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"Where are we heading off to?" I asked as I removed the helmet covering my face.

Aster stopped and glanced at the clearing. "Odd, did that man really have all of available forces accompany him? No, those so called 'knights' weren't there. Nor was Tekeshi." She turned toward me and snapped her fingers. My black jumpsuit transformed into a tattered white shirt and denim shorts while nothing covered my feet against the elements.

Aster meanwhile switched into an old looking red blouse and tattered white skirt and shrunk a little until she was the same height as me. She too had no shoes on.

"Why the change? And why not give me any shoes?"

"We are to resemble the common man. And where we're going, the majority are dressed like this."


I surveyed my team. There were of course Rosalba, Kohri, and Yuko. Joining them were Takuya, Akari, Ryonoko, Ximena, Nori, Eri, and Kohri's friend.

"Seems like a good team, " I said, grinning. "Though I was sure that you would go with my cousin."

Ximena glanced over at Serrano and Setsuko. "I rather not make things awkward for them."

Is she giving up on him?

"Yuko!" Nori said, running to hug his friend.

"Nori!" Yuko yelled back, embracing him tightly.

"Seems like a bunch of small reunions, " Kohri said, eyeing his own tanuki friend.

"Sure does, " she responded. "So, should we introduce ourselves?"

"Sounds good, " Ryonoko said. "Though I assume that you all know me by now."

"Yeah, you're the prince of this realm and the dragon one, and the nephew to the Magus Maximus of Xeleria."

"Yup, seems like it was unneeded, and you are?"

"I'm Onami Akiyama."

Yuko's eyes widened.

"Yeah, I am your relative. I'm your older sister."

"Her sister?" I asked, glancing at Kohri.

"Onami ran away from Tekeshi. She spent years wondering the streets of the capital until..."

Onami frowned. "Yeah, until he saved me. Saved me from that life of suffering."

There's that person again. Just who was he?

"Onami! Long time no see!" Eiichi yelled, waving at her. "I heard that you were traveling across Xeleria. The journey certain didn't hurt your complexion. In fact, you look more gorgeous than before."

"Wasn't he just flirting with me a moment ago?" asked a white haired girl who strongly resembled Shin'en and Maki.

"That's just who the guy is, " Hideo said, sticking his tongue out.

Onami stepped forward and head-butted Eiichi in the forehead. "Get away from me, you creep!"

Eiichi rubbed his forehead as tears formed in his eyes. "Creep? You're still on about that?"

"I bet that you're the one who did what Tetsuya was accused of."

Rosalba stepped back, hiding behind Yuko and Ximena. "Wah?"

"Your own sister distrusts him."

Eiichi chuckled. "You really shouldn't accuse others of serious crimes, especially with little proof. You weren't even at the ball. Plus, it couldn't have been me. I was in the ball at the time that the event allegedly happened. King Osamu and I were talking, just ask him."

"I will, " Rosalba said. She eyed Hyosetsu and Hideo.

If what Eiichi is telling the truth then it had to have been one of those two. The four of us were the only males allowed to assess that hall of the castle in addition to Serrano who was with Setsuko.

"It wasn't me, " Hyosetsu said. "I was talking to my mother at that time. Kohri was on the other side, so he can prove that my words are true."


All of us knight

s plus Serrano and Kohri turned toward Hideo.

"What were you doing that night?" Rosalba asked, stepped toward him and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "Tell me now or I'll slice you apart!"

Hideo stared at her with shaking eyes. "I was in the balcony, playing video games."

Rosalba's fist tightened. "Were there any witnesses? Tetsuya had me witness him go to bed, Eiichi had my father whom he was talking to, Serrano had my sister, and Hyosetsu had his brother listening in to his conversation with their mother."

"No, " he said, shaking his head. "But... my device records the time."

"Where is it?" she asked, shaking him.

"Let go of him, " Saya said. "I don't know what's going on here, but we have more important matters to..."

"You butt out of this!" she screamed. A collective gasp filled the air. Slowly Rosalba's fingers uncurled until Hideo fell on the floor. "Sorry..."

Setsuko walked over to her younger sister and hugged her tightly. "Please forgive my sister, she had to deal with a life shattering situation a few months back."

Saya glanced at the sobbing girl and turned around. "Whatever she's trying to figure out, she won't get the justice she seeks if the world fades into darkness. Met me at Forest Hill once things have settled down."

I pulled Kohri's arm. "Hey, who do you think is telling the truth?"

"All of you are, " he said, puzzled.

"Huh? How is that possible?"

"None of you appear to be lying. But, nor is Rosalba."

"But the design of the marks was definitely from a replica of your weapon, " Hyosetsu said, walking over. "Whoever did it had to have been familiar with the design of the weapon. The only ones who saw it upclose at the time with enough time to make out the details were us knights and my brother. Normally all blame would turn on my brother, if he weren't home at the time. Seeing how he is a blacksmith and has the best knowledge of the weapons."

"Good thing that I stayed home to avoid the blame, " Kohri said, sighing. "Seems that we aren't any step closer to... wait. There is one person with extensive knowledge of the weapons and that's their creator, Tekeshi."

I frowned. "My dad?"

"Mean mister was watching over Yuko and the others all day, " Yuko said.

Kohri glanced down. "That's... then just who was it? Someone has to be lying... why can't I tell?"

Hyosetsu snickered. "So even you have your limits. Then the blame naturally shifts back to the original culprit, this scum bag here. The owner of the real shield."

I shook my head. "No. It wasn't me."

Rosalba glanced up at me and quickly looked away.

"What's going on?" Ryonoko asked.

"It's best not to get involved, " Ximena said.

"Let's begin this training camp thing, " Zyuuni said.

"Okay, " I said.

"If it's fine with you, Rosalba is going to be on my team, " Setsuko said.

I nodded and walked with my group to the hill overlooking the forest. Just who is telling the truth and who isn't? Everyone seems so guilty... and yet innocent at the same time. But Eiichi and Hideo, those two seem like the biggest suspects. I need to verify their words as soon as I can. Then there's the chance that Hideo left his device on to make it seem like he was telling the truth. As for Eiichi, King Osamu might allowed him to... No. What am I thinking? Even a guy like him wouldn't be that cruel, especially toward his favorite daughter.

**Solar Note: Which of the suspects do you think did it?**

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