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[Munil- Tower]

After training with Kaliq for what felt like days upon days, we returned to the tower for some well-deserved rest.

"Finally, a chance to get some sleep!" Hideo said as he jumped into a futon.

I snickered. "You're tired? Your technique must still need work then."

He narrowed his eyes. "Hypocrite. You're here instead of training."

I glanced down at the white floor. He was right, I still needed to work on it. Setsuko on the other hand had the best grip on it. She was still out training while the four of us guys went off to rest.

"That princess is stronger than I give her credit for, " Hyosetsu said as he leaned against a wall. He shook his hand and stood up. "I can't rest at a time like this."

"Nor can I!" Eiichi said, standing up. "I already rest more than the rest of you to begin with." He had rejoined with us sometime back. He actually struggled more than Hideo. It must've been due to the demon we saw.

Hideo yawned. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to rest." He laid down on his futon and closed his emerald eyes shut.

I tried to stand up by my body felt too heavy and my eyelids closed.


"Tetsuya, " a voice called out.

Opening my eyes, I saw nothing but starlight lighting the darkness. I found myself in what appeared to be an endless meadow. It was filled with violets, crocuses, lilacs, lavender, irises, heliotropes, hyacinths, hyssops, and a whole range of other purple flowers.

"Your father, he's in trouble, " the voice said. I stood up from where I laid but saw no one.

"Hanketsu?" I asked, glancing around. "Where are you? And what is this place? Am I dreaming?"

A man with long purple hair dressed in tattered black robes appeared in front of me. "Sort of. You're currently in another realm."

"Another realm? This isn't the Abyss, right? I mean, it doesn't look anything like it besides the darkness."

"No, this is the Realm of Dreams, Daresm. It is a realm far from our own. One far closer to Abyssion, or what you call 'The Abyss'. You could say we are near death's door too."

"Death's door?"

He nodded. "Recall the realm you were in following your 'death'?"

I crossed my arms and closed my eyes. "Yes. What about it?'

"Well, that realm is only above Abyssion. It and another are all that separate this realm from the Abyss."

"I... see. Why are you telling me this?"

He smiled. "No reason in particular other than answering you question as to where we are." He summoned a black-bladed katana and pointed it at me. "Now, as I promised, I will train you. You don't wish for the others to make the gap even wider, right?"

I raised my shield over my head and smiled. "Alright!"

Hanketsu snickered and snapped his fingers. "First you must awaken it."

I felt my eyes grow heavy once more. "Awaken what?"

Suddenly all of space warped and I found myself back in Osamu's throne room. Except it wasn't him who sat on the platinum throne, but me. A replica of me to be exact.

The other me smiled. "Welcome, Tetsuya, " he said as he stood up and stretch his pitch black wings. "I have been waiting for this."

I raised m

snickered. "How else do you think that I dodged that technique?"

"Connect with me?" Agnes asked.

"Yes. Weren't you paying any attention to Kaliq and Setsuko's lecture?"

He gasped. "You mean the inner and outer? Ha, so that's how you did it. Wise of you." He spun his hand around in circles as if about to cast a spell when suddenly the entire throne room shattered. Shadows expanded outward, engulfing me.

A green glassy surface laid below me, actually all around me. It was like a giant glass sphere. Within the center of that sphere was a yellow orb which was held in place by nine golden chains the size of staircases.

"What is that? Agnes?" I asked looking around.

"Go on ahead, " I told myself.

I glanced up at the golden structures and climbed on top of the one them to get a closer look of the sphere.

Is that what Agnes wishes me to check out? It must be.

I jumped one link after another as a strange sensation coursed through my body. It was familiar. The closer I got, the stronger that sensation got.

Before I knew it, I was a few inches from the yellow sphere. It was several long meters in diameter. My right hand started to glow until a marking which I hadn't seen in months appeared. It was three intertwined triangles.

Why is this appearing now?

My eyes rose toward the sphere. My right hand touched the giant object, causing it to let its color to fade until it was as clear as a crystal ball. Just as sudden as the thing regained some color, but it wasn't yellow. Moving in front of me was Yuko who was beating tossed around an arena of sorts by a grey haired girl with weasel eyes.

"Yuko!" I yelled. Yuko pushed herself up from the ground but was knocked back by a blast of wind. Yet she pushed herself up once yet again, her eyes filled with determination.

No, Yuko... What is this? What's going on here? Why am I seeing this? Is Yuko really in trouble? Or is this all a nightmare created by this realm?

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. What do you think is going on with Yuko? Is what he seeing real or a dream?**

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