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"Aunt? So this woman must be..." Setsuko began.

"Regina? Aquarina? That's right, I'm the 'Angel of Water', " the angelic woman said, floating closer to us. "You five with the pauldrons my husband made, come with me."

"Huh?" I asked. "What for?"

She glanced back, staring at us silently. In the sea of her eyes were hints of bitterness. "Follow me and we'll tell you."

"Wait, " Yuko yelled. "What about Yuko and the others?"

Aquarina stared at her for a moment. "You're..."

"Yeah, she's Amira's relative, " Saya responded. "Like Amira's mother, she lived as a slave. A relic dating back to your rule, dear aunt."

Right, Yuko's ancestors were captured in that most ancient of wars between Xeleria and our realm.

Aquarina floated upwards, not saying another word.

"You five knights follow my aunt, " Saya said, stepping toward Yuko. "I'll take care of Yuko and the others." She paused. "But before that, who do you desire to lead your groups in your absence?"

My eyes shift toward Setsuko.

She's going to likely pick my cousin. Eiichi will probably go for his girlfriend. Hyosetsu... no idea as to he or Hideo will choose.

I turn toward my group.

Out of all of my members, the top choices are Kohri and Ximena. Ximena though might be a better leader with her ability to break up squabbles. But then again, Kohri is an excellent judge of character.

"I'll go with Maki, " Setsuko said, causing everyone to gasp.

Serrano smiled as if agreeing with her choice.

"A Kasai no Ki?" Saya said, visibly shocked.

"Hmph. I'm nothing like my father. I wish to do away with the grudges of the past. Maki and Serrano are the most capable candidates. But Serrano is my fiancé, so I rather avoid picking him. Doing so would amount to nepotism."

Maki smiled. "Really?"

Setsuko smiled and nodded. "Yeah."

The Kasai no Ki prince snickered. "Thanks. I promise that I will assure that we find the most capable candidates that we can."

"A Kasai no Ki, huh?" Hyosetsu asked, eyeing Kei. "I hate to say it, but his younger brother would be the best suited to take over from me."

"What?" Huang asked. "You honestly expect me to take orders from a Kyuu-Hyakuian? And someone younger than me at that."

"We're moving forward from the conflict between the Kasai no Ki and Kuroriku clans, " Maki interjected. "I think that we should do the same as Kyuu-Hyaku and Wudi."

Huang snickered. "Letting go of grudges... Reminds me of her. Fine, I'll continue to tag along."

"Well, I will be picking Koukyuu, " Hideo said. "Like Maki and Kei she's the best suited to lead them."

"Being led by Koukyuu? Again?

uko jumped in between the two. "Stay away from her. Yuko doesn't trust you. Mean man may be Master's dad, but even Master thinks mean man is shady."

Mean man chuckled and turned his back to us. "Both of you are interesting girls. I wonder which of you my son will pick. Or perhaps he'll go for Setsuko."

"Setsuko?" Rosalba and Yuko said in unison along with a third voice. It was Master's cousin, Serrano. He glared at his mean uncle.

"What did you mean by that?"

Mean man smiled at him. "I was only teasing the girls. Do not tell me that you actually think that there's something going on between the crown-princess and my son."

Serrano stared up at the cherry blossom tree.

"Aren't they beautiful?" mean man asked.

"They are, " Yuko said, eyes glittering.

"I..., " Rosalba said as she pushed herself up. "I don't love Tetsuya. I cannot love him."

"Rosalba, " Serrano said, reaching a hand out toward Yuko.

Yuko slapped it away. "Don't touch me! You are his family." Her eyes darted toward mean man. "As are you! You I trust even less than Tetsuya. Your stupid family has only caused issues for all of us."

Serrano ran off, leaving us behind.

"Hey, where are you running off to? That's not the right direction!" mean man yelled at his nephew. "Argh, that guy!" He chased off after him.

Yuko held out her hand to Rosalba. "They're gone."

Rosalba smiled a bit. "Thanks... but you'll be better off without me... without all of us. This is not something for a child to safe."

"Princess is only two years older than Yuko."

Princess snickered. "Yeah... but I fear what may happen to you. Yuko, I..."


She shook her head. "Never mind. Let's go and meet up with the main group."

What was she going to tell Yuko?

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