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I emerged from a black vortex and stared at the woman in the corner of the rather luxurious cell. She was whispering stuff to herself like some mad-woman.

"Seems that son of yours took good care of you despite what you did to him and his brother."

The woman lowered her hands from her lips and gasped. "P...Papa..."

I sighed. It was all my fault this happened... I didn't know how to raise them, at least not Tekeshi and her. Sure Roka had his own issues, but he was at least loyal.

"To think that you will be in this state."

"Papa... What... what are you doing here?"

Taking another deep breath, I sat down on the white bed and glanced around the well furniture room. It didn't look like the cell of a mental patient at all.

"You aren't crazy, are you? Serena, there's something that your older brother told me. That's why I'm here."

She put her hands on my right arm and hugged me tightly. "Papa! I missed you so much!"

I grimaced. "Serena, you aren't a child any more. Learn to behave like the grown woman you are." I turned toward her and put my hands on her shoulders. "Now, tell me where you are keeping the Universal Seed."

"Universal Seed? What in the world is that?" she asked, giving me a blank look. Perhaps she was out of her mind, at least slightly.

"You know what it is. I taught all of you the legend. Now, tell me. If you do then I'll free you from this prison."

She smiled. "You will, Papa? Really? Though..." She sat back down on the mattress. "I really don't know... where it is. Nor do I even know what it truly is. All I know is the legend you told us. It's a part of the Universal Tree, a way to link dimensions. To my knowledge I never came upon such a thing."

"Really? You didn't?"

She shook her head. "Yeah, if I did I would've told you. I have no idea why Tekeshi claims I did."

"Tsk. That boy... he's keeping something hidden from me... No matter, I'll extract the information from him in due time. Sadly that boy is too stubborn to give such details without a fight."

Serena gazed up at me as I stood up. "Wh...where is my brother?"

"Your brother is in a prison too."

Her eyes widened. "No!"

"Sadly for him it is not as luxurious." I made my way toward the portal I had emerged from. "Serena, on second thought, I think it'll be best for you to stay here. If you come with me then you might not be able to bear the sight."

"The sight? What do you mean? The sight of my brother imprisoned? And what do you mean by extract information from him? Are you the one who did that to him?"

"Yes... but that is not what I mean." I turned around and gave her a thin smile. "My dear eldest daughter, I am truly sorry... I wish that it hadn't come to this. What you feared is about to come true."

She clasped her hands over her mouth and shook her head.

I nodded. "I gathered from Teke

ing bad had happened while we were gone. Was she aware of Lady Saya's earlier condition?

"He left while we were still training. He said that there was something in Xeleria he had to check up on, " the elder Kurorikuian princess responded.

"Was it because of Lady Saya's collapsing?" I asked.

She gasped. "What? Lady Saya?" She stood up. "Did something happen? Wait, how would you know that?"

"The guy is just making stuff up, " Hideo said, putting his hands behind his head. "It's not good to lie."

"What do you expect from scum like him?" Eiichi snapped, giving me a dirty look.

I sighed. "I had a dream. Well, maybe it didn't actually happen, but it might also have happened."

"A dream?" Hideo asked. "You want us to believe that you have astro-projection or dreams of prophecy?"

"It was definitely more of the astro-kind, but I didn't leave my body. I... I saw it through Yuko's eyes." I turned toward Setsuko. "Your father is trying to take Nori back, again."

"What?" Setsuko asked as she walked over to me.

"So, how much longer do we have left here?" Hyosetsu finally spoke up.

"You five, " a voice boomed in the tower. It was Halim. "I will open you a portal. I'm currently in Xeleria with my wife to check up on our niece's condition."

"See, " I said, glancing at Hideo and Eiichi.

"Wow, " Hideo said.

Eiichi scoffed. "I bet it was just one of those lies which coincidentally turned out to be true."

"Let's go and reunite with the others in Xeleria, " Setsuko snapped.

"I am afraid that you five won't be going anywhere, " a voice called out. We all turned our eyes to the center of the room. A gray vortex had manifested without any of us noticing it and from it emerged a hooded man with angelic wings.

**Solar Note: What did you think of Reginald and Serena's meeting? Also, how do you expect Reginald plans for his grandchildren, especially Tetsuya, are?**

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