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[Meanwhile, Nine Petal Academy main building- lowest floor]

"So you say that your name is Conrad, " said the blue haired young man who had me thrown into this dungeon at the bottom of the school castle. He had been interrogating me for awhile now. "Tell me, why do you look so much like him?"

"Like who?" I snapped. "You keep repeating that but won't say..."

The guy adverted his gaze. "It's..."

I touched my forehead. A sudden pain ran through my body as images suddenly flushed through my head. Images of not just one, but two people. It wasn't only that, a strange surge of power filled my body. A force which I struggled to contain.

"C..." a girl's voice called out.

"Who are you?" I asked even though I couldn't see the voice's owner. Something about the voice's owner reminded me of Aster.

Suddenly I felt hands wrap around my neck. My eyes felt sleepy.

"Rest, " the voice responded and my eyes closed.

"Hey!" Serrano yelled. How odd, how in the Abyss did I know his name?

"Hey, Conrad, wake up!" he yelled.

This does he know my name? I don't recall having told him... Did we know each other in the past? No, that can't be. I was barely born three months ago...

"Conrad" the mysterious voice called out again. My head ached even more than before. At the rate of things, it was goibg to knock me unconcious.

"Piedad?" I asked. The very mention of that name caused Serrano to gasp.

"Your menories, these are memories of two children tied to you. Watch closely. Once you have seen them, rethink your alligance."

With those words, everything faded.



[Years Ago- Unknown Location]

The bars of the cell that was once a wine cellar taunted me. It had been two lunar

nd very pretty features for a guy. I held my breath, was there an organization after me?

Are you alright?" the blue-haired boy asked. His face was serious, but at the same time showed concern.

"Someone... is after me, " I managed to say between gasps. My breathing was heavy, not only from running but also due to lack of food. "He...lp..."

The serious boy squatted to my eyes level and held my shoulders firmly but at the same time gently. "Calm down and tell me who is after you."

I gasped for air once more. My mouth was dry, too dry. The boy's face and everyone around me became hazy.

"Hey!" the handsome blue-haired boy yelled. "Little, girl!" He took out a phone and started to dial a number. "Hello, this is Serrano. I need an ambulance here, quick. A young girl seems to be having a seizure of some kind."

I staggered forward and that was when darkness finally took over.

**Solar Question: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). This is the start of the 'calamity arc' (of which a great deal will be flashback). What do you think ended up happening to the imprisoned boy and Piedad? What connection do you think the two have with Conrad?**

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