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Aster flew me to up the seemingly never ending spiral. The oil-like water vibrated as steps echoed closer every second that passed.

"Stay back, " Aster said, pushing me back. Suddenly a black visor covered my face. "It's the enemy. I can't allow them to see your face or hurt you."

"I want to help, " I said despite staying still as asked.

She sighed as she watched the road ahead. "I guess that part of your rebellious streak remained. At least you're obedient enough to stay put."

"Look who we have here, " a voice called out. Goosebumps spread throughout my body as a brown haired man with a lion's mane for a beard approached. He was covered from head to toe in shimmering golden armor with a purple flowing cape.

King Osamu. My hands moved to my head. Wait, how did I know that was his name? If that is his name. Is it?

Accompanying the regal looking man were thousands of soldiers clad in silver armor.

"You're the king of Kuroriku, " Aster said with narrowed eyes. Shadows twirled and twisted around her with every step she took. "Takon told me about you."

"And you're Aster, one of the four 'Rulers' of this realm, " the man said, but his gaze was on me. "And who's the boy in the suit? A slave? Or better yet, a weapon?" A smile covered his face. "I would have had one too, if it weren't for my stupid future son-in-law freeing him. Though, that's not of importance. I will reclaim that which is lost, and more. Now, step aside, or you'll be crushed into dust."

A pale hand reached out toward him. "You really are a prideful mortal. That you dare call yourself an angel is an affront to your gods!" Aster cried out as the darkness spun quicker and quicker, creating a funnel.

Osamu Kuroriku snickered. "My gods? Please..." He raised his sword and shield at us. "The only deities that I worship are money and power!" He stepped forward and slashed the rock, sending Aster and me drifting back.

"Die, you demon!" Aster screamed as she floated in the oil-like water. Dark tendrils drilled holes into the rock and reached down for the evil king.

"Your darkness has grown weak, " Osamu said with a grin as he held the tendrils in his left hand. "Mine is far stronger!" A red and black laser of raw dark mana flew at us. Aster returned to the now punctured rock and ducked alongside me. We watched as the ray shattered dozens of floating islands in the distance.

"Tsk, " Aster said, glaring at him. She grabbed my arm and floated me over back to the spiral. Osamu's entrourage foolishly got in our way. Aster made sure to teach the imbicles their lesson, cutting them down into pieces with a scythe of red shadows. Osamu simply watched as we ran into a nearby cavern.

Why isn't he giving chase? Is that man so powerful that he thinks he can toy with us?

"Hey, where are we going?" I asked, glancing around the pitch black cavern. Of course, the deep darkness was nothing for us, though that man's group was sure to struggle somewhat, even if they descended from The Angel of Darkness. "They're invading our realm!"

"Worry not! The other Pillars will take care of them. Your focus should be to conquer that man's kingdom. With him here it should..." Rock dislodged overhead, sending Aster and me falling back. I spun around and heard a steady beat. It was the sound of metal boots striking the ground.

"Think that you forgot that I also control earth, " King Osamu said as he came into view. "I can crush this entire spiral island now if I want to... but I won't. I'm curious about it after hearing what happened with my future son-in-law and that rapist cousin

of his along with the others. I wish to learn why they were teleported to Xeleria from here."

Aster remained silent.

He grinned as he dislodged more rocks. "I didn't expect you to answer. It took three months to prepare for this. To gather the forces necessary to take the spiral for myself."

"What do you want with it?" I asked, glaring at him.

His gloved hands ran through the black stone. "To trap you disgusting beings here, and also to control one of the dimensional gateways. That's what this is, right? One of the gateways between worlds. To possess one is like possessing a choke-point."

"You know about choke-points?" I asked, looking at him oddly.

"We angels can't stay afloat all the time, " Osamu said, waving his hand dismissively. "And in the heat of battle regaining the ability to fly is difficult without getting the proper rest or mana accumulated. Then there are times in which flight is used only as a way to escape."

Aster grinned. "I bet that your clan just isn't too keen on flying, with your power over earth and all."

I smiled. "Thanks for the tips!"

He chuckled. "No problem." Blades of rocks came at me from left and right. "You won't live to tell."

The rocks snapped and floated toward him. "Aster, allow me to handle this, " I said, putting an arm in front of her. "I too control earth and shadows after all. Plus, I am one of the Pillars— defenders of this realm!"

"It's best to just keep him at bay, " Aster said, pushing my arm down.

"Got it!" I said, closing the cavern behind us with multiple layers of earth and reshuffling it around.

"Guard from every direction, " Aster said as we ran for it. "That man can appear at any time."

I nodded and tightened the rock around us, preventing someone from breaking through it with ease.

A bright sapphire light lit the cavern the deeper we got. At the end of the cavern was a black platform with strange markings and seven six-foot tall crystals which emitted pale light.

Aster walked to the center of it as she closed her eyes. She squatted and placed both her hands against the sleek stone. Blue light replaced the white as the crystals levitated from their resting places. They danced wildly in a circle. Their speed rose higher and higher that one would've expected them to dissolve into glowing blue sand at any moment. Or at least fly off into the distance.

"What is this?" I asked, stepping into the platform.

Aster didn't answer, she was too focused on her ritual.

The blue light of the monoliths enveloped Aster and I, blinding me. No wonder Aster had her eyes closed prior.

I opened my eyes as soon as I felt a cold chill. A white substance of some kind covered the ground and it even fell from the sky. The sky, a shade of blue unlike any that I had seen. Yet, it seems so familiar. As did the snow. Especially the snow. Snow, that's the name of this stuff. But, how do I know that? There's no snow in the Abyss, so how can I possibly know about...

"Conrad, come. That man might've given chase. Though he will struggle to activate the stone, he does have a friend who can use it."

"He does?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, though perhaps 'friend' wasn't the right term. According to Takon that arrogant king hates the guy."

"Who is he?" I asked, jumping down to an ice covered ledge.

"The one outsider whom we thought that we could trust, Tekeshi."

"Tekeshi...?" I asked. That name, I had heard it before. Strangely, I couldn't quite place as to where. Perhaps it was Takon or Aster who had brought it up before.

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