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I wasn't sure why space was only beginning to bend despite the great amount of mana that Hyosetsu and I were using in our clash. It was then that Hyosetsu and I heard Ayumi grunt. She looked as if she was struggling with something but her eyes were focused on us. It had to be her who was keeping the surrounding space intact.

Zyuuni walked over to her a placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I think that we should finish this quickly," Hyosetsu as he closed his eyes. He dashed toward me, slicing one of the seven floating crystals perfectly in half.

I nodded and slammed Alma against his side, sending him reeling. However, my cousin quickly covered his wound with ice to stop the bleeding and stood up.

He swung his sword, slicing another two of the crystals with the resulting sword beam.

I focused the remaining four crystals and sent them toward the dragon slithering up behind me. The dragon growled as he tried to slap the crystals away with its front claws. The force still managed to send it reeling as shards struck its forehead.

"Thought that I would forget?" I asked as I blocked Hyosetsu's Baldo with my Alma. My weapon encircled the sword. I yanked Alma, pulling Baldo away from his from his grip. Though he seemed to not have struggled. His grip couldn't possibly have been that weak.

"Hyoryuu, return!" Hyosetsu yelled. The dragon turned into a sphere of blue energy and flew toward the sword, knocking me to the ground.

Hyosetsu smiled as he pointed his white sword at my neck. I grabbed it with my right hand.

"I'll be taking that back," he said, levitating Baldo out of Alma's grasp. He swung Baldo at me. I gasped and grabbed the sword with my right hand. The sword beam from the swing though caused several cuts to appear on my hand.

He pressed his white sword down, causing it to slip through my hand and get closer to my neck. "Give up. It's over."

"It's not!" I yelled. He gasped and pulled his swords away and took to the air. A wad of crystals erupted from the ground, stabbing my cousin's legs as he failed to fly away in time.

"Got ya!" I said, smacking him in the abdomen with Alma. He spat out blood and saliva as he flew through the air.

He chuckled and swung his swords even as he was falling, forcing me to jump back. "Ha! Unicorn of the Frozen Plains!" He yelled as he spun around and landed on the ground. He pressed the tips of his swords together and unleashed a beam of cold air at me.

I held out my hands and stopped it. I should've done this from the start, but my control over ice wasn't anything like his. I side stepped out of the way and let the beam go. I jumped up and moved forward as a glacier of ice formed on the barrier and spread to where I had been standing.

"Sphinx of the Frozen Ruins!" Hyosetsu called out as he swung both his swords at once. A figure resembling a lion-like creature with a human head charged at me. I raised the earth around me, forming a thick earthen wall. The sphinx passed through the earth wall like a specter though it did leave the wall covered in ice in its wake.

I narrowed my eyes at him and sent a black sphere at it as it was a meter away from me.

The sphere though went through it, blasting the frozen earthen wall.

I took a deep breath and held out both hands. "Stop!" I yelled at it as ice mana covered my body. The creature came to a halt as its body disintegrated.

I fell to my knees and gasped for air.

"Get up, Setty. It's not over yet," I whispered to myself through gritted teeth. I picked up Alma and stood up from the ground. My eyes widened as a wall of icy spikes rushed toward me like a shark in warm open waters.

I flew back into the air, avoiding it. I swung my weapon as fast as I could. "I'll end this here!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I gathered as much mana as I could into Alma while also building up kinetic energy.

Hyosetsu gasped as chunks of ice broke off of the glacier in front of his as well as broken tiles and dirt. Even he was feeling as if he were being pushed upward. At least he could feel how I did with his twister.

"Imperial Meteor!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, throwing Alma straight at him.

Hyosetsu flew away but Alma followed after him.

I chuckled as he unleashed

m the various hits he had received from Alma. His left arm also hung limply, as did his feet. His aura poured over the wounds, healing them.

I let out a scream and broke through his Seven Aurorae attack.

Hyo smiled as he let go of Alma. I grasped my weapon with both hands and flew toward him. Just because he had awakened Second Heaven didn't mean that I was finished!

Hyo flicked a finger at me, unleashing a shockwave which blew all of the dust away. I tried to move away but it was too fast and too large to dodge. I was sent crashing once more against the ceiling of the barrier.

S-such power...

I fell to the floor, Alma reverted back into its weapon form. My hands trembled and the ring moved uneasily.

I pushed against the floor. I winced as tile shards punctured my skin. I shook my head, as if that would take away the pain.

"Stop, Setty," Hyosetsu said. He stood over me with Baldo pointed at my head. "Give up. It's over. You know that."

"Y-you never gave up when we were kids," I shouted. "So why... why would I give up? Huh?" Suddenly an orange light began to flicker around me.

My cousin chuckled. "You know how that ended, but go ahead. I want to test out this form."

I stood up, even though my feet wobbled. I felt as if I hadn't eaten in weeks. Though the flickering orange light helped me stand. The pain from the injuries I had sustained vanished gradually.

I rushed at him with no weapon in hand. I barely had enough power to stand, so it would've been useless to do so.

Hyo sheathed his swords and charged at me as well. Our fists clashed, sending a shockwave in all directions.

"Gahhh!" Ayumi screamed. Suddenly space distorted all around us like water falling over a picture.

"Stop them!" Zyuuni yelled. "They're distorting space too much, they'll create a hole!"

"No worries, it's over," Tekeshi responded.

"Indeed, it is," Father said.

The aura around me vanished and I was sent flying out of the barrier. Luckily someone was there to catch me.

"Got ya!" Serrano yelled as he cradled me in his arms and covered me in a black cloak. He was in his Second Heaven form as well.

"Hyo... finally... did it," I said.

Serrano nodded.

Standing alone in the center of a thirty foot crater was a near naked Hyosetsu. He stepped toward me and smiled. It wasn't a snarky or smug smile, but one I could expect from the kid I had once more.

"I did it... finally," he said as he emerged from crater. As soon as his feet touched the edge of the crater, the icy blue aura around him vanished. He gasped for air and fell to the his knees.

I gasped as blood dyed the edge of the crater bright red. He fell forward, his eyes blank.

I wanted to scream but everything around me went black.

*Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Predictions/Theories?*

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