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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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"What are you doing here?" I asked, leaning against a tree. "Kansai, why are you here?"

She fidgeted nervously, avoiding my deep bluish-green eyes. "I wanted to help you. I saw how hard you and the others fought to protect my country and realm. That's why I wish to return the favor. Plus, I..."

Sighing, I moved away from her and turned around. "You aren't a fighter. You're better off leaving."

"But you only have one member besides me for your..."

"I'll be fine with one or even on my own. Now leave."

She ran up behind me and hugged me tightly. "I don't want you to leave."

"Let go of me, " I said, moving her hand away. I spun around only to see tears falling on my shirt. "Hey... don't cry."

"I... I..."

I sighed again and hugged her. "I just don't wish to see you get hurt. You don't even remember who you are or where you truly come from. You should focus on finding those answers before pursuing me."

She pressed her head against my chest and tightened her grip on my waist.

I smiled. Sensitive girl. She's rather na?ve, but kind.

"She sure is. Doesn't she just excite you?"

My body tensed up. Pushing her away from me I run into the forest.

"Eiichi!" my girlfriend screamed, chasing after me.

"She's calling for you, Eiichi! She desires you, Eiichi."

Shut up!

"Oh, what's wrong Eiichi? Doesn't she excite you? You never did get to have 'taste' of her."

Be quiet!

The voice snickered. "You know that you want it. That sweet innocent girl..."

I said shut it!

Invisible arms wrapped around my neck. "Don't tell me that you're becoming like that so called 'best friend' of yours. You are

le before fading into darkness.

I stood up and used my lance as a cane. I need to make it back... Damn, that vixen.

"Oh, who are you calling vixen?"

Who do you think?

"Ha. I love that hard to get attitude that you're developing, it only makes you more attractive. Darling, you know as well as I that you can't hope to escape."

"You sure about that? This here lance has helped me push you away."

"True, but even that weapon wasn't able to keep you from becoming a monster. Dear, don't forget that I harbor countless secrets of you. Secrets that would make both your best friend and the princesses hate you. No, rather the whole realm and beyond would hate you. Even that girl who traveled between realms just to see you again will want nothing to do with you."

Clasping my lance, I raised it into the sky. "Quiet already, you're so damn annoying!" The voice vanished. I dropped my lance and clasped my chest. I'm sorry, Sabine. I crumpled back to the ground and everything faded to darkness.

**Solar Question: What do you think affected Eiichi? Just who was the owner of the voice?**

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