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The section making up the forbidden area of the forest was much denser than the forest where we spent much of the first half of the event in. Sowk had to cut us a path with blades of darkness in order for us to safely pass through.

Eyes were on us, some of their owners waiting with baited breath not too far from where we walked.

Orion tried not to glance at them. He knew as well as the rest of us that we couldn't show fear. If we did then they would pounce.


"Who did that?" Sowk whispered, glancing around.

"It wasn't me," Orion said, looking down at the ground. There were only decaying leaves underfoot.

"That sounded like it came from deeper in the forest," Sirius said, narrowing his blue eyes. He gasped.

"What is it?" Hota asked.

*Snap* *Snap* *snap*

"There's more," Tahoma said. He scrunched his nose. "It sounds like bones cracking."

Sirius stepped back and raised his arms. He was thrown toward a tree but he moved aside before he could hit it.

"So you can dodged," a voice echoed.

"That voice... It's the Hierachian guy, the one with the sound powers," Sowk said, looking around. She pressed her back against mine. "Everyone, stay close to one another. He'll may come at us from every angle."

I glanced overhead. As expected, the guy came flying down at Sowk at supersonic speeds though he slowed down to a sprinting pace.

Sirius clenched a pocket watch in his hands. His usually warm eyes had grown steely at the sight of the Hierachian. Blood drenched the sound mage. Was it of the creatures that were lurking, or of the other participants?

"Nice, Sirius!" Hota said as he raised clumps of earth to grab a hold of the guy.

He grunted and kicked the mounds of earth away but more were coming to replace them.

"Let me help!" I said, throwing webbing at the guy.

The Hierarchian scrunched his nose as if disgusted.

Sirius stepped forward. "That blood; who does it belong to?" he asked, glaring at the guy. "Answer!"

Sowk gasped. She had gone ahead to check on the edges of the path we were on.

"What did you..." Laying on the ground were creatures resembling of a mix between a lion and a white wolf. Several were unconscious or dead while others were struggling to stand up.

"Seems it was only the beasts," Tahoma said, sighing.

"Still, this is too cruel," Sowk said, walking over to one which was still trying to move. She squatted down next to it. Her hand ran through its think snow-white fur. "Poor thing." She stared at the other creatures next to it. They were bigger, resembling full grown adults.

I knelt down next to the harmed creature. "Here, let me heal it."

"Let... me... out! I, Benjamin Alcatris will not be defeated like this!" he yelled.

"Brother, get rid of that guy quick!" I shouted.

"Please do," Sirius said as sweat ran down his forehead.

"My pleasure," Hota said, grinning. He rose the now completely covered Ben into the air and shot him as far as my eyes could see. He probably would land somewhere in Mt. Rios.

"Wow," Orion said, w

the invisible target. Another boom followed not long after.

"Perhaps we should leave it to him," Tahoma said, turning around. "Let's go find the mirror pieces."

"Right," I said.

"Will he be alright?" Orion asked, keeping his eyes on the streak of blue in the sky.

"He seems strong enough," Sowk said, picking up the creature. "We better find some shelter for these creatures too."

Ori helped one of them stand up. "Good idea! Follow us, we'll take you to safety!"

The creatures stayed put. Some of them lowered their eyes while others turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

"Wait, it's dangerous there!" Sowk yelled. She watched with unease as some stray attacks from the guys fighting in the air flew down to the forest.

I sighed and sent webbing out. "Listen," I said. "This way." Pulling on the makeshift leashes, I walked eastward.

"Wait, someone is coming," Hota said, stepping in front of me.

Emerging from behind a tree was a cherry-pink-haired girl with steely-grey eyes.

"Aria!" Tahoma said.

She smiled and waved. "Hey, Tahoma! Haven't seen you since the events began. I came to see what the commotion was. It seems that Yanyu is in danger."

"Who is she facing?"

"It appears to be Aida. Our boss is heading there right now."

"She is? How do you know that?"

She snickered. "My group ran into hers. We were battling it out for a part of the mirror they found, until a large disturbance appeared in the north. It was Ashynna herself who said Aida was its source. It's likely that another mirror piece is there too."

"I see," Tahoma said, sighing.

She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let's head north. Both my group and bosses' are heading there right now. I think so is Team Rios. Once the dust has settled, we can return to enjoying the rest of the event."

"True, it's no fun with those Hierachians around," Sowk said, staring at the young wolf-lion in her arms.

I nodded. "Let's take them down."

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