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[Ten years ago- Northeastern Ryussia: Nation of Kiryu-- Prism Plateau]

"I... need... Wah!" I glanced at my bloodied hands and knees. Tiny rocks were lodged on to them after the fall I had just taken. "To... get help... mom, dad... I can't... stay here..."

"Hey!" a voice shouted as something hit the frozen ground. Footsteps rapidly grew closer, which would've cause my heart to beat faster than it already was if it weren't already exhausted. "Are you alright?"

My vision was hazy but could make out the outline of someone around my age. "Help... me."

"Hey!" the owner of the voice shouted once more.


A piercing pain ran through my head as I rose up from the bed that I didn't even know I was sleeping on.

"You're finally awake, " a white haired boy with verdant eyes said. He seemed to be around my age and was dressed in grey trousers, white shirt, and a grey coat with several patches. The boy smiled slightly as he placed a mug of jasmine tea by the nightstand. "Are you feeling well to talk?"

"Talk? About what?" I said. My eyes narrowed. "And who are you?" I gazed at the small white room with no other furniture other than three beds and nightstand. "Where am I?"

"The polite thing to do is to introduce yourself first. But if you must know, I'm Yuri Yuki. You're currently in my room. You've been unconscious since last night, after you fainted just outside of the castle walls."

The door swung open. "Hey, is the princess awake already?" A tall young man with arms as thick as a bear's entered the room. He had the same white hair as Yuri, but his eyes were deep crimson.

Princess? He knows? No one in this backwater should know.

"Why do you refer to me as 'princess'?" I asked.

The guy laughed and walked over on one of the beds where my fur coat rested. "This her is fur of a wolf, and not just any wolf, but the Velikiy Wolf. Ya're from some noble family, aren't ya?"

So that's it. "Yeah I am... but I'm not the princess."

He snickered. "Of course you aren't. What would the princess be doing this far from home and unaccompanied?"

I stood up from the bed. I was wearing a long white shirt and black shorts. "Thanks for everything, but I better get going."

"Where are you heading to?" Yuri asked, glancing over his shoulder as I put on my coat.

"It is not something for you to worry about."

Yuri crossed his noodle arms over his chest and stared at me. "Stay. Your body could use the rest. If you don't take care of yourself then you could end up fainting in the middle of nowhere."

He's right, but I really have to go. "I cannot delay my journey any further."

"Well, if you're going to go back out, at least take some food

d both his hands out and summoned a pair of twin pistols. "How about we begin these games, eh?"

Kei summoned a green scythe and smiled as madly as Huang was. "Alright. I'll show you why your country is below mine in terms of strength!"

"Tsk. As if, " Huang said, sending a round of bullets him. Kei spun the scythe, creating a whirlwind. Heaven and earth trembled as the weapons of the two clashed, sending dust in all directions.

"These guys, " Yuri said, covering my nose and backing up further into the cave.

Hyosetsu smiled at the two fighters. "I like their enthusiasm, though fighting in a cave against someone with earth powers is foolish." He dashed in between the two sending walls of ice to split them up. "How about we take this outside?"

Huang lowered his guns. "Alright, I don't want to be told that I won because I had the advantage of terrain or something other excuse."

"Like I would do that!" Kei yelled, appearing behind him. He swung his scythe but the thing slashed through a boulder. "Tsk."

Huang ran out of the cavern and shot another round of bullets. Kei leapt back and ducked as one flew past his arm.

"Come Yuri, let's join them, " I said, reverting back to my true form.

Yuri snickered. "You seem awfully excited, princess."

"Of course I am!" I can definitely do it, I will do it. I shall restore my kingdom to its rightful ruler, me.

*Character Section*

Sneg Kiryu: Sex: Female Age: 18 Home Country: Kiryu (part of the Ryussia Region which is in the realm of Wynaga).

Yuri Yuki- Sex: Male Age: 18 Home country: Kiryu

Huang Wudi- Sex: Male Age:? Home Country: Mina (part of the continent of Tozan Hoshi which is the realm of Xeleria)

Kei Kasai no Ki- Sex: Male Age:? Home Country: Kyuu Seishin (part of the continent of Tozan Hoshi)

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