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"A wannabe hero, eh?" someone called out.

I spun around and saw none other than the heir of the Magus Maximus, Zyuuni no Mikoto. The raven-haired boy snickered as he summoned forth a shadowy scythe.

"If prefer anti-heroes over heroes, but be my guest."

I chuckled. "You know that the true hero always beats those ambiguous ones."

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh? To me you radiate the aura of an ambiguous hero, more so than me." He pointed the black weapon at me. "Ayumi, how about we take on these two groups together?"

A red haired girl dressed in tight fitting black clothes stepped forward. "I am not too fond of the idea of being the same group as you, but sure."

"I forgot that you were also in our group. Uh, who are you?" I asked.

"Ayumi Hoshi, " she said as she held her white cross out. The cross morphed into a black hilted katana with a crimson blade. "Now, shall we begin?"

Koukyuu grinned and said, "Ayumi, daughter of Supreme Magic Council Judge Kane Hoshi, and the current Queen of Tora."

Ayumi grinned back. "Koukyuu Kasai no Ki, sister-in-law of Kyuu Seishin's Queen, Katsura Zettai. I heard that Magus Maximus Daisuke is considering making your sister-in-law take up a position in the council alongside the Queen of Mina."

"Yeah, he is. Seems that he's quickly moving to replace the two who died during

"Wait, she's the queen of Tora?" Zydeco said, wide-eyed. "You mean that we're in the presence of the sovereign of the strongest nation in all of Tozan Hoshi, if not all of the realm of Xeleria?"

The Toran Queen chuckled and stepped forward. "Pretty much."

Zyunni scoffed and said, "Hey! I'm the next Magus Maximus!"

"Yeah, but you lost against that Eri guy, " Sonata said, giving him a skeptical look.

"True, " I said, nodding.

Zyuuni grunted. "I've gotten far stronger in these past three months!" He transformed the entire hill into a swirling mass of darkness reminiscent of the depths of the Abyss. "I won't ever allow myself to lose again. Now, let us begin!"

"How did he... this is an illusion, right?" I asked, gazing around. "He couldn't possibly have called the Abyss forth."

"Yeah, it is!" Zyuuni shouted as he came at me with his scythe. I jumped back and watched a wave of darkness flung out toward me. "Tendrils of the deep darkness!" Beams of darkness shot out of the raging black vortex around and grabbed all four of us.

"Nice job, " Ayumi said, snickering as she stood by the future M

of that man we met in Xeleria. Thirdly, I seek to discover just how strong the heirs of the three realms are."

I snickered. "Well, you don't have to worry about them. Both of them are losers. Zyuuni lost against a nobody while Ryonoko could barely manage with the dragon."

"Oh, and how did you do against Behemoth? Because last I heard, all who fought it got trounced, " Kei asked with a smirk.

"True, " said the doctor. "Oh yeah, I'm Yuri Yuki." He snapped his fingers, summoning a long bodied feathered white dragon. On top of the dragon's forehead, between two deer-like antlers, was a sky blue jewel with golden scales around its circumference. "And this here is Sneg. Girl, say hi."

Sneg lowered her head and transformed into a silver-haired girl in a white dress. "Hello."

"You can transform?"

The dragon woman snickered. "Yeah. Truth be told, this is the form that I'm usually in when in public."

"Sneg here in the queen of my country, " Yuri said. Sneg snuggled up closed to him and reverted back to her dragon form. "She just prefers to stay in her dragon form when around me. Well, ever since I found her when we were kids, she decided to stay close to me as if she were my dragon." He smiled as he rubbed the jewel in her forehead. "Hard to believe that she's the mighty Sneg."

"Oh, so an actual ruler is in this group, " Kei said.

"Uh, not exactly, " Sneg said, reverting back to her humanoid form. "You see, it's more that I'm the legitimate Queen. My aunt you see, overthrew my parents..."

**Solar Note: What do you think of Hideo and Hyosetsu's teams thus far? Which of the two do you like better thus far?**

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