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Stalks of wheat danced around us like rolling waves never hitting shore, sending their seeds and earth-like smell into the wind to mix with the sweet smell of the nearby wildflowers. Insects of various kinds from bees to butterflies buzzed overhead, moving away from the sea of tiny multi-colored flowers to their next source of pollen.

"This place is so different from the city, " Setsuko said as her brown eyes gazed at the mountains in the distance. A cloak of green covered their bases which eventually gave way to silver peaks which reached for the heavens. Her eyes traced the river cutting through their verdant vestments and ultimately led to the valley we were in.

"It's amazing!" Nori said, his red eyes shimmering as he took in all of the nature around him.

Serrano walked close to Setsuko and smiled. "It sure is."

"It's boring is what it is, " Hideo said as he kicked up some dust. He ran on ahead and turned toward the group. "How much farther do we need to walk?"

"We're actually here, " I said, pointing at the tiny black house in front of him.

He turned once more and blinked. "Oh. Your house is more sad than I had expected."

I curled my hands into fists and grinned. "And you're as annoying as always."

Hideo raised an eyebrow. His lips quivered. "Uh, I am. Aren't I?" His eyes darted to the sheep munching away on the wildflowers in front of the house.

What bit him? He would usually say something back. Well, I barely did talk to the kid. Perhaps I misread him.

"Good, you're all here, " a voice called out. Walking out of my house alongside my brother and sister was none other than the Queen of our entire realm, Saya no Mikoto. She wore a loose fitted white blouse and a flowing flower print skirt.

"Your majesty, " we all said, bowing down.

"Tetsuya!" Teresa said, rushing over. She embraced me tightly, getting her now long black hair all over my face. "I missed you so much!"

"It's good to see you awake, " Takuya said, standing to the side. "You really worried us back there in Kyuu Seishin."

I looked down. "Sorry."

Teresa pulled away from me and patted my shoulder. "We're just glad that you're alive, Tetsu."

My face reddened. "I told you not to call me that, " I said, pouting.

Serrano who stood by his fiancee snickered.

That guy. I chuckled. It feels like deja vu, like the day that I left home and started this hellish and confusing journey. If only I could go back, go back and tell my old self to ignore the letter. I glanced down at Yuko who was as amazed as Nori to be surrounded by nature instead of concrete and steel.

Gazing at Queen Saya, I asked, "What brings you to my humble abode, your highness?"

The High Queen raised a hand to her mouth and chuckled. "Come out, Son."

A blond haired youth walked out of the house followed by several familiar faces, including some which I didn't recognized. "Hello. Nice to see all of you again, " he said, pushing his now longer bangs away from his eyes.

"Likewise, Prince Ryonoko. Akane, Maki, Zyunni, Eri, and some who I don't know, at least I don't remember meeting some of you. Uh, what are you all doing here?" I asked.

"These folk were chosen by us Dimensional Rulers to accompany you on your upcoming journey to the Abyss, " Lady Saya said with a grin. "Now divide yourselves into groups. Once you have then we'll begin our training camp."

"Training camp?" Hideo asked as his jaw dropped. "I hope that you don't mean chopping wood and all other kinds of manual labor intensive stuff."

The queen snickered. "Yeah, I do. Though that'll be for later."

"Great, " Eiichi said, sweeping his long blond hair back. "I got to get sweaty." He glanced at one of the girls in the group who stood by quietly like a soldier awaiting her commands.

"Hey, isn't that the girl who you were with during the Mahoulympics?" Hideo asked, pointing at the young woman with long black hair and bright red eyes.

Eiichi looked away. "Yeah. But I don't know why she's here."

"Now, all of you join one of the five knights!" Queen Saya said, swiping her hand through the air.

"This is going to be fun, " Kohri said, grinning as he glanced at a girl with short brown hair.

The girl smiled. "Long time no see."

Kohri smirk faded. "Yeah... how long has it been?"

That face... Kohri, what is it that you're hiding?

"I'm not sure. It feels like forever, though."

"I'll be joining you." Ryonoko walked over to Yuko and me.

