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[Abyss Plateau]

Aster and I stood on top of a giant flat black rock which seemed to go on for miles and miles. It had be the biggest island in the strange universe known as 'Abyss' that I had ever seen.

Dancing like dandelion seeds in the wind were red crystals. Aster had called them forth as soon as we had stepped back here.

"I'll show you what happens when you betray your own kind!" Aster screamed as she stomped her feet the ground, causing flames to spurt out of the ground as if it had been a pool of flame.

"My own kind?" I asked, avoiding the attack. She moved fast, kicking me into the ground with a down kick, shattering the entire island. I descended down the dark realm until I caught myself with my wings.

I flew upward toward the largest chunk of the now disintegrated isle as I wiped the blood away from my lips.

Aster dashed toward me once more but I somersaulted in the liquid-like air. She paused and spun around, launching a punch. I responded with one of my own. The collision of ours fists annihilated the isle debris and everything else within a one hundred mile radius.

"You've grown strong, child. To rival us Rulers, " Aster said as she swatted away the dust with a single swipe of her hand.

I raised both arms out and closed my wings to prevent myself from being swept away in the storm. She had this much power, yet she didn't dared to use it before. What were the Rulers planning?

"More like you got weaker, old lady, " I said, opening up my wings. "Now, tell me, why does that boy resemble a member of my sister's family?"

"Which sister?"

"Selena, " I said as I gathered the dust in my hands.

"Hmm, no idea. But I did notice that he resembled your father." A grin crossed her face. "You are just like your son, aren't you? You've rejected your own progenitor."

Clenching my fists I leapt to the air and sent debris raining down on her. "I've done no such thing! In fact, I'm looking for that crummy dad of mine!"

Gods, I do sound like Tetsuya... Perhaps I am like Papa... wait, why am I calling him that? He... No, I'm far worse than him. Father left us when Selena and I were of age to care for Mama and our younger siblings, meanwhile I... I left Anis with three children, one of whom was a toddler.

"Child, what did I teach you?" a voice rang out. Floating next to Aster was Reginald. "Never lose your focus on the battle at hand." He raised a hand out toward me. "You did a very bad thing, Tekeshi. Your mother spoiled you... and perhaps I did too.

shitty dad...

"I will... Anything you wish to tell the others."

Tell Tetsu to tell his siblings that I'll miss them, and apologize to Anis. I... wish that I could hold her in my arms again, but it seems that this is the end of the road for me. Also, have him tell Osamu that...

"Osamu? I do not trust that man. Neither should you. I know that Anis and you share a past with him, but both of you should be wary to trust him. He is no longer on the correct path."

Will you not search for the lost sheep? Will you simply forget about it? Please don't let him become a goat to be later struck down like a rabid animal.

"Sheep? Ah... Interesting, you have fallen along an uneasy path of your own yet can still quote the sacred text. Alright, tell me what it is you wish for me to tell him and I shall see if Tetsuya will be willing to share.

Tell Osamu to care for that which is truly precious. It isn't money, nor power which makes us happy, but those closest to us. I... tried to balance between both of those and lost myself.

"Yeah... what's truly precious can be easy to lose track when overwhelmed by the desire of which do not truly matter. I must bid you farewell... perhaps we'll see each other again one day.

The strange sensation which filled my head all throughout the conversation vanished.

I will be waiting until that day... until the day that I can see all of you again...

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). The latter part was heavily inspired by the Parable of the Lost Sheep. For those who haven't never read the New Testament or heard of this particular Parable, I encourage you to look it up and give it a read ^_^**

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