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Yuko and princess Rosalba reunited with the others at the plaza in front of the castle which served as the main building of the school.

"Where's Serrano and Mr. Kuroriku?" Ximena asked.

"Did something happen?" Nori asked.

"Serrano ran off. That man went after him, " Rosalba responded with a stoic tone.

"Serrano ran off?" Ximena asked.

"Ha, that guy ended up being a coward, " Huang scoffed. "Well, good riddance. All of you who won't be able to fight the darkness shall say so here and now. We wouldn't want you to die in the midst of fear."

Ximena stomped over to him. "Serrano is no coward! You aren't aware of the things that he went through in that world, that world of infinite and endless darkness. Yet, he still manages to stand firm and raise his sword against the beings who slaughtered his friends and allies."

Kohri rubbed his chin and said under his breath, "He ran? That guy only runs when it comes to..."

Ximena turned around. "Kohri, watch over the group until I return. I'm going to go help Mr. Kuroriku track down Serrano."

"Got it, " Kohri said, raising a fist into the air. "Bring that guy back here, even if you must drag him."

She bumped his fist and ran off in a hurry.

Saya stared at the girl as she vanished into the cherry blossom garden. "That girl, her aura... it's similar to..." She shook her head. "Well, let's begin with your mission here. Like I told you in the mountain, you are to recruit new key members for the vanguard. Choose wisely."

"We plan to, " Ryonoko said, smiling. "I know a few back home who would be willing to join. Including that jerk... Then there's my sister and Amira, but those two are both pregnant."

"Sister?" Eri asked.

"He means Takara, she's our queen's adopted daughter, " Kohri responded.

Saya nodded. "It's nice to see you finally regard her as a sister."

Ryonoko tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. "I always have."

The angel queen snickered. "Sure you did. But I agree, she would've been a good choice."

"As would've Bai, " Huang said, crossing his arms. "But she's in the same situation as those two and you."

Saya snickered. "Oh my, seems like we're having a baby boom among us."

Eri's face flushed. "Yeah, Ocarina's the same..."

"So many soon to be fathers, " Yuko remarked, snickering. "I bet that Master would be jealous."

"Tetsuya wants to be a dad?" Setsuko said, eyes wide.

"Yeah... at least he asked about baby names."

"Taking care of a kid is more work than one can expect, " Huang said. "I already got one brat." He chuckled. "She's an adorable little one, though."

"All o

They likely think that I'm still the weak guy who nearly got butchered in their home realm.

"Serrano!" Ximena yelled at the edge between the cherry blossom garden and the forest. She slowed down upon seeing who I was carrying. "Who is he?"

I grimaced as soon as she asked that. "I don't know, but I'll like to find out soon. Where's Queen Saya?"

"She should be back at the school with the others. Hey, have you seen your uncle."

"No, he must've gone into the forest, " I said.

Suddenly a powerful shockwave shook the entire island. Salt water rained down on us even though we were located right in the middle.

Ximena pressed her hand down and covered the three of us in the roots of the trees. "Where did you find him?" she asked.

"In the forest. I'm pretty sure that his caretaker is furious right now. We better hurry and escort him to Queen Saya. She can take him back to our realm to interrogate him."

"Interrogate? Why for?"

I laid the boy down on his back. "Yeah. Look at what's in the center of his chest."

She stared at the boy's jumpsuit with amazement. Right in the center was a jewel like the cores of the abysmal inhabitants.

"He's one of them. And his caretaker, I'm pretty sure that she's the one who fought Yuko and attempted to kidnap Eri's younger brother."

Ximena gasped. "I had forgotten about that. What do you think they wanted with that child?"

"Who knows, but this guy should help us get closer to the truth."

Not only about the plans of the rulers, but also about uncle Tekeshi. And perhaps even as to why he resembles members of our family so much...

**Solar Question: What do you think is the explanation as to why the 'blood-red-eyed' young man resembles Serrano's family members?**

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