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The four of us followed Kaliq to his backyard which had a single albino tree and a patches of silver grass. In one corner was a small garden with herbs of various kinds protected by a light blue barrier.

"Now, you four are angels so you must know how mana works, correct?" Kaliq asked, his arms cross over his chest while his right hand kept a firm grip on his agate staff.

"Yes, " Setsuko said. "Mana is the power of creation. We borrow the power of the outside world which when internalize connects with our Angelus Organum. That energy can then be converted into attacks or used for healing powers. But normally most of us use our inner energy which resembles the 'prana' which the beings of Xeleria use. That is, energy which is drawn from the soul. But our inner energy's usage is limited due to how most of it is used up by our bodies. Those who have no or lesser angel blood are better at using said inner energy."

"Drawing forth the power of creation?" I asked, staring at her in awe. "How does one do that? I only know how to draw forth my inner mana."

Setsuko stepped away from the four of us and took a deep breath. Each muscle on her body seemed to relax as she remained as still as a tree. "The creation here is weak, " Setsuko said, staring up at the white sky. "I only managed to draw but a fraction of what I usually can." She turned around. "That's how you do it. It's basically meditation. The more one can synch with nature, the stronger one is."

"Then there are those who are said to be capable to link with higher powers, " Kaliq said. "But such people are few and far between."

"Higher powers?" Hideo asked, leaning forward. "What do you mean?"

"You have a goddess called the Earth Mother. She is the one who reigns over the physical realm. Once you achieve a high enough synchronization with the powers of nature, you'll be able to borrow some of her power. But even then, she isn't willing to give it to just anybody. Those whom are haunted by negative emotions will have a difficult time tapping into her powers."

Setsuko nodded. "Yes. Mother mentioned it to me once." She grimaced as if recalling a sad memory. "She said that one who is 'pure of heart' will be able to do so. One who loves nature with great intensity."

Nature with a great intensity?

I snickered. I could guess as to who might be able to do it with a bit of training.

"Then there's the Sky Father. He who rules over the spiritual realm. His power is closer to that of the inner power. A truly powerful angel can mix both the inner and outer forces, and create a harmonious dance between the two. One who can perform such a feat is none other than the Queen of your realm, Saya no Mikoto Amadeus."

"Saya?" Hanketsu said. "We saw that woman fight, and she wasn't very impressive at all."

"She didn't fight, she was shielding us. Plus, she did so while carrying a child in her womb, " Setsuko said. "Striking that balance is made difficult by pregnancy. The child's movements within the womb must be taken into account."

"Right, their movements disrupt the meditation, don't they?" I asked.

She nodded. "Exactly. So one needs to get to know their child well in order to efficiently tap into the outer energy."

Kaliq nodded. "Yes. All of you knights of course don't have to deal with it."

Hideo scoffed. "Of course not, only one of us is a girl." He glanced over at Setsuko. "Uh, Serrano and you haven't..."

"Of course not! You're forgetting that we aren't married yet, " Setsuko yelled, her face deep red. "Who do you take me

this. I still regret my errors of the past, but slowly I'll make things right. While I am likely to make more mistakes along the way, one day I will be one whom you can be proud to call a descendant. I will keep the realms you've inherited us safe from the darkness of Abyssion.

"I'm going to go out, there's someone I need to talk to, " I said. I kissed my mother in the cheek. "Take care, mother."

"I will, go along now, " she said, flashing me that radiant smile of hers.

I rushed out of the room and glanced through the windows until I finally saw who I was looking for. I opened one of the windows and jumped out.

"Korgermu!" I yelled, running toward my brother-in-law.

"What do you want, bear-boy?" he asked, glancing around. "Want to fight?"

I put a hand on my hip. "I would love to show you up, but that's not why I came here. I just wanted to tell you thanks."

"Thanks?" he asked, eyes-wide. "Are you alright? Hit your head or something?"

I shook my head. "No. I mean it. Thanks for snapping me out of my meloncholy." I held a hand out toward him. "Also, sorry for saying that about your parents."

Korgermu adverted his gaze, instead looking at the falling cheery blossoms. "These trees, they produce flowers year round unlike others I've seen. Yet, even their flowers are temporal..."

"Yeah, everything has a beginning and an end, " I said, staring at them. They were so beautiful, yet one couldn't help but feel a hint of sadness upon seeing their flowers strike the ground underneath. "Including you and I. One day we'll meet our end.

"You're a descendant of the gods, yet you speak as if you are a mortal."

"Well, I'm not fully divine ya know."

"Hmph, that's true. Plus your power is like that of a mortal too."

I leered at him. "I try to be nice and you still make such remarks." I ruffled my spiky blond hair. "Though you're right. I still need to grow. Hey, Korgermu. Do you think that you could join us in the battle against the Abyss?"

He turned around and grinned. "Of course. I didn't come all the way here to console a crying prince but to join the vanguard."

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