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[Decades Ago]

I exited the bullet train and made my way down the glimmering train station, the crown jewel of years of the renovation of the capital. This was my first time stepping into the capital in months. Father had called me back in order to help train the newest Seven Hill Knight after the untimely death of Alabaster in the continuing war against the Kasai no Ki. The conflict had already cost the Kuroriku Empire thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Yet the impoverished Kasai no Ki didn't seem to be willing to stop. They didn't even heed the calls by our Celestial King.

Suddenly I felt a hand pull on the sleeve of my coat. I spun around and saw a black haired girl smiling nervously at me. It's not him.

"May I help you, kind lady?" I asked.

She ruffled her hair nervously. "Uh, if it's not a bother."

"None at all. It appears that I came a bit early. So, what is required of me?"

"Do you know where the royal museum is? You see, this is the first time my boyfriend and I visit this city and it's so big. We had to retrace our steps back here to avoid getting more lost."

Wow, these people are lost.

"It is nearby. You exit the station and go straight until you see the big white oak tree. From there you go left and there you will arrive at your destination, " I said.

The lady bowed slightly. "Thank you so much, kind sir, " she said as her cheeks flushed.

"You're welcome, " I said coolly as I walked away, ready to return to my mission.

"Hey, wait!"

Oh great! What is it now?

She looked up at me as her hands fidgeted. "Uh, what's your name?"

I put my right hand on my hips. "My name?" Did she figure out who I am?

"Paula!" a man in a gaudy golden coat barked. "Why do you want to know this twerp's name?"

I glared at the man.

"Shh, I'm talking to him. If you're in a hurry then go off. You just need to go straight until you reach the white oak and turn left. Just like how I told you to go in the first place!"

I snickered. Guy's an idiot to have gotten them lost.

He grabbed the lady by the arm. "I'm not letting you stay here. Come on, forget about this kid. You're my girl."

"Is that any way to speak to a lady?" I asked.

The guy quickly unhanded her. "Let's go."

Paula followed him, angrily stomping her feet.

That girl, she should simply dump the jerk. I glanced up and searched across the crowd exiting another one of the trains. There was no sign of a black haired boy my age wearing a crystal earring.

I took a deep breath and spun around, only to be pulled up from the ground. Gripping the collar of my coat was Mr. Gaudy.

Narrowing my

in from the war. The other countries of this realm as well as those of the other two should play their part."

"You only care about money?" Hideo asked.

What's with his manner of speaking? It seems, different.

"It's not that. We can't suffer all of the other kinds of losses alone. I rather suffer no losses, but alas, that's the nature of war. You children grew up in a period of peace, so you know little of what I speak of. Now, get going."

"Alright, " Hyosetsu said. He looked at the others. "Let's head to Yuri's realm, there's something that we need to do there. It can help us lessen the strain that King Osamu speaks of."

"Really? That's great!" Rosalba said.

"Hmm?" I said. "Interesting. I look forward to hearing how things turn out. As for your weapons, I'll have Tekeshi accompany you."

"Fine by me, " Tetsuya said.

The five knights plus Rosalba turned away. None of them even dared to bow.

"That, was my son, wasn't it?" Tekeshi said, rubbing his eyes. "I was sure that he wanted to talk to me."

"You're accompanying them, now stay out of my room, " I said, slamming the door closed behind him.

"Hey!" he said. "Who told you to volunteer me? Gods, you're always making decisions that I should be making."

I snickered. "I am your king. We have that power over the lives of others."

"True. Well, I better catch up with them."

I leaned against the door. "Farewell, cousin."

**Solar Notes: In case some of you are confused by that last line, Tekeshi and Osamu are second cousins as mentioned in the first book and earlier in this chapter.

I'm going to be writing a prequel (originally they were specials which to follow this chapter) depicting more of Osamu and Tekeshi's past. I hope that you'll enjoy it ^_^!**

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