoulder. "Those two really went all out."

"Y-yeah, they sure did," Ayumi said, pushing herself up as she stood on the opposite end of the crater.

"Don't push yourself," Zyuuni said as he helped her stand.

The red-haired girl nodded her head.

Zyuuni smiled and slowly escorted her to her tent.

"We should all rest," King Osamu said, sighing as he turned his back to all of us. Suddenly a ringing sound erupted from underneath the purple cape he wore. He took out a black phone. "Hello, Prime Minister. I take it that you've confronted the abyssmals?" He frowned. "They killed all the guards?" He gasped and winced. "That's... so it appears that their earlier calls for peace were but a farce after all, as if there was any doubt."

"The guards died?" I asked.

"Wait, that means that..." Rosa said, covering her mouth with both hands.

"Eita, Borasco" Eiichi said, eyes wide.

"Your brother and cousin are safe. They were ordered to stay in Makkuroyama along with Naoru. Likewise, the remaining members of your old team and those of the others were sent there," Eiko said, putting a hand on her oldest son's shoulder.

Eiji smiled. "So it seems that you do care for your little brother and cousin after all," the Lightning King said, chuckling.

Eiichi turned away. "O-of course I do. I'm not the monster that you take me for, Father."

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that. I don't think that you're a mon-"

"I'm going to go train. Call me once the ring is fixed," he said, taking flight. "Come, Sabine!"

"No need to tell me, I'm right behind you!" Sabine said, grinning.

Eiji sighed. "That kid."

"Seems that we all struggle with unruly kids," Tekeshi said, patting him on the back.

"Don't compare me to him. Plus, at least I have

, I want you to get better soon."

"Oh? How come? Surely it is not for my own well being."

"I want you to be well for our battle. I'll defeat Eiichi later today and then we'll face off tomorrow!"

I snickered. "That's rather optimistic of you. You, Hideo, and I couldn't defeat Eiichi last time we battled, though mine was technically a tie. While you have grown, I doubt that you can defeat him. Setsuko and I stand the best chance against him out of us four."

"I hate to say it, but Hideo is sorta of a non-factor," Kohri said, chuckling nervously.

"Indeed. He's the weak link."

The peasant nodded. "We'll need to get him up to speed."

A smirk plastered my face. "First you should catch up to Setsuko, Eiichi, and I, then you can worry about Hideo."

"Sir Hideo is working hard, though," Yuko said. "On the way back, Yuko spotted him training with Koukyuu, Zydeco, and Sonata. Sir Hideo also seemed to be wearing some thin metal weights on his hands. He must be working hard to save his little brother."

"Yeah. He seems to be taking a page from my training book," the peasant said, smiling. He furrowed his brow. "Perhaps it's high time that we start working as a team, rather than arguing all the time. At least for Dan's sake and that of Zionia."

"You are right, but while we might work together, do not expect us to become friends," I said, trying to get up again.

"Brother, don't push yourself," Kohri whispered as he knelt down next to me.

"I've already said that I doubt that'll ever happen," Tetsuya said. "You are the sword and I am the shield. We are opposites. Same with Eiichi and I."

"Though the sword and shield are supposed work hand in hand," Rosa said, standing up. "Likewise for the spear and shield."

"Uh, does that mean that Sir Hideo and Setty are to do their own thing?" Yuko asked, tilting her head at her.

Tetsuya ruffled her hair. "Think that you're over-thinking things there, Yu."

"Hmm, that might not be a bad idea. Hideo's weapon is a far range one, much like a bow. Archers have tended to stay in the back, aiming their arrows from afar. Sometimes even in hiding. Donato's normal form is meant for sniping," I said, looking down at the floor. "As for Setsuko's it can be used in both ways. Our's meanwhile have a mostly close range purpose."

"Are you suggesting that Eiichi, you, and I become a trio in battle?" the peasant asked, scowling.

I scoffed. "I am not fond of the idea either, but it's something to consider, yes?"

He nodded.

"The three who hate each other fighting alongside one another, that sounds dangerous and comedic at the same time," Kohri said, snickering.

"Anyway, we can save the strategy talk for later. It'll help to discuss it with the others," I said. "Now, do you happen to know where I can find some maize?"

Tetsuya smiled. "Yeah, I do."

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