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Yuko raised her head as Shiomi Fujiwara came in for another strike.

"Yuko!" a voice echoed in Yuko head. It was Master's.

Yuko glanced around but didn't see him anywhere. "Master?"

She gasped as a punched landed on her stomach. "You claim to be a 'pure-blooded' Kyuu Hyakuian, yet you are as weak as the mutts."

Yuko clumped to the floor and coughed out blood.

"Yuko!" Master's voice echoed once more.

Master... Yuko needs to get stronger. For his sake. So that he can clear his name and be happy again. To return to that kind and gentle young man Yuko met long ago.

Yuko grunted as she pushed herself up once more.

Shiomi shook her head in disbelief. "You aren't giving up? Honestly, you must have a death wish." She turned her back to Yuko and walked away.

"No! Don't go!" Yuko yelled, stumbling forward. "Yuko can still fight."

"Yuko, stop!" Nori yelled, running over to me. He put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes. "Yuko can't continue like this. Nori doesn't want you to die."

Yuko pressed her head against his boyish chest. "Yuko's sorry. She's still too weak."

Nori hugged her tightly.

"That truly was pathetic, " the man who was observing us said. His name was Mr. Obi. He gave Yuko a vibe similar to that of Master's father. No, his aura was crueler. More akin to that of Osamu or perhaps beyond that.

"Guys, lady Saya has awakened!" Koukyuu yelled.

Nori smiled. "Let's go see her."

The Kyuu Seishinian princess looked Yuko up and down and gasped at the sight of the scars. She shot Mr. Obi an angry look. "You allowed Fujiwara to take it this far?"

The man shrugged. "It wasn't our fault. It was the girl's. She kept pushing herself, turning herself in a virtual punching bag."

Nori lowered his eyes. "Nori tried to tell Yuko stop."

Koukyuu sighed. "I see, I'll eliminate all of those wounds at the nurse's office. We are heading there anyway."


Ms. Kasai no Ki escorted Nori and Yuko down stairs into an otherwise empty hall. Nine Petal Academy's next academic year had yet to officially begin.

The three came to a stop as they spotted several figures dressed in gorgeous robes. Two of those five were adults, one male, the other female. The male adult turned over while the lady entered with her three chil

d of my condition."

Osamu snickered. "True. I have no idea what might've befallen you for you to be in this..." He scrunched his nose. "School of sorts. I came here because I wish to retrieve that which was taken from me."

"Taken from you?" Saya asked. "What do you mean?"

The mean king took a step forward and smiled at Nori. "Him of course. Tekeshi gave me the task of serving as his guardian after all."

"You're no guardian!" Yuko snapped.

He smiled. "Oh?"

"I have a bad feeling, " Liang said, pulling Nori behind him. "You aren't to be trusted."

Osamu snickered. "How might you be?"

"He's our friend, " Saya said. "No, I wish to know what you mean by 'guardian'? Tetsuya told me about how Yuko and Nori were enslaved by Tekeshi."

The mean king nodded. "Ah, so it seems you know the truth. Yes, that man did such a dark thing. It was foolish of us to entrust him with the creation of the weapons." He shrugged. "If we had more time then I would have suggested we begin anew."

Liang's wife whispered something into Saya's ears.

"Yes. I sense it. Sadly, we need this man's help, " Saya said, lowering her eyes.

Osamu smiled triumphantly.

Saya raised her gave and gave her subject a menacing glance. "But the children will stay with us! We won't allow you to take them away to be used as your puppets!"

**Solar Questions: Think that Osamu will have his way? Or will the others stop him? What do you think about Nori and Yuko being 'Ancient Souls'? Or about the concept in general for that matter xD**

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