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Yanyu, Guang, Xing, and I had been warped to a densely forested areas with a lot of rocks dotting the forest floor. A flock of toucans flew past us and perched themselves on a large broad-leaf tree. Using their rainbow-beaks, they yanked the pink, banana-like fruit growing on the tree. With their heads reclined back, they swallowed.

"So pretty," Yanyu said.

I nodded. "Yeah... An would love to see this."

"They're just birds. Nothing too out of the ordinary," Xing said, shrugging.

"But there aren't birds this colorful back home," Yanyu said, staring at their red, green, yellow, and blue beaks.

"Well, they look hideous if you ask me," he said, sighing.

"You got bad taste to begin with," I said, rolling my eyes.

He held his head back just like the toucans and laughed. "You're saying I got bad taste? Yours is a hundred times worse!"

"Guys, don't start a fight," Yanyu said, staring at the map in her hands.

Xing looked over her shoulder. "What's the point of the map if it doesn't hint to the locations of the mirror pieces?"

"There's a secret to it," I said, snickering.

"Really?" Guang asked, staring at it intently. "What is it?"

I took a hold of the map and walked over to a spot where the sunlight was more intense. My lips curled upward as soon as I saw spots appear on it.

"Seems I was right."

"About what? What did you discover?" Xing said.

"There's spots on this map," I said, lowering it. "They're only visible with a certain amount of light passing through the sheet."

"So it's like a code," Guang said, grinning. "This will be fun."

"Let's start the search then," Xing said. "What's the nearest point?"

I glanced around the place. "First I need to assess where exactly we are."

"May I see it?" Yanyu asked.

"Sure," I said, handing it over.

Birds took to the air as she ran up a tree and leapt between its branches until she could see over the canopy.

"What do you see?" I shouted.

"I see what seems to be ruins," she yelled. "Mt. Rios is toward our south too, so we must be in the ruin area."

"Look what the cat dragged in," a voice called out.

The hairs on my back stood up. My body moved on its own as vines came at me from behind.

"Impressive," Aida said, grinning.

I summoned my wand and transformed it into its railgun form.

"What do you want?" Guang snapped.

"I came here to eliminate the competition," she said as the branches of the trees around us began to move.

"Yanyu! Jump!" I yelled. "Yanyu!"

"Your colleague is stuck in knots," she said, grinning. "It's a good thing I faced off against her, else I would've underestimated that barrier of hers."

Xing clicked his tongue and charged at her.

She jumped back, dodging his blade.

"Move!" I yelled as my gun charged energy. "I'm going to blast her to bits!"

"Blast me? An barely managed to throw me out of the battlefield and it cost him dearly. Are you willing to pay the same price?"

A beam of blue light fired off of my gun even as Xing stood in the way. He ducked, allowing a surprised Aida to get hit directly by it.

Aida grimaced as blood trickled down her chest. "Y-you're crazy."

"Me?" I screamed. "You're the one who nearly killed Sarah and An, now I'm the crazy one?" I raised my gun. "Stop playing the victim card, you faker!"

The wounds on Aida's chest closed rapidly.

"You got me!" she said, grinning like a mad woman. Roots rose from the ground and clim

ther. His massive snake familiar appeared, coiling around his barrier. "The two of us will distract her."

"I'll aid you!" Guang said.

"Fine. Ning, begin charging that gun of yours."

I nodded.

"Yanyu, you protect her. You're the keys to defeating that mad woman," he said.

"Got it," we girls said in unison.

Yanyu moved Guang over to Xing and fused their barriers.

"Good luck," the masked woman said as she fused her barrier with the one covering me.

Xing grinned. "Let's go!" His serpent coiled its tail around the barrier surrounding them and made its way over to the tree titan.

Masses of branches slid across the ground and grabbed a hold of the serpent. The beast opened its mouth and clamped down on the branches, tearing them apart. It continued to do so as it pulled out of Aida's grasp.

"It's like the world serpent," Yanyu whispered. She shook her head. "Ning, hope you're ready."

Air rushed to my lungs. "I'm as prepared as I'll ever be."

"Good to hear that," she said, taking a deep breath of her own. A pillar of light rained down on us, warping us away from the mountain.

My heart felt as if it wanted to jump out of my chest as we appeared over the titan.

Branches twisted upward, forming a horn on the humanoid titan.

Yanyu maneuvered us out of the way, but vines lurched out and grabbed a hold of us.

The masked woman threw her axe at them in a way that it spun around as if it were a boomerang. The vines snapped one after the other, freeing us.

"She's rather slow... then again, she did say this was an experimental run. Hopefully it'll collapse like Lei's Maximum Ventus Draco did during his match with Gat."

"Right, but let's not count on that to save us," Yanyu said, sending her axe crashing down on the colossus' head, forming a path for us.

I gulped as the branches and trunks began to regenerate, closing the outer edge of the hole. The chance of coming out of this unharmed were low, but I couldn't cower. An sacrificed too much, if need be, I would follow in his footsteps.

**Solar Note: Hope you enjoyed the second chapter of today's update :). 119 is nearly done, though I am unsure whether to publish it tomorrow (July 8th) or not. Might do another double update for July 11th (which happens to be the birthday of Nyima)**

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