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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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"Good afternoon, sleepy head, " I said, waving at Setsuko as she stepped out of the tent. It was already dark out.

"I can't believe that I was out for the rest of the day, " she said, rubbing her forehead.

Serrano ran over and helped her walk. "Are you sure that you don't want to rest some more?"

"I already rested enough, " she grumbled. He raised her eyes, a furious look in them. "I'll hold everyone back if I continue like this."

"Well, you're not the only one who was out all day, " I said. "Eiichi is still sleeping in his tent."

Setsuko let out an exasperated growl. "Like being in the same category as that guy makes me feel any better."

I sighed. "True. I wouldn't want to be in the same boat as him either." I smiled. "At the very least you were the one who woke up first."

Her face flushed a little. "Yeah."

Serrano narrowed his eyes at me. "Let's go make food, " he said, smiling at his future wife.

Setsuko nodded. "Alright."

I snickered. "Eh? Cus, weren't you worried about her needing more rest? Now you're going to have her cook? If you need a helping hand then I'll be happy to help out."

"True, " Setsuko said, her eyes sleepy.

My cousin sighed. "Alright. You can help."

"Good, " I said, smiling at Setsuko as I made my way to the grill. We were grilling corn on the cob and beef."

"Master, need Yuko's help?" Yuko said as she ran up to me. I patted her on the head. "I'll be fine. Go wash up, dinner should be ready by the time you're done."

"Oh, okay, " she said, her ears drooping down. No one had asked as to how I met a tanuki girl. Serrano, Setsuko, Ximena, and of course Nori were the only ones who knew apart from Yuko and me.

"Hey, may I speak with you about something? I won't take too much of your time, " I spun around and saw Saya. She was as beautiful as the statues of her mother, Kushina.

"Uh, sure. What is it?" I asked.

"That girl you were speaking to, she's a Kyuu-Hyakuian, right?"

Kyuu-Hyakuians, th

. It's one that's disgusting to even look at." He held both of his arms out. "Now, face my own army. Or better yet, the army left behind by my fellow Ruler." A grin creased across his face. "Hope that you have fun! Farewell!" He jumped down, vanishing into the everlasting Abyss.

I ran after him but was quickly pulled back by a jellyfish. "Let go of me!" I screamed, impaling it with a rock-stake. A cluster of the creatures swarmed me and formed a cocoon with their long, pitch black tentacles.

A sword slashed through the tentacles and a hand reached out toward me. "You alright?"

Opening one eye, I saw Tekeshi giving me that superior smile of his. "So, you were here after all, " I said, stumbling out of the cocoon.

He grabbed me and put my arm around his neck. "Goodness, I keep having to bail you out of your issues. You owe me a lot. Now, let's head out of here before Takon return. I'm not sure if I'll be able to fight him and assure your safety at the same time. Not to mention that I might require of your assistance to defeat him." He snickered at that last part.

Stupid bastard. Just what are you thinking? Saving me? Don't you hate me for stealing the love of your life? Hmph, you are so much like those foolish sons of yours. Or better yet, those sons ended up growing up to be as naive as their father.

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