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"Hello?" I said, picking up my phone as I headed toward the training room for my daily work out.

"Son, I found him! I found him! I finally found him!"

"Dad? Is everything alright?" I asked, stepping aside.

"I found him!"

"I get that, but just who is it that you found?" I asked, walking down the stairs while gazing around to make sure that no one was overhearing. I might have told Rosalba and Piedad about my dad, but I couldn't let the servants know about his state. Gossip came out of their mouths as easily as saliva.

"Your brother! I found your brother! Can you believe it?"

I lowered my phone and jumped over the remaining stairs.

"Sir Serrano, " the guards outside as they saw me rush past them. "Is something the matter?"

"This doesn't concern you!" I snapped, lifting the phone up to my ear.

"Doesn't concern me?" Father asked as his voice became distant as if he were pulling his cellphone away from his mouth in surprise.

"Not you! I was talking to the guards. Now, tell me, what exactly do you mean by you found my brother?"

"Yeah, Conrad. I found him, " he said joyfully.

"Why is he here?" I asked. "Is mother with him too?"

"No, but there was an angel with him, a Kasai no Ki angel. I am not sure as to how your brother came in contact with her, but what matters is that he's here."

"I see, where are you two right now?" I asked.

"We are in the police station by the castle."

I came to stop and turned toward my left. Toward the east was a straight road which went as far as the eye could see. It was said that each of the four roads to and from the castle were uninterrupted, thus forming a giant cross in the middle of the maze of the capital. The center of that cross was the royal courtyard. The four roads weren't originally part of the city, they were products of the renovation of the city which occurred during the latest war with the Kasai no Ki. Their construction lead to a lot of housing issues at the time as buildings and old roads had to be demolished or rerouted to make way for the new roads.

I sighed. Getting to the police station was going to take time going by foot as it rested in the middle of the commercial center which was packed at this time of day. At least walking there would be.

I spread out my wings and leapt to the air. I touched the crystal earring on my left ear. In my hand the earring detached from my ear and transformed into a rusted-looking straight double edged sword. The sword was my symbol as one of the Seven-Hills, elite knights known throughout the nation and even beyond its borders. Thus it was this symbol which allowed me to fly across the capital without being question. Yes it can be considered an abuse of power, but at the moment I didn't care. All I could think of was seeing my little brother.

I flew past several stands and two story buildings which lined up against the eastern road. In no t

ll upon my Third Heaven form. I still hadn't recovered from using it to flee with Conrad the first time.

"Good job, son, " a red-haired woman said as she emerged from the portal. It was Aster. She held out her hand. "Now, come with us, grandson!"

"Reginald might be my grandfather, but you aren't nothing to me! My grandmother is Talia!" I yelled. "She... is nothing like you!" Grandma Talia, she was strict but caring. She protected others and never threatened anyone. She was there for me when Conrad had died all those years back... Yet, just like with Conrad, I couldn't be there for her when she needed me...

"Alright, alright. No need to get sentimental." The red-haired woman turned her back to us. "So, all this time you were my current husband's grandson... that seems to explain the familiar feeling..."

"Huh?" I said.

She shook her head. "Not you... forget what I said... I am going to go check up on Reginald... I can't leave him alone in that realm..."

What in the world did she mean?

I glanced at brother and at uncle's hand wrapped on the back of my neck.

Seems that fleeing with Conrad right now is out of the question... Perhaps this is the best way to protect him. I cannot leave him alone with these people... Forgive me, Setsuko. Seems that I'm going to have the play the role of gentleman in distress once more. Ha, no. This time I'll get myself out of it. Me and my little brother. Even if it costs me my life, I shall protect Conrad!

**Solar Note: What do you think will befall Serrano and Conrad in the Abyss? Think that they'll be able to escape on their own or will they have to rely on the others?**

Roka Skah Kuroriku- Sex: Male Age:? Titles: Thirteen Pillar, Swan of Darkness, Elegant Assassin, The Rooster, King of Birds

Conrad Kuroriku (this picture was drawn by me)- Sex: Male Age:? Titles/alternate names: Calamity, The Fourteen Pillar, Moon Rabbit, Reincarnation of Hanketsu, Angel of Darkness

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