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We waited by the mosaic of Tierra and Hanketsu.

"Anxious to get to talk to him?" Takuya said, looking down at the mosaic. "I am too. I didn't really get much time to speak with him before he ran off to chase Leviathan's tamer."

"Thanks for waiting, " a voice echoed. Everyone turned their eyes toward the man in the black cloak.

"Tekeshi, " I said, approaching the man whom I had the misfortune to call 'Father'.

"Oi, what happened with you calling me 'Dad'?" he said, shaking his head. Suddenly his arms wrapped around me. "I'm glad that you're still alive, kiddo." He ruffled my hair and chuckled. "Though why did you dye your hair white?"

I slapped his hand away. "I didn't. It just turned this way."


"It did, " Takuya said. "Might have to do with him dyin'."

"Probably, " Tekeshi said, glancing back at me. "It is odd that he simply came back like that."

Setsuko crossed her arms. "He's right. How exactly did you come back?"

Sighing, I said, "I'll tell you on the way, for now let's head over to meet with Queen Saya."

"Why is this guy here again?" a voice echoed. I turned and saw the female gate guard. "Is it really proper to have such a man here? If someone like him can even be called that."

I'm not a beast. I am so tired of repeating it, I didn't do what they accuse me off...

"I wonder that too, " Eiichi scoffed. "Though we do need that shield. Sadly the only way to get it back is to kill him, and it seems that the guy is like a cockroach."

Perhaps I should keep him thinking that it was my own doing and not a miracle caused by Hanketsu.

"And I don't know as to why we keep a creep like you around either, " Setsuko remarked.

"Good point, " Akari said, glaring at the Spear Knight.

Father shook his head. "Not another argument. Seems that in these past three months your cooperation with each other hasn't improved."

"Indeed, it hasn't, " Hyosetsu said, walking off. "Though what matters isn't if we're the best of friends. What does is completing our ultimate objective."

"Oh, and what will that be?"

Hyosetsu blinked. "Keeping those shadows at bay of course."

Father sighed. "That isn't an ultimate goal of any kind. We have to crush the enemy to the point in which they'll be unable to muster another attack, at least not for another few decades. If we go with your plan then we'll be a

efore Setsuko could even pick. "This one is mine!"

Eiichi smiled and took the yellow one. "And I'll be taking this one."

Setsuko sighed and took the orange one while I took the purple one, leaving Hyosetsu with the blue one.

"There's no red?" Takuya asked.

"They aren't a part of some super hero live action series, " Father said, snickering. "Plus, red in our clan tends to be seen as a negative color. You should know why."

I glanced at Maki and his siblings as well as Ximena. "Shouldn't green be too?"

"True, there's a reason for why Hideo's clan is made to watch over the frontier."

The sniper-gun Knight gasped. "What?"

Osamu glared at him. "Tekeshi, watch yourself. Now, I entrust that you teach the five of them all that they must know."

Father saluted him. "Aye captain!"

Osamu rolled his eyes. "Gods, you're annoying."

"Well, we're off to meet the queen!" Father formed a portal of darkness and passed through it. We each put on our pauldron and followed after him. The portal exited in front of white marble steps that seemed to go on forever into the heavens. Taking a glance behind us, there was mist covering everything that laid below.

Yet, despite the high altitude it didn't feel like there was a lack of air. In fact, each inhalation was easier than any other I had ever taken. It was so fresh that someone with asthma could probably live here without worries that their condition could flare up at any point.

"Where are we?" Setsuko asked, glancing around.

"This place, " Hanketsu said. "I never thought that I would return here."

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