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We were escorted into the castle and allowed to sightsee while Yuko and Nori were shown around the place.

I pressed my hands against the crystalline glass of a dome covering a sphere of radiant blue energy in what looked like something out of a museum display.

Why did he have to bring that up? I... I can't possibly still have feelings for him. I can't...

I held back a cry.

I can't! There's no way that I can like him. At least not until he's cleared of all doubt.

I glanced back up at the sphere. It's energy, it was as if it was pulsating, calling out to me.

"This thing, it's radiating so much energy, " I whispered to myself. "So pretty, it's like a miniature blue star. Power... power to protect oneself. If only I had it. This power, could it be possible to travel through time with magic?"

"Back in time?" called out a guy.

I turned around. It was the other man other than father whom I could trust. "Kohri, did you come to fetch me?"

"No, you still got time to sight see." He glanced at the blue sphere. "You wish to go back and undo that tragedy, don't you?"

I pressed my head against the glass. "Yeah, to prevent what's happened to me. Even if changing the past might not impact the present me, at least there'll be a Rosalba in another timeline who can escape this tragedy I had to endure. Though I do hope that changing the past would impact me."

"Who knows, no one that anyone is aware of has traveled through the echoes of time. At least not days' worth."

I closed my brown eyes. "Still, it would be nice to give it a shot. Do you really not know who it was?"

The heir of Kuroyuki no San closed his icy blue eyes. "I wish that I did. Every one of them appear to be telling the truth."

"So, you think that there's still a chance that it could be either Tetsuya or Hyosetsu?"

His eyes moved toward the sphere. "I hate to doubt either of them, but yeah. However, if you ask me, I'll say that the most likely culprit is the one among the four who knows the castle best."

"Knows the castle best? That would be... Eiichi." I gasped as I recalled how angry he had seemed when I took

furrowing with concern.

I closed my eyes. The multiverse is threatened and yet all that I can think of is myself.

My hands clenched my ruby ring. "Let's go find more people to join us as part of the vanguard."

"Right, " Serrano said.

"How about we go to Wahkan while we wait for Lady Saya to recover?" Eri suggested. "I mean, we can't go to the realm of dragons now with her unconscious."

"Good idea, we might also find some more people willing to join us there, " Zyunni said.

"You go do that, " Ryonoko said, wiping his tears away with the sleeve of his shirt. "I'll contact you when mother awakens."

Mother... I wonder how things would've been if you were still with me. Perhaps I wouldn't have allowed myself to be distracted by the necklace and then... then perhaps I would've noticed his presence.

"Rosalba, are you coming with us?" Kohri asked.

I shook my head and followed after him.

Stay focus on the issue on hand. You can't help anybody if you allow your issues to consume you. Be strong, come on, you can do this.

"Ha. You're a lot like your mother, " a voice echoed in my head.

What? Who is there?

There was nothing but the sound of our footsteps as we walked down the otherwise empty halls of the castle-school.

Did I... imagine it? Wait, what did I just tell myself before? I'm already letting myself be distracted again. Focus, focus! You got a big task on your shoulders.

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