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[Meanwhile- Within the ruins]

"It's so scary," Ciji said, hugging me tightly as we walked across a narrow corridor. It didn't help that the ground was shaking, sending dust flying down on us. Was it part of a trap or was something going on outside? All I knew was it wasn't a natural quake.

Darkness surrounded us almost completely. Only Isabelle's flame led the way.

Orichalcum and the others had gone off to the forbidden area in search of the mirror. Isabelle thankfully discovered that the map contained a hint, narrowing our search down to twenty spots. Of those, we had already searched three.

"Calm down," I said. "We're almost there."

She nodded her head but continued to cling on to me.

Was she truly scared, or did she just want an excuse to hang on to me? Guess Nyima's words hadn't completely reached her...

Nyima... I had to apologize to her for my behavior last night. I shouldn't have brushed her off like that. My jealousy once again got the best of me...

The one she liked was Lei... Lei... It was always him...

"Look, a chest!" Isabella said, pointing at a blue chest. It looked rather new compared to the ruins themselves.

"Think we might've found ourselves our first piece!" I said, walking over to the chest. My eyes peered into the lock. "Hmm, seems we need a key."

"I knew we should've taken Orichalcum with us," Isabelle said, sighing.

"We can take it with us," I said, lifting it. It was rather lightweight.

"Hey, what's that?" Ciji asked, pointing to where the chest was. The chest had hidden a crack one of the walls, though it wasn't anywhere big enough for a teenager to pass through. Even a kid Azure's age would have difficulty.

I knelt down and slid my arm through it to see if there was anything hidden there.

"Hey, be careful, what if there's rodents living there, they'll eat your arm!"

"There's no rats," I said, tapping the floor. "I would've sensed them right away."

"Well, can you sense anything within or through that crack?" Isabelle asked, kneeling beside me.

"I sense something, but it's rather far." I closed my eyes and tapped the ground. Vibrations rung through the floor. "Hmm, there's a tablet with what might be writing."

I slid my arm out while keeping my focus on the tablet itself. A piece of stone the size of a cellphone slid out from the crack. On it was what appeared to be a map, but it wasn't of this area, nor even of this continent. No, it was of Tozan Hoshi, with the spot marked on it coinciding with my own country.

"Why is Wudi marked on this? We aren't expected to go back home to get a piece of a mirror, are we?" Isabelle asked.

"This isn't part of the event," I said, eyes locked on my country. "This tablet is too old. Older than the first Xelerian Empire..."

"Ehhh?" Isabelle shouted, causing the room to shake. Her lips thinned. "Opps..."

I sighed and held my hand up, stabilizing the stone. "Let's go," I said, putting the stone tablet on top of the chest. "We got other spots to check out."

"Here it is!"

The girls dashed in front of me. Standing before us were the Mikoto and Lan siblings.

"Hey, Iah!" Lei said, waving.

"A chest? The mirror piece has to be there," Kun said, dashing around the girls.

"Not so fast!" Isabelle yelled, unleashing flames at him.

Lei stumbled back.

"The flames are absorbing the oxygen," Yuzuki said, grabbing a hold of him.

"Isabelle, stop! Don't use flames!" I yelled.

She came to a halt, but so did Kun.

"Alright, got it," she said as a draft blew through the corridor behind Yuzuki and Lei.


Though as we got nearer, the trees rose from the ground, revealing a titan made up of plants.

"It's huge!" Lei said behind us.

He and his siblings flew down and landed next to us.

"Iah, help me raise the earth around that beast," Kun said. "Our first priority is ensuring the safety of our friends regardless of the event."

I nodded.

"Sure," I said.

"Ugh," Xing said as he opened his eyes. A serpent emerged from the titan. In its mouth were broken branches and trunks. The creature was trying its best to devour the titan.

"Is that your familiar?" I asked.

Xing nodded. "Yeah," he said as he pushed himself up.

"Lay down and rest," Isabelle said, pushing him back down.

"Even if I wanted to, it's too dangerous to rest here," Xing said. He glanced at the bloodied Guang. His eyes widened as blood began to pool around her forehead. "Guang!"

"Let me heal her," Isabelle said, kneeling beside the unconscious girl.

"Look out!" Yen yelled. A wave of branches came down on us, but blades of wind slice them up and pushed them away from us.

"We need to get to the center," Xing said as he wavered. "Ning and Yanyu are currently within that thing. Aida is at its center."

"Ciji, can you try to overpower Aida's control over the trees?" I asked, glancing at my ex.

"I can try," she said, glancing at the thing. "Though her control over wood makes mine look like child's play."

"I can move those flames around to burn the outer layer," Isabelle said, shifting the flames.

"Just be careful not to hurt the Aiefians," I said, slamming my hands into the ground. "Let's go, Kun."

"Yeah! Aida's reign of terror ends here!" he yelled as he slammed his hands on the ground too.

Lei and Yen stood by their brother's side. Green wind gathered between the three of them in the same of a butterfly.

I grinned. It was just like them to have a follow-up attack ready.

Hopefully the rest of the participants were fine... Aida was only the third strongest of the four Hierarchian participants. Though the water guy and the psychic girl in the black-bodysuit didn't appear to be as cruel as her, I couldn't say the same about the fourth member of their team.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Today I'm publishing several chapters to celebrate it being 7/11 (Nyima's birthday, which is actually based on that of a sibling of mine)**

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