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The smell of grilled veggie patties filled the air. Serrano was hard at work flipping them and putting together the overall hamburger.

"Are you alright?" he asked, glancing over. "You appear to be side-tracked."

"Yeah, she does, " Rosalba said, leaning in. "Are you tired? If so head to the tent. We'll finish preparing lunch ourselves."

Today was our assigned day to make each meal. Tomorrow another of the knights and his group would have his turn. Rosalba, Serrano, and I were the only ones making lunch. The rest of our team along with the other groups were washing up or continuing their training on their own.

I shook my head and stood up. "Alright, I leave it to you two. I am going to go on a hike to cool myself down."

Serrano smiled. "Yeah, do that. Make sure that you follow the trail or you might get lost."

"Will do!" I left the camp behind and headed back to the forest. Birds chirped over me, catching passerby insects in their sharp beaks. It's so beautiful here. I shook my head. Now is not the time for a nature hike. I have to get stronger. I transformed my silver bracelet into a platinum chain and diamond ball form. I need to become worthy of wielding Valentina. My father had high expectation for me. I have never been able to meet them, but that's was due to my own rebellious nature. I should at least meet this expectation.

A weak queen like me would end up being taken advantage of. So I have to avoid becoming said weak queen. I need to help the other four too. To shape them into the knights they should be. Perhaps five days of training won't be enough to even start to move the needle. We need to awaken more of our angel powers.

"Don't push yourself too far, " a voice echoed. "You are already strong for your age. Your power rivals that of your soon to be husband, if not surpassing it. And if you feel that you don't have the strength to face the threat you're up against then call upon the other four of the Seven Hills. They will surely aid you.

Right, but I rather not rely on them. I even hesitate to rely too much on Setsuko, Kohri, and Serrano along with my fellow knights of prophecy.

"You mustn't be afraid to rely on the others. We, seven angels, worked together to build the world you now see before you. Though we failed at our task to some degree. The current world's corruption Is a result of our own moral failures."

I don't believe that it is entirely your fault. We mortals would likely have fallen anyway.

"The matter remains. If it were not for our fall then we would have at least been able to continue to guide you toward the right path."

I chuckled. "You still are. Look at you, both Hanketsu and you are aiding Tetsuya and me."

Valencia snickered. "True. Though it appears that my conversation with you has literally led you out of the path."

"Huh?" I said out loud. All around me were trees but beneath my feet was no dirt path. I curled up into a ball on the fern covered ground. "Oh no. I went ahead and got lost..."

"Sorry, " Valencia said.

I shook my head vehemently. "No,

ou. Luckily my mother can undo that curse for you."

"But, shouldn't you change first?"

"I'll be fine, " he barked. "Now get on before it worsens."

I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. The smell of cinnamon tickled my nose as I put my face against his long silver hair.

"Hold on tightly, because here we go!" he screamed, jumping and running at full speed. He was incredibly fast. I had to hug him tightly in order to not fall down, especially as he jumped the side of the cliff.

"Actually, " he began as he squatted once he reached the top of the cliff. He lowered me completely and twisted around, holding me in his arms. He stepped back and stretched out his raven black wing, draping them around us. With one flutter of his powerful appendages, we took off into the air.

His focus was on what lied ahead. His golden eyes sparkled in the summer sunlight. Looking at him it was no wonder that Rosalba and Yuko fell for him. His personality mixed with his looks gave him a certain attraction. Serrano also had said beauty, but he wasn't what I was looking for in a guy. Unlike Tetsuya, he followed orders to a t. It was that which made him such a good member of the Seven Hills.

"Setsuko!" a voice called, snapping me back to reality. Flying toward us was my fiancé. He paused midair and glared at his cousin before holding his arms out. "I can carry her back from here."

Tetsuya sighed as he handed me over to him. "I thought that we might finally have put away our difference."

"Hmph. Like I would. Why are both of you wet?"

"Oi, it's not what you're thinking. We got attacked at the river. I had to get drenched in order to protect the princess."


"I'll tell you on the way. Hurry up, Setsuko is cursed. Right now it's not moving beyond her left ankle, but it could still spread if not treated soon."

Serrano held me tightly and flew off. He had the same look in his eyes as his cousin. "Hold on, " my fiancé said.

I pressed my head against his chest and closedmy eyes. What was I thinking backthere?

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