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[Some Hours Ago- Location Unknown]

Aquarina's husband, Halim, had called back Eiichi and taken the five of us into a strange space which was pure white the only visible thing being a small grey town with a futuristic-looking crystal spiral tower at its center, which was where we were.

"Where are we?" Hideo asked, blinking as he stared out of the window.

"Ugh, this place reminds me of the Abyss, " Eiichi said, rubbing his eyes. "Beyond this village, it seems to go on and on..."

"This is Munil, like Xeleria, Wynaga, and Abyssion, it is another realm. Though this appears to be all that exists in this one, " Halim said as he turned his back to the windows and walked down a hall which shimmered like multicolored moonstone. "This is a timeless place where you'll be spending the next forty-eight hours, though they'll feel like days."

"Wait, if this place is 'timeless', then how can forty-eight hours pass?" Hideo asked, raising an eyebrow as we followed after him.

Halim snickered. "I meant when forty-eight hours have passed outside. Right now time in the outside world has likely moved but a fraction of a nano second since we arrived. I guess that it's not truly timeless in the true sense of the word, but the movement of it is so slow that one is virtually immortal if they remain here."

I whistle. "Wow, that's... amazing. So we basically got all of the time in the world to train here?" I asked.

Halim shook his head as he came to a stop at a milky-white marble chamber with four lonely pillars spread out in the four cardinal directions. "I wish, but once forty-eight hours in the outside world have passed then you cannot return here. This world is a fleeting one. Even us Seven Angels can't spend too long in it. I'm not even all that sure that you five will be able to last all of the forty-eight hours."

Hyosetsu scoffed. "Not sure about the others, but I will, " he said, drawing his sword. "But I will be able to!"

His ancestor grinned. "I see that you have the same ego as my wife. Fine, then lets hurry and start this thing! I've got to first teach you how to use those pauldrons. Stand straight and focus your mana into it."

I straighten myself out and closed my eyes to focus better. My energy drew forth from my hand and flowed down into the purple pauldron Osamu had gifted me. Suddenly I felt a powerful aura flow throughout my armor. I opened my eyes and instantly noticed that a helmet covered my head. Glancing down, I saw that the fabric areas had gone from being black to purple.

I turned toward the others and saw that Eiichi's armor had become golden and yellow full body armor with a golden visor style helmet.

Setsuko's meanwhile donned black leather armor with orange plating around the shoulders, abdomen, chest, and thighs.

Hyosetsu glanced down at his blue armor made out of what resembled lacquered bamboo. He wore a large helmet made out of leather and bamboo. Covering his face though was a metal mask giving us an angry look.

"Woah, cool!" Hideo yelled, jumping up in down. He wore a black robe with multiple sashes fastening it around the abdomen. His face was covered by clothe of the same color. "This is awesome!"

"You look like a ninj

rs down my spine. Not to mention that it was oddly familiar. "Aww, the rapist dares to speak. You couldn't hold back your desires."

"I did no such thing!"

"She's a demon, do not allow her to provoke you, " Setsuko said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Eiichi. Do not listen to her. If you do then you'll force us to imprison you."

Eiichi glared at Anestarte. "You! Why did you appear? Get away! I'll do things my way, not your way!"

Anestarte smiled at Setsuko. "This girl sure is annoying. If only she had been the one whose innocence was stolen instead of..."

A mace destroyed her shadowy form. "Shut your mouth, you foul being! You are an abomination to all of creation!"

Eiichi shot out lightning at multiple directions as Anestarte continued to appear like some hologram. The guy staggered toward the wall and collapsed against it.

Halim sighed and walked over to him. "Seems that Anestarte has retreated for now. I'm not sure as to why she retains a hold on this one." He glanced up at us. "You three go and train among yourselves."

"Leaving already?" Hyosetsu asked, glaring at Halim.

"Yes. If you wish to fight again, we can do so later. For now head with these four. I will take this one to a place where the seal already placed on him can be tightened."

Hyosetsu glanced at the unconscious Eiichi. "He fainted again."

Hideo sighed. "Almost seems like the guy does it on purpose to escape training. Well, how about we check the outside?"

"Yeah, it would allow us to see how the village is like, " I said, putting my hands behind my helmet. That demoness, where have I seen her before?

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Pardon the lack of an update. I couldn't seem to write despite wanting to. Not sure how to describe it. Perhaps it was anxiety about how to execute this arc ^^. I hope that you enjoy it as the break really helped ferment the ideas I had for some time now! So, what do you think of Anestarte? What do you think she's after?**

*Character Section*

Halim Mizu no Kin- Sex: Male Age:??? Power: Metal

Title(s): One of the Seven, Angel of the Metallic Sky, The Gluttonous One

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