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I stepped away from the crystal. "What was that?" I asked, touching my head. I glanced up and saw that I was back in the meadow.

"Welcome back, " Hanketsu said, grinning.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Hmm? You tell me. How did it go? Meeting the part of your soul which now resides within Agnes."

Raising my shield, I said, "It was strange. It felt like any other dream. Was that real?"

Hanketsu nodded. "Yes. It was. It appears that Agnes has recognized you."

He has?

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you've awaken more abilities Your Agnes has leveled up."

I stared at the shield in awe. "Leveled up, huh? It has been awhile since I last heard those words." I chuckled. "Well, at least that means that I'm getting stronger."

My ancestor stared at me for awhile before finally grinning. "Yeah, you have. Though you still are a long way away from being able to battle Reginald or any one of the other Pillars on a one on one. Your own father was no match against that man."

"You know him? Reginald?" I asked.

Hanketsu scoffed. "Of course I do. I recently saw him during your clash in Xeleria."

I glanced up at the starry sky. "Don't... don't you think that he resembles me?"

The dark angel turned his back to me. "You know the answer, don't you?"

I bit my lip and thought of my own father. "He's... my grandfather, isn't he?"

"Yes. He is." He turned to look directly at me, flashing me eyes filled with concern. "You Tetsuya are an abyssal creature. Same with your siblings and cousins."

With my hand on my chest, I said, "Is that why Serrano and I were affected by Saya's attack against the shadows that appeared once Yuko's transformation collapsed. It was because..." The grip on my chest tightened. "The two of us are beings of the Abyss too."

"Yes. It also seems to be why you two survived just serious wounds."

I gave him an odd look. "What do you mean? Weren't you the one who saved me?"

Hanketsu shook his head. "I saved you from falling to darkness. That woman, Aster, she knew about you. She tried to turn you into one of her servants. But I managed to shield you... at my own cost."

"What?" I said, taking a step back. "What do you mean at your own cost?"

"Don't you recall what I told you before? About how there was someone suffering? Well, I was partially talking about myself."

I gasped. And to think that I thought that he was only saving me for his own sake; so that one day I could be his father.

"Explain yourself, " I roared out in anger.

Hanketsu shook his head. "No time for that. I had to interrupt your battle with 'Agnes' so that we may have our own match."

"You were the one who took me to that space?"

He shook his head. "No, that was Agnes. He granted you a special power, one which you'll need to awaken by yourself." He reached his left hand toward the air and summoned a purple and black katana. "Now, let's begin this!"

I barely managed to block his attack. The force of the strike send me flying back several feet away. The guy was strong! No one wonder the power of the Seven were compared to those of the Thirteen Pillars.

"Is that all?" Hanketsu said as he appeared behind me.

I grinned and split Agnes into petals while the orb floated into me. "No, come on, old man!"

"Old man? Tsk. I'll show you to respect your elders, kid!" the Angel of Darkness yelled as shadows converged on the tip of the katana. "Lunar Slice!"

A barrier appeared around as the four petals danced around. Hanketsu jumped back before one of the four petals could cut him.

"So this is the power Agnes gifted you."

"Yeah, I sort of learned it while fighting him. He is me after all. Using what Setsuko and the others taught me, it was easy to figure out."

Hanketsu grinned. "You still haven't unlocked it, though. Perhaps you'll draw it out in the midst of battle." He took a deep breath and clenched the hilt of his blade with both hands. "Level 3: Nox Divina!" He faded into shadow and seven slashes rained down around me, shattering the

t?" I snapped, glaring at Hanketsu.

My ancestor sighed. "That's the root of it all, isn't it? Your mixed feelings toward your father."

I clenched my hands into fists. "What the heck do you know?" I yelled, pushing him away with a blast of darkness. "Don't you think that you know who I am just because you've been watching me! You and I are not the same! You... you don't know how I felt or how I feel. You don't know how it feels to be lied to all your life! To think that your father died on you when you were three!" Tears streamed down my cheeks. "I... I always wanted a dad. But that man wasn't what I wanted."

Hanketsu snickered as he stood up. "Seems that thinking about your father makes you revert back into a child, " my ancestor said, dusting himself off. "You can't forgive him because of the pain his supposed death caused you."

Shadows covered me. "I told you to stop pretending to know me!"

Hanketsu drew his sword out and slashed the veil of darkness around me. "Alright, I'll stop. But first, reflect on how you'll feel if you lose him. If you lose your father." He turned his back to me and walked out of the crater. At the corner of the crater he picked up a flower. It was an aster. "Here, catch!"

I caught the tiny thing. It was like a purple daisy. The poor thing had lost most of its petals.

"Think of that of a sign, a promise. The promise that one day we'll meet again. I wish that my last meeting with you in this form could've ended in a better note, but no matter. I hope that you'll be able to resolve your issues and use what you learn to be the best father ever. Bye, future papa..."

Hanketsu dissolved into purple mist.

"Hanketsu, " I said, taking a step forward. "Hanketsu!" I said, running out of the crater. I glanced around. "Hey, this isn't funny!"

Where did he go? He didn't just leave like that, right?

"He's gone, " Agnes' voice rang in my head. Suddenly the world around me vanished and I awoke in a white room.

"Hanketsu!" I said, sitting up. A cold sweat dripped down my face.

Was that all a dream? Yeah, that has to be it.

A pang of pain erupted in my chest. It was an empty feeling. One which I had only felt three other times. The latest being when I was accused of raping Rosalba, another when my favorite horse died, and the first time I had such a feeling; when I stood in those steps, contemplating how my life with a father would've been.

No, that was no dream...

**Character Section**

Tetsuya Kuroriku- Age: 6 Sex: Male

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. The next part will be a little different than usual, but hope that you'll like it too ^^. What did you think of Hanketsu's farewell?**

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