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[Years Before the Five Knights: Cell- Unknown Location]

I awoke in cold sweat. I had an awful dream in which the girl from before was being chased by a creep whose intentions seemed suspect. I hoped she was fine.

Someone knocked on the bars. I glanced up from my hands as the sound of the bars being unlocked echoed across the room. Standing at the front of the cell was a woman with wavy brown hair and light purple eyes. Mother. She glared at me intensely as usual, so I avoided her eyes as much as I could get away with doing so.

"Calamity, " Mother said, putting a hand on her right hip. "Stand up and bathe. Your meal is waiting at the door. You may go out for fifteen minutes. If you fail to return here before time is up you'll be grounded with no food for a month. Understood?"

"Yes, Ma, " I said. I got up and ran to the bathroom upstairs in what was my older brother's room. I missed my big brother. He a kind but rather cowardly guy. Still, I loved him despite those faults. He was the only one who actually seemed to care for me.

I took off my rags for clothes and jumped into the bathtub and turned on the shower. It had been awhile since I had felt so cleansed. Part of me felt like falling asleep, to allow myself to be taken by the gentleness of the element.

I got out half an hour later and looked at myself in the mirror. I grabbed brother's comb and fixed my long white hair. I had inherited it from my father, though for some reason mother still hated me for having it. She also hated my deep red eyes.

I shook my head as I found myself clenching my face. Why did she hate the way I looked? If she really hated it, she could've bought me some hair-dye and contacts. That would solve that.

I put the blue comb back where it belong and ran out. Waiting for me on top of brother's bed was a black robe and a mask alongside the usual clothing items. I got dressed and then put on the robe and the creepy half-moon mask.

Once done, I ran down stairs and headed straight toward the exit of the prison. I yanked the sack lunch hanging from the front door before running outside.

Outside, the sun was rising but vast stretches of fog covered its beauty. I sat down in a random patch of grass and pulled out a loaf of bread and some juice. Along with them I found a red clock dialing down to fourteen minutes.

Slowly, I ate half of my bread and drank half of my juice with gusto. I put the rest back into the bag for later and pulled out the clock, now at ten minutes. I bended the plastic with my tight grasp. I threw it into the sky and ran for it. I ran into the fog, I ran for my life. Mother didn't come out after me. She likely thought that I was playing around. I kept at it, going as far as my short, skinny legs could take me.

"I'm coming to find you, " I whispered into the fog. I put my leftovers under my cloak.

A city...with both rich and poor...There were many according to the books father had given me to pass the time. The capital, though. That fit the bill the best plus she did tell me that she wanted to see it. It was going to be an hour long trip but I was prepared to endure any pain necessary...


[???- Kuroriku Capital]

I woke up in a fl

to this world."

I started digging. "Hey, do you want to escape?"

"Escape what?"

"From your bounds? I'm not sure what will happen when I get what's under here, but whatever it is, I have a feeling that you'll be freed from your own prison."

"My own prison?" she muttered and stared as the fragile youth dug and dug. She kneeled down next to him and started to dig. "Under this tree should be an angel tool. That tool will help you find the person you seek."

My face became red. "How do you know that I'm looking for someone?"

"You kept muttering about some girl, " she said. "Is she your girlfriend?"

I shook my head. "No, she's a friend. I saw that she was in trouble in my dreams, so I want to help her."

She kept her eyes on her task but soon came to an abrupt stop. "This will take too long. Hey, kid. You're a Kuroriku, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course I am. Hanketsu is said to always reincarnate within the Kuroriku anyway. But I don't know how to use either darkness or earth..." I snickered. "I am a sorry excuse of a reincarnation of Hanketsu."

The ground under me shifted. Azar's face became pale as she moved her hands around. Was she the one causing it to move? The roots of the tree rose into the air.

"I can't do it, " she said as she kneeled back down.

I stared at my wing. Like I had just said, I'm the reincarnation of Hanketsu, as well as the descendent of him and Tierra, the Angel of Earth.

"I can do this, " I muttered to myself. I closed my eyes while digging my hands into the earth. I caught 'sight' of a golden coffin buried deep within the various roots. I kept my focus on it and shifted the ground.

"Can you help move the vines?" I asked through grunts. Pulling out the thing was tough. If only my older brother were around, then he could've pulled it in a single go.

Brother, I should visit him while I'm at the capital too. Wonder if he'll allow my friend and me to stay with him.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :D! Think that Calamity's brother will allow him to stay with him if/when they meet up? Also, what do you think Piedad's connection to Serrano is?**

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