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Once the light had cleared, we saw that we were back in our old camp. Though the grounds were demolished. The dried lake was starting to replenish its contents, though. Likely from last night's intense rains.

"Where should we search first?" I asked, staring at the map uncle Euphonium had given us.

The forest was divided into five zones. The one forested area where we spent most of our time was called the 'River Forest'.

The mountain area was of course labeled as Mt. Rios and took up the middle of the map. The northern area meanwhile was the 'Land of Ruin'. While to the west of Mt. Rios laid the 'Swamps of the Lost'. Finally, to the east, was the 'forbidden zone'.

"Well, that 'forbidden zone' sure sounds promising," Tashunke said.

"Sure does!" his brother said, grinning.

"You two," Yuzuki said, sighing.

I snickered. "Take it they go into spots they aren't supposed to?"


"Hey, it's come in handy from time to time!" they snapped.

"We should've sent them to look into the dark corridor at school rather than Renshu," Nyima said.

"That place was creepy..." they said in unison.

Nyima raised an eyebrow. "Wait, you're afraid of a dark flight of stairs but not a forest where dangerous beasts might roam?"

"Yeah! At least we have a slight idea of what to expect in the forest! Those stairs could've lead who knows where."

"They got a point there," I said.

"Hmm, when you put it that way, it does make sense, kind of," she said. "Especially since that place was covered in traps."

"We should check out the ruins first," Kun said. "My gut tells me that we might find something there."

My eyes darted back to the map. Was it just meant to mark the areas?

"What's wrong?" Yen asked.

"I think there might be a secret," I said. "Just like those maps Papa used to make for our treasure hunts."

"So something written in invisible ink?" both my siblings said.

Nyima stepped forward and extended her hand out. "Here, give me that."

I handed the map over to her and watched as she put both hands under it. A flash of light radiated from her hands. Various dots appeared across the map as the light passed through it.

"It is invisible ink!" Yuzuki said.

"Cool," Orion said, gawking.

My eyes scanned the various points on the map. There were approximately twenty points. Most of them in the swamp and ruin areas. While the forest and forbidden areas each had three. The mountain area had only one.

"Twenty points," Stella said, glancing at the map. "We should split up into groups."

"Not a bad idea," Nyima said. "I'll go to the swamp area. Kun, since you want to go to the ruins, you can lead that expedition."

My brother smiled. "Thanks."

"I'll go into the forbidden zone," Ayawamat said, glancing eastward.

"We'll search this area!" the twins yelled in unison.

"I'll join them," Kachina said, smiling at the twins. "Need to make sure that they don't get into trouble."

"That's wise," Yuzuki said, chuckling.

"Indeed," Tahoma said, nodding.

They leered at her. "You really have that little trust in us?"

"Yes," the three said in unison.

The two grumbled.

"Who would search the forest?" I asked.

"We can search it too since this area is small," the twins said.

"First we'll search here then head downhill to search the other spots."

"Hmm, I'll check out the one in the northern flank. It's en route to the ruins," Kun said.

"Nice," Sirius said. "Now, how are the rest of us splitting up?"

"I'll accompany Aya!" Orion said, raising his hand.

Sowk chuckled and said,"Same here."

"We'll go with Kun," Yen and I said.

"I'll go with them too," Yuzuki said, smiling at me.

My cheeks flushed.

"Thought you would go with Orion," Nyima said, leering at Yuzu.

Yuzuki glanced at Orion. "I did consider it, but Ayawamat and Sowk are in that group."

"Aww, we love you too, hun," Sowk said, grinning.

My crush rolled her eyes at her.

"Oh, I see," Nyima said, sighing. "Don't blame you. Lei is more bearable than those two."

Sowk chuckled. "You only say that because you have crush on the runt."

"I'm not a runt!" I snapped.

"Folks, don't start

ir to them," Yen said.

"Shouldn't you know that as his triplet?" Hikaru asked with a grin. "You even have an earth mage as a teammate and rival."

I grumbled. "I know that, but this amount is like getting a blast of air delivered directly to the lungs. It'll make them burst," I said.

"True," Yuzuki said. "But Kun can probably take a blast of air to his lungs too."

"Yeah..." I touched my chest. Unlike me... I would be dead if I tried that.

An asthmatic with wind as his main element... it was like a cruel joke. Though my control over air had saved me on several occasions, I still couldn't help but wonder if my condition weakened their full effect.

"There's nothing but a broken pillar," Kun said. He was as clean as when he descended the forest. Perhaps he blew away the dust from around him like I did in my battles against Iah.

"There weren't any clues on it?" Hikaru asked.

"No, the inscriptions are broken. I even checked below it and nothing."

"Well thought out," Yuzuki said, grinning. "Guess the point was signaling the pillar itself. Hopefully the twins and Kachina's point will render something."

"Or this area has no pieces," Hikaru said, sighing.

"Hmm, could they be all in one area?" Yen asked, looking around the area.

"Maybe, but all of them certainly aren't in this one," Kun said. His eyes shifted northward. "Now to check the one my gut is signaling me to."

"Let's hope it's right this time," Hikaru mumbled.

My brother raised an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean 'this time'?"

Hika scoffed. "You forgot that time your 'gut' got us lost during our fifth-grade fieldtrip to Mahpiya forest?"

"I remember that," I said, grumbling.

"Yeah, you cried like a baby," Yen said, snickering.

"Me? I remember it was you!" I snapped.

She scoffed. "Well, you're remembering wrong."

Yuzuki sighed. "It was both of you."

Yen and I blushed. "No it wasn't!" we shouted in unison.

Kun puffed his chest. "No need to recall that. I've gotten better, trust me!"

All four of us leered at him.

"Tsk. You're so skeptical. Well, I'll prove you wrong! If I am right, you'll do all my chores for a whole month!"

"There's a 3/19 chance that one of them is there," Hikaru said. "So who is to say it isn't chance."

Kun grinned. "Too afraid to make the bet, huh?"

We sighed. "Just lead the way already," we said in unison.

"Are you four quadruplets?" he asked, grinning.

We pushed him forward.

"Alright, I'll lead, just don't push!" he shouted, moving away from us.

The four of us snickered as we followed him.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Episode 118 will be up in a few hours. The double release is in celebration of three full years on WP (not to mention 3 years since I first published NM)**

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