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Setsuko suddenly gasped. "This is... Altare de summa coeli!"

Father nodded. "Right, this is where it all began for this universe! The axis mundi, the great pillar of on high. The place where the gods dwell."

Takuya and Nori dropped to their knees and bowed.

"We aren't worthy of dwelling in such holy ground, " Takuya said, pressing his head against the marble steps.

"Maybe not all of you are, but some certainly are, " Saya said as she descended the stone stairs. In her hands she wielded a scepter with orbs of light fastened on top of it. Her six angelic wings were spread out, establishing her status as the descendant of one of The Seven. Accompanying her were various other beings. Some with four faces and others that had hair as white as snow and whose faces were wrinkled.

Their numbers amounted to the thousands and thousands.

"Wow, " Nori said, eyes sparkling. "The angel armies!"

Saya smiled at his and Takuya's reactions. "Please stand. I have prepared my angelic armies to guard this realm should we need to. My husband and brother are currently preparing their own armies. You however will serve as our vanguard. We have readied our plan of attack already. In a few months we shall launch our invasion of the Abyss."

"Well, this show of force certainly will intimidate them, " Father said, grinning.

"It should would, " Eiichi said, grasping his chest as if he were about to have a heart attack. Not that I would've minded if he did.

Saya raised a hand toward him and pushed him back into the swirling portal.

"What? Why did you do that?" Sabine snapped.

"That one cannot dwell in this place. You saw how he reacted. Now, I will tell you the first course of action that you are to take."

"We aren't your servants, " Setsuko said. "Not that I mind what you did to Eiichi. In fact, I appreciate it."

Saya snickered. "You certainly are a rebellious one. Though I think that you'll find it wise to listen to us. Your first course of action will be to visit the various realms and find able bodied

"What was that?" Maki asked.

"What was what?" his red-haired companion, Akane, asked.

"There was a voice... it didn't come from Masayoshi either. It was... more otherworldly than his."

"When all seven keys are gathered, a great light shall descend anew upon the world, " Nori said as he closed his eyes. Though the words came out of his mouth, they didn't seemed to be his. With that phrase, Nori collapsed to the floor.

"Nori!" Yuko screamed.

"Hey, kid, " Serrano said, shaking him. "Hey, open your eyes."

Nori let out a weak groan. "Where is Nori? What happened to the Sky Father?"

"Sky Father?" Saya asked.

Nori rubbed his forehead. "Nori saw him. The one who along with the Earth Mother crafted this world. He told Nori that the time for rebirth is near, but that first the seven must be reborn."

Saya rubbed her forehead. "That's... interesting."

"That's still a long ways away, " a voice echoed. Descending from the ivory stairs was a blue winged angel.

"Aunt, " Saya said, turning around to the face the sapphire-winged woman.

The woman walked past her niece. She raised her top wings, allowing us to see her long, wavy indigo hair. The angel's eyes were like those of Eri's, as deep hued as the oceans themselves. "Greetings, mortals."

**Solar Note: Any guesses as to the woman is (beyond being Saya's aunt of course xD)?**

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