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The hours passed by without a word from the generals on our failure to secure the last major event medal. My wounds were almost all gone, but that didn't matter to me. The physical pain didn't compare to that of having had my honor broken.

I spend most of the hours since the event in my room, contemplating what I did wrong.

"How could I have lost?" I mumbled. "I'm perfect... Perfect... just like Father designed me to be... I'm perfection..."

*Knock* *Knock*

"Who is there?" I yelled, standing up.

"It's me," Ben said as soon as I opened the door.

"Oh, I thought it was Father..." I said, lowering my head.

"About him, he wanted to speak with you."

I raised my head. "Really? Did he say about what?"

"No, not a single word."

I grimaced. That wasn't good...

"D-do you think he's mad at me?" I asked, hugging myself. "Do you think he hates me?"

"I... don't know," he said.

I sighed. "Had a feeling you would say that..." I pushed myself up. "Where is he?"

"He said to meet him in this location," he said, handing me a folded paper. "Aida, take care. If he's mad, don't make a wrong move. You know him better than me."

I nodded. "Alright..." Though it felt odd to think that he could possibly hit me. Out of all my siblings, I was his favorite. Unlike them, I wasn't a failure... at least not until now...


A man dressed in a nice, ironed out black suit and pants stood in the middle of an alley connected to a secluded part of the city's main plaza. It was the place Father had told me to meet him in.

"Father, Ben told you wanted to talk to me," I said, walking up to the man.

He turned around to look at me. His emerald eyes lacked their usual sparkle. "Yes, I told that failure of your fiancé that."

"Failure? Ben's not a-"

"He is, as are you three. You were doing so well at first, until you embarrassed me in the very end. It would've been better to have had the committee follow through in kicking you guys out of the games. That in itself was a dire mistake. You couldn't even retrieve Experiment R-11 without witnesses around. Even then, you failed to execute said witnesses."

"I'm sorry, Father. I was a tad disoriented at the time after having-"

"You're giving me excuses? That's not like you. Perhaps allowing you to go to Helix Academy was a mistake. Aida, you won't be returning to H.E.H."


"You heard me." He turned his back to me. "I don't ever wish to see you again. You aren't welcomed back in H.E.H. after that miserable performance. If you try to come back then I won't hesitate to terminate you."

My eyes widened. "Bu-"

"No buts. Only one of you four will be returning with us, but that's because she's too valuable to toss aside."

Nia? Why her? I'm his daughter! Nia is just an orphan girl the genetic corps took from her home. Her potential can't be that much, especially when compared to mine.

"Do you understand what I'm saying? Or will you attempt to force your way back and risk death?"

"I... understand, Father," I said, trying my best to keep my voice from shaking. "I... won't return home."

"Hmm. On second thought, there might be a way you can redeem yourself in my eyes and those of the rest of the generals," Father said, keeping his back to me. "You can determine how you'll do that. You're a smart girl. I know you'll figure something out."

My eyes dropped to the ground. "Alright, Father. I promise, I won't disappoint you again."

"You better not, or I truly will forget that you're my child."

I gulped as his footsteps drew farther and farther.

A way I could redeem myself... Only one thought came to mind; Lei. I needed to retrieve the abysmal core within him. But how would I do that with so many people around him? Especially given the state I found myself in.

I turned and slammed my head against a brick wall, drawing blood. Before I had departed from home, I promised Father I wouldn't embarrass him, yet I did just that.

"Huh, Aida?" a voice called out. It was the red-haired kid I spoke to during the track race. Though he was barely recognizable with the prim white-suit he had on with a black-undershirt that went well with his crimson-tie. In his hands was a white box resembling a miniature cooler.

"Ulissis," I said, turning to look at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I went to get some ice cream before heading to the..." He gasped and put his hands into the pockets of his white-pants. "You're bleeding. Use this to wipe your forehead," he said, holding out a red handkerchief to me.

I stepped back. This made no sense... Why was he being nice to me after what I did

full power...

"We won't hurt you," Ashynna said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "You can trust us."

"How can I trust someone with a mask on?" I snapped.

"S-she has a point," Ulissis said, slowly walking away. "Ricardo, stay close to me. Nahimana's memory power won't affect you."

"Huh, who are you?" he asked. His eyes scanned the alley. "Wait, where am I? I was with my friends... Uh, excuse me weird cosplayers, coming through," he said, walking past the four as if nothing had happened.

"No... th-that quick?"

"I erased the memories of Kun from everyone except for you before."

"Well, that Ricardo guy is gone now, what do you four wish to tell us?"

"We need your help tracking down the Four Rulers."

"The rulers?" Ulissis asked.

"Yes. They're the leaders of Abyss. Years ago, two of them ruined the games being hosted in my nation. They weren't at their prime at the time, but they were still capable of holding their own against Magus Maximus Daisuke and others... all at the same time."

Ulissis and I gasped.

"Wait, if Daisuke is still around then what was their purpose?"

"We aren't entirely sure," Ashynna said. "But three of the rulers have reincarnated in order to retrieve their original power."

"And the fourth?" I asked.

"Their whereabouts are unknown," Nahimana responded. "We do have an idea of where one of the other three are. We got someone keeping an eye on him."

"Who is it?"

Nahimana shook her head. "I can't say. Not right now. This one... he can change his destiny. Whether he'll bring about the end or help save it, it's all up to him. So we can't act yet, not until he's made his decision clear."

"I see," Ulissis said.

"This is all going over my head. Who are you people, truly? How come you seem to know so much?"

"We are the Shards of Light," Tahoma responded. "We are destined to save the world against the abyss. That too is your destiny. So, will you join us?"

I gritted my teeth. "No. I won't."

He scoffed. "So be it. We won't force you to decide. It has already been foretold that you'll aid us. You can't escape that destiny, Aida. Farewell."

Pillars of light struck the four and they were gone just like how they had come.

"Wait, they didn't even wait for my answer..." Ulissis said, blinking.

"Be careful around them. Anyone who is willing to mess with one's memories like that isn't to be trusted. Ulissis, like I said, you're a nice guy. But if you don't get smart and tough, you'll either die or be played like a flute."

He stared right into my eyes. "What about you? You're also being played, aren't you? You're a dog of your father's and the others."

I raised my hand at him but he blocked it.

"Why that response? Am I right or am I wrong?"

I yanked my arm back. "Leave. I didn't need you to come. I could've handled that situation by myself."

"Aida..." he said, furrowing his brow.

"I don't even know why I gave you advice..." I whispered, closing my eyes.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :)! Only two more numbered episodes and the epilogue left!**

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