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We followed the peasant knight across the overgrown forest. The ground though was surprisingly clear of debris like fallen branches.

"Why did that girl react that way?" Koukyuu asked, running after me. The scent of jasmine tickled my nostrils.

Light poured down through the canopy, giving me some relief. Ha, how pathetic of me to be afraid of the darkness. But normally I wasn't. It was only because it was a forest, the domain our ancestor Valencia's arch enemy, Renata.

"Something happened to her. I rather she tell you, but chances are that you'll find out eventually. Somehow the news filtered out of the castle." How odd, the king would certainly have had such news stay out of people's ears. Unless if he wanted it to get out to the masses. But why? Could it be... No. Then that would mean that... why would he have Tetsuya blamed?

"I see, " Koukyuu said, walking on ahead. She watched as Sonata held Zydeco's arm like a fawning fan.

"You're jealous?" I asked as pine needles cracked below our feet.

Koukyuu snickered as she closed her eyes. "No way. Why would I be jealous?"

"You like him, don't you? That Zydeco boy."

Her face flushed bright red. "No. I don't. In fact, it's the opposite."

"Uh huh."

She spun around. "What would a kid like you know about love anyway?"

My left eye twitched. "I already told you, I'm the same age as you, if not older. And... you're right, I don't know about love. I, haven't really been in love."

She stared at me, puzzled. "Should you really be sharing this with a stranger?"

My face heated up, so I sped up my pace. "Let's go, we're being left behind by the peasant and the others!"


"So you've finally arrived, " Saya said, turning around. "I had you split up into groups for this event. Though it seems that some of you were more popular than others."

"Yeah, Hyosetsu and Eiichi each have two, " I said, snickering. "Sure sucks to have the shoe on the other foot, eh?"

"Shut it, fly, " Eiichi said, scoffing. He glared at Tetsuya's pack.

"As I was saying, I'll like you to split up and train with your groups. Your teammates will serve as your sparing partners. Those with bigger teams will have more options of course. But before you go, allow me to give you these." The Queen of the Skies snapped her fingers, causing a white cross to appear in everyone's hands. "That's your sparring gear. You five knights will be able to fight with them too as they aren't exactly angel tools."

"How nice, " peasant boy said, grinning at his cross.

"Not only that, it also transforms into whatever weapon you choose it to be. But choose wisely, you will have to stick with that form."

I raised my cross into the clear blue sky and had it transform into a bamboo yumi. The new weapon stood a few inches taller than me.

"Interesting, a yumi, " Queen Saya said, grinning. "If you want, I can teach you a few skills."

Right, her bow can transform into one.

"Another long distance weapon?" peasant asked. "Wouldn't it be better to have a short distance one?"

I snickered I raised my new yumi toward the sky. "I wanted to have one of these ever since I saw that kid wield one back in Xeleria."

"Kid?" Eri asked. "You don't mean Lei, do you?"

"Yeah, " peasant answered for me. "He transformed that necklace you gave him into a green yumi."

"It looked like something out of a video game, " I said. "Well, that's not the only reason. I also excel at using long distance weapons. I used a normal bow and arrow back home to hunt with my father a few times."

The peasant whistled. "I take it that you also used guns?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Though a sniping rifle is different than a hunting one, well mostly in terms of range, accuracy, and weight. Though my rifle here weights less than even most hunting varieties which are typically lighter." I looked down at the forest below. "I could hunt us some deer for dinner."

"I'll pass, " Ryonoko said. "I am not too fond of game meat."

Peasant boy snickered. "You really know y

our stuff. I guess you aren't just some noble who stays indoors."

I puffed up my chest. "I only stay indoors when there's little to do. In the summer, like now, I do go out. Though it seems that there aren't many more days of good weather left."

"Yeah, autumn is coming."

Saya smiled. "Nice to see you two chatting. I heard that the five of you weren't all that close."

"We're not, " I said. "Though I guess that peasant boy here is more bearable than the others."

Tetsuya frowned. "Thanks?"

"He sure is, " Setsuko said, nodding.

"Yeah, " Hyosetsu said.

"I hate to admit it, but he is, " Eiichi said, ruffling his long blond hair.

Tetsuya smiled brightly, a smile that I hadn't seen since we first met him.

How did the one with only two members become Mr. Popular?

The peasant looked at his cross and transformed it into a bronze axe.

"An axe?" I asked. "Why not a sword?"

"I wanted something that I'm used to using. I've used an axe more than a sword throughout my life."

"You're going to be hacking enemies, not wood."

Tetsuya shrugged. "I'll run other ways of using it."

"Suit yourself."

Eiichi transformed his cross into a silver chain with an iron ball hanging at the end.

"What's the street weapon?"

The spear knight smiled. "It suits me."

It does? How? Well, not like I cared much about his choices. He barely fought in the front lines.

Hyosetsu transformed his into a silver version of his angelic weapon.

"Two swords?"

Hyosetsu grinned. "Now I've regained my full power."

"You specialize in duel swords?" Saya asked.

"Yeah. Well, I did. But with this, I'll be able to fight using something resembling my old style."

"That's good, " Setsuko said, staring at hers. She transformed her cross into a set of platinum knives. "There. That rounds us five out."

Saya smiled as the others transformed their crossed too. "Now, that you're ready, spread out! Gather here by midday for lunch!"

The other groups ran off into different directions, leaving mine with the hill.

"It'll be taking my leave now, good luck!" Saya said with a smile as she waved goodbye.

I walked to the spot where she had stood and pointed my bow at my teammates. "Now, who is first?"

The blue haired young man stepped forward. "I will."

"You can do it, Zydeco!" Sonata yelled, well more like squeeled.

"Then how about we battle?" Koukyuu asked.

Sonata chuckled. "Sure. I'll beat you this time."

"How about we make this a tag battle?" I suggested. "Sonata can joined Zydeco, and Koukyuu me."

Koukyuu frowned. "Uh, I guess we could do that." She walked right up next to me and pointed her new katana at Sonata. "Let's win this, Knight of the Rifle!"

"Yeah, Lady Kasai no Ki!" I yelled as I pointed my yumi at Zydeco.

Ice enveloped Zydeco. "This is going to be fun!" he yelled, vanishing into the mist.

"Where did that come from?" I asked.

"I will help you find him, " Koukyuu said calmly as she pressed her back against mine. "Meanwhile, guard against Sonata."

"Got it!"

Sonata snickered and slashed my face at the speed of sound. "Come on, knight! You got to do better than that!"

I wiped the blood away and shot an arrow into the mist.

"Gah, " Zydeco yelled as he staggered out the thick fog.

"Zy..." Sonata yelled, running over to him.

"You shouldn't turn your back on the enemy!" Koukyuu yelled, sending blue flames at them.

Sonata spun around, quelling the flames with water. A veil of the liquid spun around the two. "Zydeco!"

The young man stood up and smiled warmly through the pain. "I'm fine." He stared at the wound. There was no arrow there. "That guy hit me with what seemed to be a wind arrow."

I grinned. "Did you think that I was like the main branch? My branch has wind!" Gusts spun around me, tearing the mist and water barrier apart. The two stared in awe at the emerald wings which seemed to be made out of wind on my back. "Standing before you is Hideo Makkuroyama, the soon to be savior of the multi-verse!"

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