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I gazed up at the starry sky as the stars flash past me like part of a meteor shower. We were on a train from Nine Petal Academy island to the capital where we would be teleported to Wahkan usin' their teleportation crystal.

"Are you alright?" a familiar voice called out.

"Dad!" I shouted. My face flushed as I saw that it wasn't him. It was the spiky blue haired young man who had defeated Akari's cousin durin' the Mahoulympics. Eri I think it was. "Ohh, it's you."

Eri walked over to the rail and stared outside of the spherical dome, watchin' as we sped past dense forest.

"Your father was the one who create that shield, right?" he asked, keepin' his eyes on the forest.

I nodded. "Yeah... he seems to have been workin' on them all this time." At least that's what mother told me. That's why he left us all those years ago.

Eri glanced back, his ocean blue eyes lookin' at me with curiosity. "He was commissioned by Queen Saya to create the weapons, but I can't help but wonder why he was chosen out of all the blacksmiths in your universe."


[Nineteen Years Ago-- Anis' household]

"Hey, Tetsu, don't go there!" I screamed, rushin' after my barefoot, gigglin' little brother. How a chubby three year-old could move so fast was amazin'!

Tetsu pushed the half closed door and entered Papa's study which laid at the end of the hall. Mama and Papa had told the three of us not ever to enter. Yet, little Tetsu wouldn't listen!

Tetsu stopped. His beady, golden eyes widened as they took in everythin'. Spread throughout the oil-lamp lit room were a multitude of books. They all appeared ancient, but that could've just have been due to the way they were handled. Though I doubted that was it, Father always took good care of his stuff, especially books.

The guy was such a history nerd...

"Got you!" I said, huggin' Tetsuya from behind. "Now come, before Papa and Mama find out."

"Wahhh, " the kid cried, kickin' me with the back of his foot.

I let go of him and rubbed my leg. "Why did you do that?"

Tetsuya ran on ahead and climbed on top of a nearby chair. He pulled down somethin'. It was a green sphere as shiny as one of the marbles Teresa enjoyed playin' with. Only difference was its size, this marble was a big as the basketball that Tetsuya loved to dribble around.

My lil bro giggled again and jumped down. "Mine!" he said, rushin' off under the tables.

"Hey, Tetsu!" I screamed, chasin' off after him. Suddenly my attention turned toward the door as it creaked open. In came Teresa whose face was devoid of color despite havin' ran here.

"Takuya, they are here!" Teresa yelled, stumblin' into the room

"What are you doin' here?" a kind but stern pair of voices cried out. Standin' behind Teresa were our parents.

Mommy was wearin' a long purple dress which matched her eyes. Daddy meanwhile wore a black tuxedo with an orange tie. I had no idea where they had gotten such clothes as we were rather poor. They must've been from when they were younger, back when they were better off.

"I came here to stop Tetsuya from messin' with your stuff, dad

hoose. You shall know who it is once all is said and down. Now, Margaret, Collin, Skah, Daiyu, please gird yourselves for the battles ahead. You best be ready, you four will be accompanying Aster and I to the surface. There is war at foot, so do not delay."

"Yes, " Skah said, standing and bowing. "I shall ready my army to repeal away the disgusting vermin such as those who dared to invade our beautiful realm days earlier."

"As will I, " Daiyu said, pushing her seat back.

Margaret snickered as she leaned her head against a gloved hand. "At last, I finally will have some fun." She turned her eyes toward me. "Regi, I will be bothering your Leviathan."

I glared at her. "Do not call me that."

A smirk dotted her face. "Oh, and why not? I used to call you Regi centuries ago and you did not appear to mind one bit. So, why do you mind now? Does it perhaps involve that woman you fell for? Or those bastard children you sired?"

I slammed the table, drawing the attention of everyone, including the Rulers. "They're not 'bastards'. I recognize them as my children."

"Oh, including that traitor, Tekeshi?"

Darkness swelled around me. "Yes, including that misguided child. He is receiving the punishment which he deserves for going against me. However, that does not make him any less my son."

"Daww, such a nice father you became, " Margaret said, snickering as she got up. "Who knew that you would become such a softy. No wonder Takon and Aster wish for you to stay back."

Dark tendrils sprouted from the ground below her. "Soft you say?"

She slashed the tendrils away and shot me a fierce glare. "You are soft. The old you would've killed me on the spot."

"I cannot do that, not when the Rulers require use of you, " I responded, crossing my arms. I turned my back to her and let out a snicker of my own. "Lets hope that you'll be able to survive against my grandson, Tetsuya."

**Solar Note: What do you think will come from the drawing 'final battle' between the Five Knights and the beings of the Abyss? Also, any thoughts on Tekeshi's family?**

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