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[Munil- Outside]

Setsuko, Hyosetsu, Hideo, and I exited the tower and adventured out to the small town. It was made up of white brick houses and each one were decorated with strange silver plants with tiny cyan flowers.

Hideo rubbed his eyes and grumbled. "There's barely any color here. It's mostly all white or grey."

"This universe truly is as disorienting as Abyssion is."

"You! Who are you!" a voice rang out. We all glanced around the gray cobblestone road we were standing at. There was no one around us.

"Another demon?" Hideo asked.

"Who are you calling a demon?" the voice rang out again. Suddenly a gray blob with angel wings jumped out of the tree.

I raised my shield and blocked its attack. The thing bounced away and glared at us.

"What is that thing doing here?" Setsuko asked.

"Step aside, I'll kill it!" Hyosetsu said.

"Wait!" I turned around and saw a blond, green-eyed man rushing toward us. He wore a red and white robe. In his hands was a cherry wood staff crowned with agates. "Don't hurt him."

Hyosetsu stopped a few inches from the blob and turned to look at the man. "Who are you? Is this your pet?"

The man shook his head. "No, that one is my child."

"Your... child?" Setsuko asked, giving the blob-- er kid-- an odd look. "Is this how the inhabitants here look as children?"

"Yes, but he's old enough to manifest a form similar to my own, " he said, placing a hand on his chest.

"Are you natives of this realm?" I asked, staring at the slumbering blob.

The man walked over to his child and pulled him into his arms. "Yes. You creatures, you're like Master Halim, are you not? You're beings from Zionia."

"That's right, we're Zionians, " Setsuko said, her brown eyes focused on the child's wings. "Are you winged beings too?"

He shook his head and touched the wings. "These he inherited from his mother, a granddaughter of Master Halim and Mistress Aquarina. He's... one of the few things I have to remember her by."

Setsuko gasped. "That's... so sad."

The ma

His strength is beyond those of us five. He should've been one of us."

I glanced at my shield and nodded. "Yeah, that crummy father of mine should've given this to him. It would've prevented a lot of issues."

"Honestly, what were those two thinking in giving one who never used an angel tool such an important weapon, " Hyosetsu said, putting a hand on his hips. He turned toward the door that Kaliq had gone through. "I hate to admit it but even the rest of us might have been bad choices. Zafir would've been a better choice if that king of ours hadn't chosen to limit it to only us Kuroriku clansmen."

Setsuko sighed. "Yeah. Father was unwise in choosing us. I wonder if he even regrets his decision, though. He shows few signs, and the only one he does is one he didn't pick."

I scoffed. "I'll show that father of yours a thing or two."

I need to end this war so that I can finally start to restore my life to what it was, to live out my true dream of being a literary teacher. But most of all, to regain my honor and to show Rosalba that I am truly innocent once and for all.

"I'm back. Kassim has gotten his medicine and is sleeping soundly, " Kaliq said, stepping out of the back room. "How about we begin our training?"

**Solar Note: Sorry for the delay, I wasn't feeling too well lately. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, though :)**

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