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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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"That's so sad. I don't remember this being in the fairy tail you told me, " I say, wiping my eyes. "What happened next? Did Tetsuya ever get to see Hanketsu again."

Papa sighs. "You sure do love this story." He turns his eyes toward the field of flowers. We finally arrived at uncle's place. Though in reality it's more of a vacation home, even though it's just a small house.

"They're here!" I hear a man wearing a black uniform call out. He waved us.

Papa drives into the driveway and stops the car. He gives his older brother a slight smile.

I open the door and run out. "Hey, Uncle, " I say, grinning.

Sister gets out and holds my hand. She isn't really used to going out.

"Hey, there Ashi, " uncle Taku says, squatting down. Like usual he had on no shoes. He glanced up at Papa. "I'm glad that you made it here. I thought that you wouldn't be able to make it."

"You sure the our brother in law won't be here?" Papa asks as he stretches his arms into the air and looks around. Uncle Taku is the only one in the front of the house. "Where are t


"Got you!" his older sister says.

"Wah, no fair!" Aerkain says, spinning around to look at the blond girl.

"You people are so childish, " says Kairi's younger brother as he rolls his eyes at us. He glanced over at father. "Well, we're all ears. Share the story, uncle."

Papa sits down to my sister's left and clears his throat. "Alright, sit down everyone. Let's see, where did I leave off?"

**Character Section**

Taku Kuroriku: Age: 38~ Sex: Male Title: Anti-Demon Squad Commander, Uncrowned Prince

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this intermission in the main story ^^. This marks the halfway mark into the main story for this book :D. Hope that you enjoy the remaining 25 'Episodes' :3**

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