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Renshu, Ona, Chao, Xi, my brother, and I jumped from branch to branch of mangrove trees. Below laid a thick, black swamp. Occasionally, there were bubbles the size of basketballs which would form on the surface and pop.

"You okay, Chao?" I asked, glancing up at the highest branches.

"Yeah, they aren't as loud here." His narrowed his eyes.

"What's wrong? See something?" Renshu called out.

He nodded. "Yeah, it's a squad of Wahkanians."

"Is Lei one of them?" I blurted out.

"You mean the triplet with asthma? No, he isn't. But that girl, Nyima, is. Her group is engaged in battle with two of the Hierachians."

The dark waters shifted. It had to be Nyima's doing.

"Want to go help them out?" Ona asked as he drew closer to where the water was moving.

"Yeah. The Wahkanians might be our opponents, but they're still my friends," I said, levitating into the air. "But you five go and find the mirror pieces."

"Actually, Wahkan seems to have one," Chao said.

"Hmm, now there's a dilemma," Elliot said, sighing. "What do we do, little sis?"

I bit my lip. "We'll need to snatch it after we're done saving them. Stay close to me, everyone!"

My brother grinned. "Finally, a chance to battle."

"Be careful," I said, dashing through the air. "One of them might be the psychic."

He snickered. "Oh, I know how to deal with them. Remember, my best bud is one."

"Not to sound rude, sir Elliot, but is your friend strong"

My brother tilted his head and grinned. "I would say so, more so when he's serious. He tend to be lazy at times. Now, when is serious then he's among the scariest people I've seen."

"As scary as you?" Renshu asked, eyes wide.

"Hmm, I don't really know how I look when mad," he said, lowering his eyes. "I can barely recall what happens in those moments of pure rage..."

I bit my lip. Nor could I. The rage, born from seeing our parents die before our eyes without being able to help them.

A hand touched my shoulder. Elliot smiled slightly. "Sis, it's best to forget. We've lived with those memories long enough."

Forgetting... like I told Boukyaku before, it wasn't easy. It was rather ironic, but out of all the people I'd met, no one understood that better than Mayu.

The nightmares and visions of a future in which Lei and the rest of my friends are gone only made it worse. Having seen Sarah on the brink of death and An fighting for his life made that future feel more tangible than before.

"We need to hurry," I said, speeding up. The Hierachians could bring about that dark future today.


The further north we went, the more tiny islands there were. On one of those islands were Zelde, Wanikiya, and Nahimana. All three launched arrows of fire, ice, and light respectively at a woman in the black body suit.

Raising her hand, the Hierachian destroyed all three arrow before they could get within a foot of touching her.

"Weak," she said, holding her hand out.

Wanikiya gritted her teeth upon hearing that word. "Don't call me weak!" he yelled, flinging his hands forward. Two streaks of ice spikes appeared on the ground, rushing toward the woman.

With a flicker of her fingers, the ice shattered into

ans to save Lei then I'm willing to brave even the hottest of flames."

Elliot chuckled. "Your love for him burns brighter than any flame, sis!"

My face reddened. "T-that was so corny, Elliot!"

He snickered. "Yeah, I guess it was."


We gasped as the cracks in the fabric of space widened.

"Master, are you okay in there?" Nyima asked. The water from earlier continued to float around her.

"Nyima, unleash your attack on the cracks!" Stella yelled.

My blue-haired classmate nodded, striking the cracks in space with the full blunt of her murky water wave.

Space warped and out of it came Stella with the Hiearchian girl in tow. The black mask had shattered, revealing the face of a girl our age with long black hair.

Stella collapsed into the moist soil of the island we were on, dropping the Hiearchian.

"You did it! I knew you were strong when I first met you!" Nyima said, smiling.

The raspberry-haired woman smirked. "Yeah, but barely. If not for you, she would've gotten out before I could finish her off." She winced. "I hope that Sirius and the others are fine."

"I have a feeling that he and the others are heading toward Mt. Rios too," Nahimana said, turning her eyes toward the mountain.

"Probably," Stella said. She struggled to keep her eyes open.

"You should rest, at least until we get there," Nyima said. She formed a bubble of clear water for her.

The woman smiled at her student. "So you knew that I wasn't going to stand down. Glad I got a smart girl like you as the successor of my magic. I'm also sure that my little girl will be fine with you as her teacher."

Nyima blushed. "I'm not that great. I got a long ways to go as a mage."

"We all do," my brother said. "But that's part of the fun! Striving to get stronger with friends, it's like an adventure!"

Everything was like an adventure to my brother.

"Let's not waste any more time," I said, flying away. Oh, Goddess, please keep my friends safe, at least until we can get there to aid them.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :). Only four more numbered parts and the epilogue left to go!**

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