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Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 2] By ImperialSun Characters: 3364

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The months went by fast. The rest of the second semester of school came to a close and the seniors graduated. Even winter vacation went by at the blink of the eye as only one week remained. An, however, had yet to awaken but he was starting to show signs of stirring. Sarah was still recovering and decided to reside in Wahkan rather than Xian while outside of school, much to Kun's joy.

In that time, there weren't any other attacks on me. It seemed that the perpetrators wanted to keep a low profile for now. Though I hoped that they would never strike again. Not for my safety, but that of my family.

Still, it seemed like things were finally starting to look up, even if it was only a little.

"Lei!" a voice called out. It was Yuzuki. I put down my diary on my desk and looked out of the window.

"Hey!" I yelled, waving.

"Are you ready?" Hikaru asked. "We're ready to go!"

I nodded. "Yeah. I'll be there in a few!"

Me and my friends were going to Mina for vacation. We planne

sticking with it this far :). I plan to release book 3 in late September (probably September 29th which is the triplet's birthday. Speaking of birthday's, today (July 15th) corresponds to Serein's birthday). Reason for the break is that I need time to come up with some new ideas for the series going forward.

While you wait, you could check out my other works, or the works in my reading lists (such as 'Earth Warriors' by LuisPetrizzoRengel, 'Masquerading the Key' by ShinomiyaDR, 'Strength and Power' by blue_jay, 'Among the Fallen' by thesongist, among several others.). Either way, I hope you look forward to the release of 'Blade of Ruin' in a few months :)!**

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