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The rest of the day went by rather quickly. Sirius, Stella, Orion, and Yuzuki had managed to get gold on the second part of the track race. While I won silver in acrobatics.

While we were piling up medals, Tora still maintained the overall lead. At this point I doubted we could overtake them, still, at least we managed to defeat them in two of the events where we overlapped.

The biggest event left was the survival event. Though we didn't really see much of the survival aspect in the first part... but perhaps that would change soon.

Before heading there, my group (, along with Iah and Adela) decided to pay An a visit. If only he had woken up... Aief needed him. But more importantly, it was disheartening to see a friend in the hospital.

Ning and Vermeil stood watch over An when we arrived. The others were also there, seated. Some looked pensive, while others looked as if they were praying for a miracle.

"Hey," Yen said, breaking the ice.

"Hey," Ning said. Dark rings surrounded her eyes. Had she even slept since yesterday?

"Thanks for coming, but shouldn't you guys be heading to the forest area?" Vermeil asked.

"We're heading there next. We still got time," I responded. "Uh, Ning, are you planning to participate."

The cyan-haired girl stared at her childhood friend. "Yeah, though I'm not sure how much help I'll be. But An would want me to help out the team, so I'll try to pull through."

"As will I," Yanyu said, standing up from her seat. Xing and Guang weren't around, then again, neither seemed particularly close to An.

I tried to smile, but my lips remained stuck in place. This place, it always drained my energy. More so now that a friend is hurt.

"They'll be performing some more tests on him," Xue said. "Though they've yet to tell us the results of the first couple..."

"That's... odd," Nyima said, furrowing her brow.

"Maybe the results are inconclusive," Adela said. "They probably prefer not to create either false hope or unnecessary worry."

"The silence itself is concerning enough," Vermeil snapped. "Why can't they tell us? What are they hiding?"

"Calm down," Xue said, rubbing Vermeil's shoulders. "The doctors know what they're doing. We need to put our trust in them."

Vermeil let out a cry. "They aren't helping... our prayers aren't either. Nothing seems to be working!"

"Don't give up hope," Adela said. "When all else is lost, hope is all that remains. If we give up hope then only the endless pit of despair awaits."

Vermeil curled up. "Despair..."

"It has only been a day. An has fallen unconscious for a whole day before," Xue said.

"But he never looked like this," she whispered, pressing her head against the wall.

My eyes darted toward An. He had lost fat and muscle after his battle. It was the result of his body converting the lipids in his body into prana.

Shivers ran up and down my spine. There were times in which I could've ended up like this. Magic wasn't a play thing. It was dangerous. Like a gun, it had to be properly maintained and used with the outmost care.

Vermeil gasped. She turned around and saw Sarah. The princess took the blonde's hand and moved her finger across her palm.

"E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g W-i-l-l B-E A-l-r-i-g-ht. Everything will be alright?"

Sarah nodded.

Vermeil's amber eye fell to the linoleum floor. "What makes you so sure? We thought the same about you, but look at you."

"That's uncalled for!" Kun yelled.

"It's the truth!" V

gritted my teeth.

"Stop, Lei, Kun. Don't let her get under your skin," Yen said, putting her arm over me.

"Hmm, the third triplet. Seems you're the calm one out of the three."

Yen smiled as she walked over to her. "You think I'm calm?"

"Well, compared to them," Aida said.

Yen flashed her a cruel grin. *boom* "Calm, huh?" Yen asked, staring at her red hand. "I am, unless if someone messes with me or my loved ones. Get this through your thick skull, no one messes with my little brothers and gets away with it! Got that?"

Aida glared at her. Her eyes were practically dripping with venom. "So be it. You'll pay for this, princess of Rios."

Yen snickered and she turned around. "You've lost that cool and calculating façade. Now you're like kitsune, crawling on the ground, angrily. Stay like that, I enjoy it."

"Yen!" I shouted as vines rose over her like the tail of a scorpion on its unwary pray.

The vines were suddenly vaporized in a flash.

"You're forbidden to attack participants outside of the event, remember that." Our eyes all turned toward the man leaning against fence around the forest. In his hands was a stack of yellow papers.

"Uncle!" the three of us said at once.

Aida shot him a glare.

Euphonium narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm not sure how you managed to trick the committee that you were innocent of the charges you were accused of."

"We are innocent," Aida said.

"Your behavior betrays your words."

"Aida, don't pick fights. It give people a negative opinion of us," her black-armor clad teammate said.

She took a deep breath. "Hurry up and begin the event," she said, averting her gaze.

Uncle Euphonium sighed. "Alright. One member of each team, come on over and take one," he said, waving the stack of papers.

I walked over and took one. "Cool, a map!" I said. I chuckled. This was going to be so much fun! Though H.E.H. might end up ruining it... No, I won't allow them to. There won't be any more victims.

"Alright, seems like everyone has a map. Good luck, may the best team win," uncle said. He snapped his fingers, covering all the teams gathered there in bright blue light.

**Solar Note: The Mahoulympics is coming to its fever pitch! Only nine more numbered chapters remaining in this book! Thanks for all your support, it means a lot :).**

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