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"Need help?" a voice called out. We turned to see Eien and his team.

"You guys!" Lei said, grinning.

"I'll go help the earth users," Enkaku said, rushing over to join us.

Iah, he, and I raised the earth around Aida but she easily broke the rocky confines with a serious of hardy roots.

"No way," Mayu said. She held out her arms to try to pry the wood around the titan but it wouldn't budge. "Incredible..."

"Let's burn her!" Eien suggested.

"Yeah," Boukyaku said before taking a deep breath.

"Wait! Yanyu and Ning are inside!" Xing yelled. He watched as his serpent continued to devour branch after branch. Its speed had slowed from when we first arrived.

"Move aside, everyone, we're going to blast that thing's wooden façade!" Yen, Lei, and I yelled in unison. We triplets released our unity attack on her but the vines and branches quickly healed until it was as if nothing had happened.

Roots spread out of the restores appendages and reached out for Hikaru who remained afloat.

"Hika, get away!" I yelled.

Yuzuki warped to her brother but a root grabbed her and pulled her down. She tried to warp away, but the restraints were too tight.

"Yuzu!" Lei screamed. He sent blades of wind at the roots but those were intercepted by branches. "Move out of my way!"

The branches moved around his blades of wind with the elegance of a hummingbird. My heart seemed to give out as one of them smacked him on the chest, sending him toward Mt. Rios. Dots of blood trickled down from the air.

"Lei!" Yen and I yelled.

My sister kicked her feet in the air, moving as fast as she could to catch up to our brother.

Something smacked Yen in the middle of the sky, sending her falling.


A cloud of dust erupted from the northern flank of my mother's ancestral mountain. It had to be Lei...

"No..." I said, holding my head. I collapsed to my knees. "Lei... Yen..."

Aida laughed. "Now it's your turn!"

"You won't hurt Kun!" Hikaru said appearing in front of me. Dark appendages had appeared on his back and his eyes were deep red.

The Owari no Me...

Hikaru froze time and dashed around as fast as he could while his sister tore the roots grabbing her. Rupts in the fabric of space appeared all around the colossus.

The thing though continued to move and heal, though Hikaru was breaking it faster than it could recover.

"How can it still be moving as if nothing?" Yuzuki said. She let out a grunt as she collapsed to her knees.

"Yuzuki, Ciji, protect her," Iah said.

"Don't tell that you're interested in h-"

"Just do as I say!" he screamed.

"O-okay," she said, turning around and running to aid the tired Yuzuki.

"It's not enough," Yuzu murmured. "This this is unstoppable..."

I gasped as I recalled Nahimana's words. "Is she a shard of light after all?" I asked. No way. She was meant to be our ally against the abyss? How?

"Kun, are Lei and Yen truly gone?" Iah asked as he kept shielding me from the branches.

I closed my eyes. Their prana, I could still feel it.

"You guys don't know how to do your job right!" a voice called out.

I glanced up and saw Ayawamat riding on top of a giant dragonfly. In his arms was Lei. Alongside him were the rest of his group as well as Aria.

"Lei!" Yuzuki said, smiling. Her smile vanished gradually. "Is he alright?"

"He's fine!" Hota said. "He didn't seem to sustain much damage, well either that or it was the abysmal core's doing. I also pulled the dust away from his lungs to prevent an asthma attack."

"I take back everything bad I said about you," Yen said as she zipped through the air.

"Yen!" I called out.

"I'm fine too, just a little disoriented," she said, rubbing her head. "Might need to visit the doctor after this."

"You idiot! Don't fight right now." I pushed myself up. I was pathetic. I said that I wanted revenge, yet I collapsed as soon as my siblings were hurt when instead I should've slashed out at Aida with all I had.

"Your time is up!" I said, glaring at Aida. "I don't care if you're one of the shards of light, I'm going to end you here and now!"

"Wait, Kun, don't kill her!" Aria yelled. "Whether we like it or not, she's a shard of light. We will be in need of her assistance if the future."

"If she does, it would only be begrudgingly," I said, summoning my wand and transforming it into sword form.

"If you do intend to kill her then we will be forced to fight," Tahoma said. "You know our mission goes beyond what's happened these past few days. To get revenge you'r

nleashing a blinding light.

The psychic girl and Iah both closed their eyes.

"I can't see!" Yen yelled.

"You blinded everyone!" I said, wincing. Even as a light mage, her light was too much for me.

"Got it!" Nyima said. "Yen, take the others."

"You shouldn't count victory too early!" Iah yelled.


I opened my eyes as the light cleared to see Iah with the shard.

A red blur raced after the still dazed sound mages.

"Go Isabelle!" Ciji yelled.

The sound guy yelled as Isabelle took the mirror shards. "Sorry, going to borrow these!"

"Stop her!" Eien yelled as he threw flames at her.

"Fire? Fire won't stop me!"

"Sorry, bud, but those are mine!" Elliot yelled as he smacked her toward the ruins below. "Ade, I got two shards!"

"Good, I'll get Iah's!" she said as she flew with her eyes closed.

Iah grinned as he moved toward Elliot. "Sorry, but I plan to actually win something!"

Isabelle tackled Elliot from behind and took the shards from him. She threw them at Iah who was moving faster than usual. He must've removed those weights of his.

Adela, Yen, and the psychic all raced after them.

I jumped and summoned a gust of wind to move them over to my side but Iah used his dragon wings to shift the winds in his favor. He grinned as he caught the last three shards. "Mina wins!" he yelled, rapidly putting the mirror together.

"N-no," the psychic mage said. "This isn't what I foresaw..."

A bright blue light covered all of us, returning us to the starting grounds. There the teams that hadn't gone off to join us looked around with confusion.

"What happened?" Kachina asked, running over to us. "What were those explosions in the north?"

"They weren't explosions, they were shockwaves... well, there were a few of them," Sirius said.

She sighed. "So, did we win?" she asked with a hopeful smile.

"No," Lei said, sighing. He pointed at Iah who stood behind him.

"We won," he said, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah, rub it in," Nyima said, pouting.

Iah snickered. "You're just mad because you didn't win."

"Shut up!"

He smiled. "I thought you were sad that I wasn't talking to you."

She gasped. "Well... that's different!" she yelled, blushing.

Iah laughed.

"You're just a jerk sometimes! You know that?"

"More like narcissist," Adela said, nodding at her own comment.

"He's an egomaniac," Lei said, nodding as well.

"And a stupid flirt," Nyima added herself.

"Ahh, thanks!" Iah said, grinning.

"That's not a compliment!" the three yelled as if they were the triplets here.

I laughed. Seemed Iah was as much of a troll as Hal and me. Even though we didn't win, at least everyone got out of it alive. Though I still wished that one didn't...

My eyes shifted toward where the Hierarchians were standing, but they were now gone. Where had they gone off to? Hopefully to someplace where they would be less trouble.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Only four parts remaining (3 numbered chapters and the epilogue) ^_^!**

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