"How's Yuko's cousin doing?" Yuko asked with a grin.

The prince returned the smile. "Amira is doing fine. The baby is too. It's du

e in a few months. Hopefully this conflict will be done when it's born."

"Yuko hopes so too."

It's nice to see Yuko smiling brightly today. Last I saw her she was in agony... never do I wish to see that again. That's why I need to get stronger. I need the power to protect those close to me.


"Hanketsu? What's up? You sound worried."

"There's something... never mind. I'll tell you later. For now focus on your training."

"I plan to."

Something pulled against the sleeve of my shirt. Yuko's brown eyes met mine. "Are you alright?"

"Me? I'm just a little dazed is all, " I said, pushing my long white hair back. It wasn't always white. For some reason it had changed color after I came back to life. It was all thanks to Yuko and Hanketsu that I could stand there with the other knights, getting ready to train for what was to be our final battle against the creatures of the Abyss.

Now that I think about it, I still don't know what Hanketsu meant when he said that someone was in pain while I was escaping. Who was it and why would leaving cause them pain? I should ask him about it later.



"He's waking up, " someone called out.

"About time, " said another.

A strange darkness filled the room outside. Awaiting me were a red-haired woman and black-haired man.

The woman's long and slim fingers grasped the door of the capsule and unlocked it, raising it up slowly.

"He seems fine, " the male said, eyeing me with narrowed eyes. "But to be cautious we should keep an eye on him before he rampages again."

The female nodded. "I already prepared things. This boy shall not try to flee again."

I stumbled out of the capsule and landed in the woman's arms.

"Are you alright?" she asked. "If you're still suffering from fatigue then go to sleep."

My arms curled around her back. Holding her... felt so familiar.

"Hey, " she said, flustered.

I let go of her. "Sorry... Master Aster."

She grinned. "Good, you did manage to learn some manners during your time asleep. I have a mission for you."

I stood up straight with my arms facing the floor. "What are your orders?"

A chuckle echoed across the room. "Maybe it worked a little too well."

"Are you making fun of me?" I asked, glancing around the dark marble room. The place was filled with oval white capsules with glass doors like the one that I awoke in. Inside them were crystals of various colors.

Are they all like me? Experiments.

A hand touched my shoulder. "The others will be born to a better world. One of peace, " Aster said, her eyes glowing with passion. This war will end with us. Our king will awaken to see his vision come true—all the other dimensions shattered and the Abyss all reigning."

Our king? There's someone above these two?

"Now, for your order— I need you to infiltrate the Realm of Angels, specifically the nation of Kuroriku. We must stop their army from further encroaching on our realm. I'll tell you the rest of the details on the way."

I nodded and ran after her. The Realm of Angels, why does that place seem so familiar? My hands grasped the spherical black and purple crystal in the center of my chest. It's as if my existence is being called there.

"You alright?" Aster asked, stopping by the metal door. "Are you still pained?"

I walked forward. "I'll be fine. First comes the mission, that's why I was made, wasn't I? To serve as the weapon of the Rulers and serve as one of the Thirteen Pillars— The Guardians of the Abyss."

She nudged me forward and laughed. "Yeah!"

"Hey, don't shove me, " I said as the door slid open.

She hugged me from behind. "Sorry, but you're just so adorable!"

"Aster, " Takon said, glaring at her. "The kid's right, first comes the mission."

She nodded. "I know, I know. No need to be uptight about it."

"We don't have much time! We need to do this now or never!"

Aster's arms uncurled from me. "Yeah. Let's go, Conrad."

I glanced back at the sad Takon. What does he mean by 'we don't have much time'? Is something going to happen to them, or all of us inhabitants of Abyss? I ran on ahead and waved at Aster. "Hurry! We need to finish this mission so that our world isn't destroyed."

She chased after me and snickered. "You know, chasing after you feels as if I'm chasing a white rabbit."

I noticed that there was a bounce in my step. "A rabbit... one that lives in the rabbit hole called Abyss, " I whispered.

**Solar Note: Thanks for continuing to read this series :). So, what did you think of Conrad and his interaction with the surviving two Rulers?**

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