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[Years before the Five Knights- Kuroriku Palace]

After finishing my breakfast (which was yummy by the way), I got up and descended the stairs.

"I see that you're awake now, " Serrano said, grinning as he stood at the intersection between the two set of stairs.

"Thanks, " I said, bowing.

He tilted his head as if in confusion. "For what?"

"For saving me back there."

The young man shrugged. "All I did was call an ambulance. Come, let's go eat."

"Uh, I just ate. Your food was delicious by the way! This is my first time having such yummy food."

Serrano snickered. "I know you did, but you could use a bit more. Hmm, perhaps feeding you again so soon is a bad idea."

"I'm not some pet you know, " I said, narrowing my eyes.

The blue-haired young man scratched the back of his head. "Right. Sorry, I didn't mean it that way." He sighed and glanced over at the mosaic on the floor below. It was colorful, like glass of multiple colors or even precious stones put in one place to create a breath taking image.

Seeing the image of the woman with orange wings was nostalgic.

"You know, I too grew up knowing hunger, " he said, leaning toward the golden rails. "My dad was a musician. He was once world renown, but following a scandal his career collapse and he could never recover, no matter how hard he tried. Then he took his life toward a destructive path."

Why is this guy sharing this with me?

Serrano kept staring at the mosaic. "My mom divorced him and married another guy."

His story, it sounds familiar...

"My step father was a cruel man. He would often beat my little brother and I. Not even mother was safe from his outbursts. I honestly do not know what mother was thinking, marrying a guy like him."

"She had a bad choice in man, " I said blankly.

Serrano smiled slightly. "Yeah. It would be comedic if it weren't reality. But one day, that man died."

"He died?" I asked, my mouth dropping agape. "How?"

The young man pressed his lips together. "I... I rather not mention it. One day she sent me away to live with my late-uncle's family while my younger brother stayed back in order to make it easier on us. Regardless, we all faced hunger in some shape or form."

I gripped the golden rail tightly. "So... you're not all that different from me. My parents weren't the best either. That's why I ran away."

"Ran away, huh? I did that a few times, though I managed to trick mom."


"I went to visit my uncle Tekeshi's home. My aunt Anis and her children were very welcoming. Especially Tetsu. If you ever meet him, I'm sure that you'll get along right away. That guy is like a ray of sunshine, " Serrano said with a bright smile of his own. "Though he could be annoying at times, he was still my best friend. No, he still is."

"Annoying or your best friend?"

He snickered. "Both!"

"This 'Tetsu' you speak of sounds like an interesting individual, " someone called out from above. Descending the red carpeted steps was the second princess, Rosalba.

"Oh, he is,

turned tail and ran. He pulled out a walkie-talkie and yelled something which sounded like, "There's a kid here in D Street which has an unusual amount of mana equivalent to those of the Seven Hill Knights. He was with a Kasai no Ki who hasn't been registered into the databank. I believe she is a spy. I'm requesting immediate back up!"

I smiled slightly and fell to my knees. The giant dark aura around me was gone. Onlookers kept their distance from me, unsure if I will try to do anything else.

"Hey, move aside!" a man yelled, pushing through the crowd that had gathered at a distance. "Conrad!"

Conrad? Who is that?

"Conrad!" the man yelled again as arms wrapped around me. "You're him, aren't you? Damn that rotten cop. He didn't need to hurt that girl to this extent."

I glanced at the man with disheveled white hair. A slight smell of alcohol waft the air around him.

"Who... who is Conrad?" I asked as the tall white buildings around us seem to distort into waves of light.

The man picked me up from the ground and spun around. "Hold on, son. I'll take you to your brother's apartment."

"Hey, hold up there!" yelled a voice. The voice's owner sounded young, probably no older than me. "I'm Kohri Kuroyuki no San, by the power granted to me by King Osamu as one of the Seven-Hill Knights, I hereby ask you to stop. Hand over the young man, we must interrogate him."

Backup arrived fast...

"Kohri, please, let me go, " the man cried. "This child, he's my son."

"Sorry but I can't allow that...Wait, I know you! You're Serrano's dad!" this Kohri guy yelled.

Big brother? Wait... this man, he's my... But this name... was Conrad my original name?

"Hey, Conrad! Hey, hold on! Conrad!" Papa yelled, or at least I assumed he was yelling. His voice sounded like nothing more than a whisper.

**Solar Note: Happy 2018! I hoped to release this on New Year's Eve but couldn't get it done in time. Well, hopefully you enjoyed this first chapter of the new year :3. Were you surprised by the reveal?**

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