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The field wasn't changed for our battle either like how it had been for Rosa and Maki. Though the battlefield had been fixed by the Celestial Prince while his cousin rested from his earlier illusion magic.

My own cousin reached for the hilt of his sword as he transformed the white cross in his hand into a white sword. He unsheathed Baldo and crossed both swords in front of him.

Meanwhile I spun Alma around, building up its momentum.

"Ready when you are," I said, keeping an eye at him. A frigid aura surrounded his legs and feet, freezing the ground below. I could probably get close to him but I probably wouldn't last too long even with the ice resistance I inherited from Mother. Long distant attacks were my best bet. I would have to use one part sphere of Alma to attack and the other to defend.

Hyosetsu charged at me and vanished midway. I chuckled as the sphere I wasn't spinning struck something cold.

"Nice try, Hyo," I said as the ground around me rumbled. "But you must surely have known that I would stop it!"

Hyosetsu smirked as he leapt into the air. He rained several ice darts down at me. He swung one of his swords at me, unleashing a chilly wave of wind which pressed down on me with great force. He then proceeded to swing the other, creating an unrelenting blizzard.

I swung the part of Alma that I was spinning at him, nearly knocking him out of the air. Sadly he parried it with both swords.

He jumped in mid-air and unleashed a blue aura from his swords. I spun all of Alma around, blocking the various energy sword beams.

I gasped as I felt my hands grow numb. Hyosetsu's beams had covered Alma in a layer of ice which had spread across the chains and now toward my hands.

I removed the ice on my hands using my own ice powers which felt like getting a tooth pulled out without anesthetic. Though I kept my shriek in.

Hyosetsu charged at me but I slammed Alma toward him. He blocked once more but this time I continued to strike and strike, not letting down on him as I slowly pushed him back. It was a mistake on his part to have allowed me to get an attack combo going.

He grunted as he struggled to maintain his footing against the onslaught from Alma.

"Hyoryuu!" Hyosetsu yelled at the top of his lungs. The dragon-like marks on his pitch black Baldo emerged from the sword as if coming to life. The markings spread around Alma. A gurgling sound like the roar a large crocodile emerged from the floating blue dragon symbol. Suddenly the two-dimensional image started bent and shifted into that of a seven meter ice dragon.

I stepped back as it peered at me with ferocious eyes. I yanked Alma away, knocking off several scales on its pale blue belly but new ones quickly grew in their place.

some of it had broken off upon falling into the ring.

I looked up and saw my cousin coming at me, swinging both swords as he spun around in circles, creating what essentially was an ice twister which quickly turned into a dirty ice one as it sucked up the dust all around us.

I stepped back and formed two dark spheres in my hand, putting into it as much mana as I could gather from my surroundings as the twister closed it. I jumped back as I felt blood drip down my face and arms. The edge of the wind was so fine that they were like blades.

"Dance of Blades!" Hyosetsu yelled as he came to a stop.

I turned the energy I had gathered into sphere into a barrier instead. Swords of freezing wind spread in all directions, slicing and shattering the ring and even causing the barrier that the Seven Hills had made around us to bend.

I grunted as my barrier started to shatter. I let out a scream as I struggled to keep it from cracking. The wind, it was strong. Hyosetsu truly wasn't an opponent one should take lightly. He was ambitious and proud but had the power to back it up. I too was proud and thought highly of my power, but to be this close to being beaten by someone my age who wasn't Serrano, it was... terrifying and exciting!

I took a deep breath and shattered the barrier myself and spread out my wings. I held my hand toward Alma and yanked it out of its icy encasing.

Hyo smiled. "Ready to fight for real?"

"Yes!" I said as I formed seven diamond shaped crystals around. The points of the crystals pointed outward like the rays of the solar symbol.

There was a shine in my cousin's eyes as the icy aura around continued to build around up. The two of us lunged toward one another as space itself began to bend.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Predictions as to who will win?**

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