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I walked out from behind the tree I was hidden behind and ran. My boyfriend laid unconscious on the ground, his golden lance had rolled several feet away from him. Closing my eyes, I chant, "Levitate." Like a feather being taken up by a gust of wind, Eiichi moved around me. I direct him across the trees until we arrive back at the Shield Knight's house.

In front of the house were now several tents. Sitting outside of one of the tents, sipping some tea was the queen of the realm, Saya.

She glanced up from the book in her hands and bolted out of her seat as soon as she saw the state I was in. Holding out her arms, she caught Eiichi in one and me in the other. "What happened?"

"Don't mind me, " I said, taking several deep breaths. "I'm just exhausted is all. Please, take care of him."

Saya nodded and warped him away.

"Where... did you take him to?"

"To his tent, to rest. You should rest too, " she said. She smiled. "You know, something about you reminds me of someone."

"Someone?" I asked. "Who?" Could she know who my real family is?

"My older sister, Akari's mother. She looked exactly like you when she was your age." The queen's bright blue eyes shifted toward Eiichi's tent.

"Is something the matter?" I asked, shaking as she helped me take a seat on the bench opposite of where she sat.

She turned her eyes back at me. There was concern and suspicion in her eyes. "Beware of that boy, I fear that he will only bring you pain."


She sat back down in her seat and nodded as she returned to her book. "Yes, " she responded, adverting my eyes. "Something about him feels off, as if there's a demon lurking within him. A frightening one. A being who has sunk into the depths of sin more than any other being."

A demon lurks within? Was that what that girl who kissed him was? She certainly had no qualms about kissing the boyfriend another girl. Not to mention the appearance that Eiichi took was that of one who had fallen to the depths of sin. Not a fallen angel, but a demon.

"Is there any way to return someone who has fallen to those depths back to being a normal angel?" I asked, leaning forward.

Saya put back down her book and gave me a kind

himself would've gotten the shield or sword, if not for the objections of that mysterious man who helped forge them. Rosalba herself was to be the owner of the sniper rifle, if not for her inheriting her mother's weapon. The king wanted the power of at least four of the weapons within his family.

The king had to change his plans when only Setsuko became the owner of one of the five. He desired one of us other four to marry Rosalba, and he started to wonder if he should have engaged Setsuko with Serrano. One of us four would've been better suited as the companion of the future queen of Kuroriku. Well, all but the peasant. He couldn't have him be with either of his daughters. So he sought to sway the prophecy to his wishes... The Knight of the Shield was to be the one prophesized to die.

For a while that vision came true. Until the peasant returned from the grave through unknown means. No one knows whether his temporary death fulfills the prophecy or not. If it didn't, then that means that one of us five is to die. One of us will sacrifice themselves for the sake of the entire angelic realm. I may not know who that one will be, but I do know that it won't be me. I will get stronger and play as much of a role as I can. But I will not attempt to play the hero like Hideo is doing. I won't allow anyone to defeat me, not High Queen Saya, not King Osamu, not the Abyss, and especially not the demons. I shall survive. I will live past this pain. I will live!

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